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This week, on A Different Perspective, Doc talks about how everyone has biases, where his come from, and how, hormonally, women should address workouts and health.

(Begins at 00:10:16) 

  • Everyone has a bias. Doc’s is based on his clinical experience. 
  • You’re open to your views. The only problem I have is when you force them on others. 
  • “When you take a vax, does it make you healthy?” 
  • “What do you define as health?” 


This week, on A Different Perspective, Doc answers questions about sleep and exercise. 

(Begins at 00:40:36) 

  • (00:40:36) Kimberly— I’d love you to give an example of how a fit, healthy woman should look, so we can get a better understanding. I am 44, have a 6-pack, and high metabolism. I know my hormones are off, but have a hard time making a change. 
  • (00:43:39) How should women exercise if they’re post-menopausal or if they’ve had a hysterectomy? 
  • (00:45:02) Cindy is doing the no sugar challenge, but she has a problem with her energy. How do I get my energy back? 
  • (00:46:12) Best ways to lower cortisol for ladies? 
  • (00:52:06) what if a woman around age 28 recently started exercising, and her cycle changes, and is WAY shorter than before? Like, 2 days, as well as minimal blood flow 
  • (00:54:13) Ever since I’ve been in menopause, I wake up at 3 am every morning.