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This week on A Different Perspective, Doc talks about how immunity doesn’t actually exist, and neither do side effects. It’s all a matter of how your body adapts, as seen in the A Different Perspective from October 1, 2022.

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  • Can you have less chance of one condition and more chance of another? Can you have less chance of the virus and more chance of reproductive issues?
  • There’s no such thing as a side effect.
  • The importance of the right amount of a thing—not a ‘good thing’ vs a ‘bad thing’.
    • What are natural killer cells? (NIH)
    • Functions of natural killer cells (PubMed)
    • Natural killer cells are needed for the body’s immune response, but too many in the body will cause reproductive issues. (PubMed study)
    • Natural killer cell dysfunction and how it impacts Covid-19 (PubMed)
    • Clues natural killer cells help control Covid-19 (nature)


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This week on A Different Perspective, Doc talks about how Rehmannia supports the body during autoimmune reactions.

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This week on A Different Perspective, Doc talks about why taking levothyroxine and CBD has been seen to result in overproduction of hormones.

  • Metabolism means how well conversion happens
  • Natural things will be converted first, potentially leading to the meds not being needed, but forcing the body to do the thing they were taken to do, anyway. CBD and levothyroxine, as an example.
  • Some pathways to convert substances and get rid of them aren’t formed until 1 year old, so substances in vaccines and other toxins the child encounters just sit there — harming the baby.