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This week on A Different Perspective, Jamie Barke, Outreach Strategist for The Wellness Way–Green Bay, hosts the show and interviews local activist Jennifer Grant regarding her work in the Howard-Suamico school district. This episode also features segments with Dr. Patrick Flynn, Megan Redshaw, and Dr. Mitch Sutton.

Introduction with Guest Host Jamie Barke

(begins at 1:23)

Jamie kicks off the show by briefly sharing her background. She is the mother of two girls and is passionate about protecting her family in the fight for health freedom. She shares her passion for empowering other parents to do the same.

She opens the show by reviewing Minnesota’s recent incentive for vaccinating 12-17 year olds and unpacks the CDC data showing a 0 percent death rate for children in that age category. If the typical timeline for vaccination development takes 5-10 years, we should seriously question a vaccine that was pushed out in nine months.

Dr. Patrick’s Segment with Megan Redshaw

(begins at 5:26)

Dr. Patrick welcomes Megan Redshaw, investigative journalist and lawyer, to the show. Megan shares a recent study from the Philippines that looked at lagundi (a form of chaste-tree) in clinical trials. It showed positive results in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Lagundi has anti-viral properties and has been used as a cough remedy for many years. The clinical trial involved 278 patients in seven quarantine facilities. The herb was proven to be very effective in COVID-19 cases ranging from mild to severe. Megan notes that we often don’t see studies like this making headlines in American media due to censorship.

A study from the Department of Science and Tech in the Philippines looked into virgin coconut oil and its effect on reducing inflammation in COVID-19 patients. The study, conducted with individuals in a hospital setting and community isolation facility, showed coconut oil was effective in reducing inflammation markers.

Sugar & Your Kids Health with Dr. Mitch Sutton

(begins at 22:55)

Dr. Mitch Sutton, Clinical Director of The Wellness Way–Green Bay, shares an overview of how sugar effects the body, in light of the upcoming Halloween holiday. But first, he shares The Fireman/Carpenter Principle to illustrate The Wellness Way’s approach to healthcare: If your body is a house and your house is on fire, what professional do you call? A fireman. They have the right tools and education to deal with that fire. Can you live in the house after the fireman has come in and put out the fire? No. You need to call a carpenter to rebuild the house. You can’t rebuild a house with an ax and a hose. You need different tools for the rebuilding process. At The Wellness Way, we take the carpenter approach, helping others rebuild and restore their health.

With that framework in mind, Dr. Mitch proceeds to share 75 different names for sugar (including everything from agave nectar to galactose, malt syrup, evaporated cane juice, and more). Sugar weakens the body’s immune response. Dr. Mitch shares a diagram of a white blood cell and the pathways of how that cell is functioning. He points out a receptor site called Glut1. Vitamin C and sugar compete for this receptor site. Guess which one your body likes more? Sugar (glucose)! It wins every time. If the body is constantly bombarded by sugar, it has no chance to get vitamin C. Sugar weakens the body and leaves it more susceptible to an infectious agent. It’s one of the reasons why “cold and flu season” is directly correlated with increased sugar season.

Dr. Mitch then unpacks the cycle of metabolic syndrome and weight gain, connecting the link between insulin, inflammation, and the immune system. He also highlights histamine and its action in the central nervous system. Too much histamine and its corresponding excitability in the brain leads to issues like anxiety and ADHD.

With Halloween upon us, Dr. Mitch shares a handful of healthier candy alternatives (as seen here) and encourages parents to have a game plan for how they healthfully set boundaries for their children in this season.

Mother’s Moment

(begins at 39:45)

Jamie Barke, Outreach Strategist at The Wellness Way–Green Bay, interviews Jennifer Grant, a local mom who has been active in standing for health freedom in the Howard-Suamico school district.

After Jen and her husband attended a Freedom event, she was inspired to begin fighting back against mask mandates at her child’s preschool. Her journey since then has led to the founding of the We the Parents of Wisconsin Facebook page, where parents support parents in the fight for health freedom. She also founded VOICE for Choice, a resource for parents. Jen’s activism has led to various victories within the districts, including the dropping of masks for certain age groups and optional quarantines for asymptomatic children. VOICE for Choice has goals of getting more people involved, finding people to run for local elections, helping other local patriot groups, and bringing in speakers to educate others.

Connect with VOICE for Choice online:

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