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This week on A Different Perspective, Nicole Saleske talks about how natural killer cells work. They have an impact on viruses, cancer, infertility, and miscarriage. The immune system affects the whole body. 

Natural Killer Cells  

  • Natural killer cells react to a “name tag” on a cell (MHC1) that asks “am I myself?”  
  • If so, the killer-activating receptor is deactivated. 
  • Virus hides name tag—killer activating receptor is activated. 
    • Because organ transplants are not “you,” immune suppressants are needed in order to keep the killer-activating receptor from reacting. 
    • The killer cell uses a variety of techniques to destroy a non-self cell. 
      • Perforin—bullets 
      • Granzyme—scissors; activates apoptosis 
      • Fas ligand 
      • Cytokines 
        • TNFa activates scissors that destroy DNA and RNA. 
        • IFNy 

Natural killer cell, viruses, and cancer 

  • Natural killer cells are in the same family as T and B cells.  
  • Natural killer cells are classified as innate lymphocytes. They kill virally infected cells and detect and control early signs of cancer. 
  • The western approach to cancer is to destroy the tumor at all costs; it’s the bad guy.  
  • The strategies used also destroy your white blood cells and NK cells.  
  • Now we’re not worried about the cancer so much as a common cold. 
  • Germ vs terrain theory 
  • There’s a lot we can’t control. Do what you can for what you can.

Natural killer cells, infertility, and miscarriage 

  • Uterine natural killer (uNK) cells are vital for the development of a healthy endometrium and placenta.  
  • uNK are the primary immune cell present in uterus. 
  • 30%+ of the endometrial cells made after ovulating are uNK. 
  • uNK can be measured. 
  • Are they there to make inflammation or detect self from nonself? It has an impact. 
  • Those that care about the immune system have the highest success rate of IVF. 

Measuring NK cells 

  • You can have the same amount of NK cells and a totally different situation when there is an aggravator, and when there’s not. 
  • Too much or two little of a reaction to an aggravator can make all the difference. 


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This week on A Different Perspective, Nicole Saleske talks about how Elderberry can help fight and prevent viral respiratory infections by supporting the immune system 

  • Elderberry is amazing with insulin resistance, which can be increased with mental stress. 
  • Elderberry helps upper respiratory symptoms and is safer than antibiotic misuse due to the fact these are normally caused by viral infections, not bacterial infections. 
  • Elderberry is great for the prevention and treatment of viral respiratory illnesses.  
  • Elderberry supports the immune system; it doesn’t force a physiological response. 
  • Elderberry is rich in antioxidants (which help fight inflammation and damage from free radicals). 
  • Elderberry shortens the length of illness. 
  • Elderberry is high in vitamins and minerals. 
  • Elderberry is a bioavailable form of quercetin.