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This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn shares insights on latest research on COVID-19 “breakthrough infections” and Jamie Barke interviews Dr. Nathan Thompson, founder of Exemplify Health Center, an affiliate of The Wellness Way.

Dr. Patrick kicks off the show by recapping his recent travels and speaking events where he has been spreading The Wellness Way’s message and different perspective on healthcare.

Latest Research on COVID-19

(begins at 17:30)

Dr. Patrick cites research published in the Lancet regarding “breakthrough” infections. He notes that these should really just be called infections. The word “breakthrough” is an attempt to downplay the reality of what is happening with a vaccinated individual: they are simply getting infected with SARS-CoV-2 despite being vaccinated.

Research states that “breakthrough infections have high viral loads” and “can efficiently transmit infection in household settings.” This means that regardless of vaccination status, the virus can still spread easily and effectively.

Mother’s Moment: Jamie Barke Interviews Dr. Nathan Thompson

(begins at 23:25)

Jamie Barke, Outreach Strategist at The Wellness Way, interviews Dr. Nathan Thompson, founder of Exemplify Health Center, an affiliate of The Wellness Way.

Dr. Nathan shares his story of fighting for health freedom in the state of Illinois. The governor of Illinois threatened to withhold funding from schools if they did not mandate masks for children and teachers; he also mandated vaccinations or weekly testing for teachers in order for them to remain employed. Dr. Nathan notes that these policies have created a spirit of fear and blind compliance throughout school administrations.

When Dr. Nathan’s daughter was exposed on a bus to another child who tested positive on a PCR test, the school deemed his daughter a “close contact” of the positive case and was told to quarantine at home for 10 days. Dr. Nathan respectfully asked the school to please prove that she was indeed a close contact. They were unable to do so. The administration said they could not prove it, but Dr. Nathan’s daughter still could not come back to school. If she did return prior to completing a home quarantine, they stated that she would be put in a room by herself and isolated from the rest of the school.

Dr. Nathan proceeded to test her antibodies; the result was positive, which meant she had a previous infection, now had robust immune protection, and would not be a risk for spreading any viral load. The administration refused to accept her positive antibody test as sufficient proof of immunity. Dr. Nathan states, “The atmosphere was, ‘You’re sick until proven healthy.’”

Dr. Nathan researched Illinois law and found that state law says a school administration cannot exclude a student from school for any infectious illness, unless a restraining order has been obtained from the public health department. In the case of Dr. Nathan’s daughter, the administration’s approach to quarantine was actually against the state law.

After pushing back on their policies, Dr. Nathan later received a letter from the administration saying they made an error, his daughter never should have been quarantined, and she was welcome back at school. These “errors,” Dr. Nathan points out, are grave mistakes that impact the health, wellbeing, and education of children. He states that none of this had to do with illness, sickness prevention, or a virus; it was all about compliance and securing federal funding. It was never about the wellbeing of students.

Jamie then asks Dr. Nathan about his current lawsuit. He has sought out a lawyer willing to take on his case against the school district and several other parties. The lawsuit states that the administration has no constitutional right to withhold a child from school without securing a temporary restraining order from the public health department. It also states that masks be removed from kids in schools in support of their health and freedom.

To support Dr. Nathan’s lawsuit expenses, he has launched the Mandate Burpees campaign. Proceeds from sales of Dr. Nathan’s t-shirts will go toward his lawsuit. In the month of November, The Wellness Way is showing support for Dr. Nathan and his health freedom fight with the Mandate Burpees Challenge. Participants will be challenged to complete 1,000 burpees in the month of November. The challenge is tailored to all fitness levels with a goal of developing physical and mental endurance.

The Wellness Lifestyle Group is participating in the challenge all month long with fun videos, giveaway, and accountability. Join us on Facebook!

In closing, Dr. Nathan states that parents must not take a back seat to all that is going on in schools. He encourages moms and dads to get involved. “Pay attention to where your kids are spending 8 hours of their day, “ he says. “What are they being taught? What are they being fed?

Know what’s going on with local school districts, county boards, elections, and circuit courts. Start getting curious.

Dr. Nathan concludes, “Start fighting for the society that you want, not the society that is being forced upon you.”

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