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This week on A Different Perspective, Doc answers questions in a live Q&A. From top supplements for the upcoming season and various conditions, to why kids are so much sicker these days, Doc tells it like it is.

(Begins at 24:44)

(27:05) “When you say immune triggers, what are you referring to?”

(31:21) “Do you believe in cold and flu season?”

(34:27) “What would be the top 3 supplements for a young child—specifically a one year old—during this season?”

(37:45) “Can a cancer patient take mushroom immune?”

(38:46) “Why don’t you push a lot of products compared to other doctors in the field of alternative medicine?”

(41:04) “Why doesn’t anyone warn men about the effects of vasectomies?”

(44:20) “Ice baths and breathing for your immune system—is there anything to this?”

(46:23) “My B12 and iron are elevated. What could be the cause?”

(47:20) “My son has tinitis, can you do anything?”

(47:49) “How does hyperthyroidism effect the immune response?”

(48:33) “What do you think about a child getting the wild virus chicken pox?”

(51;09) “Can rheumatoid arthritis be helped?”

(51:58) “What are some good resources to learn more about doing health differently?”

(53:26) “My 3 y/o always seems to have a runny nose and is tired all the time. Is this an immune response to something, b/c the pediatrician said this is common in kids and he will outgrow it. Why are children so sick today compared to when I was a child?”

(55:48) “Is Crohn’s disease curable? Do you have any success stories with Crohn’s disease, and are there any supplements you would recommend?”

(56:53) “Is there something that can be done when you have HPV?”

(58:40) “I’m a non-cyclic and normal, yet have had no hair on my legs or in armpits, yet have had no hair loss on my head. (No complaints!) Is this what I was to expect in the final season of being female? (I’m 54 years old.)“

(59:54) “Best supplement for someone with Hashimoto’s?”

(1:01:01) “It sounds like elderberry is something everybody should take for their immune system, but not every herbal is for everyone in general. Is elderberry good for everyone?”

(1:01:16) “If you had to choose between a food allergy test and a stool test, which one would you choose?”


This week on A Different Perspective, Doc talks about Gymnema and Mushroom Immune, and why he recommends them for the upcoming holiday seasons.

(Begins at 1:04:24)

-Consumption of sugar contributes to why our immune system is the way it is.

Gymnema’s name literally means destroyer of sugar.

-Binds to the sugar receptors, so it keeps things from tasting so sweet and gives you less chance of absorbing sugar.

-The more stressed you are, the more you’ll crave sugar.

Mushroom Immune is a combination of medicinal mushrooms, not just one or two.

LAST 10%–

This week on A Different Perspective, Doc shares why it’s important to do your own research, and not just depend on someone else’s say-so.

(Begins at 1:09:11)

-Do your own research

-Time tells all