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This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn shares insights on natural immunity, interviews KrisAnne Hall, and hosts another Mother’s Moment segment with returning guest Jamie Barke.

Natural Immunity Proven Most Effective

(begins at 5:00)

Dr. Patrick opens the show by citing Sen. Rand Paul’s recent statements regarding natural immunity and how the medical community is ignoring science. Dr. Patrick shares a clip of Sen. Paul speaking to Sec. Becerra. Sen. Paul pushes back against officials who have no medical or scientific degrees but are making mandates for public health while in no way following the science. Sen. Paul cites studies indicating robust immunity for those have had COVID naturally. These individuals will not benefit from a vaccine.

“There is no more basic medical right than deciding what we inject into our own bodies,” he says. Sen. Paul continues, “This isn’t an argument against a vaccine, but it’s an argument for letting people make a decision who already have immunity.”

Sen. Paul leads Americans to understand that natural immunity is a key player in the vaccine mandate discussion. Dr. Patrick expands on this, stating that the vaccine for everyone makes no scientific sense. The body is equipped to handle viruses. One of the best ways to acquire immunity is through natural immunity that comes from exposure to a virus.

Dr. Patrick then shares his personal lab results, showing his positive antibody results. He experienced COVID in October of 2020 and still had the robust presence of antibodies 10 months later. He also notes that his 18-year-old daughter showed positive antibodies as well, even though she never knew when she had it and experienced no symptoms.

Interview with KrisAnne Hall, J.D.

(begins at 38:20)

KrisAnne Hall was a prosecutor for the state of Florida for a decade. She has always been passionate about the U.S. Constitution and those who wrote it. She came to realize throughout her career that she didn’t learn much about the Constitution in law school. In time she began to feel a call to teach on the Constitution and has continually received requests for teaching for many years. She started teaching on Constitutional law around the state of Florida. Eventually her boss, an elected official in the state of Florida, told her she must cease and desist affiliations with all groups he didn’t approve of. She was told she was committing ethics violations by teaching on “limited government.” But KrisAnne stood her ground and fought for her liberties. She was fired.

KrisAnne’s choices have always been heavily rooted in her faith. She believes that her rights are endowed upon her by her Creator. “Rights are not given to you by the government,” she says. They are given to you by your Creator. She had an obligation to stand up for those rights, knowing that her obligation was not just to herself but to the future as well. She knew her decision would directly impact her son and all future generations.

Dr. Patrick asks KrisAnne, “When it comes to COVID mandates and restrictions, what is the biggest constitutional violation that you see? And what can people do about it?”

It’s not just enough to know U.S. Constitution, KrisAnne says. You must know your state constitution as well. That way you will know when your local government is violating it. Restrictions (mask mandates, vaccination mandates, travel restrictions, etc.) violate, at a minimum, six sections of every state’s constitution. “Our rights are being violated drastically at the state level,” KrisAnne explains. “The violation of our constitutions is a violation of our consent…We have no duty to comply with any order, mandate, or regulation that is not specifically authorized through the constitution.” It doesn’t matter if legislation was passed; the legislation must be in line with the constitution in order to be valid.

The first action step, KrisAnne notes, is that we must recognize that the system is constitutionally ignorant. You have to have a constitutional grasp for yourself in order to have the courage to take the steps you need to take. Non-compliance is the immediate, right now solution. It’s simple but it might be the most difficult. Non-compliance requires doing what’s right in the face of opposition.

The long-term solution is creating a parallel system. We need all of the doctors, nurses, medical personnel, etc. that are leaving the current system not to just walk away, but to set up a new system altogether. Parents can do the same thing by pulling their kids out of school and starting new educational paradigms, like homeschooling, co-ops, and private schools.

KrisAnne’s documentary, Non-Compliant, can be found online here. Learn more about her training resources at Connect with KrisAnne through her articles and podcast here.

Mother’s Moment with Jamie Barke

(begins at 1:09:35)

This week Jamie Barke returns to share a letter that the National School Board Administration sent to President Biden. The letter compares parents that are concerned about what their kids are learning in school to domestic terrorists.

“The National School Board Association is a national government sector lobbying association,” Jamie explains. “Your taxpayer dollars are funding your local school board association fees that are now saying, you, the parent, are a terrorist.”

The U.S. Department of Justice also released a memo recently suggesting the FBI and U.S. Attorneys Office begin intervening in local school board meetings. Jamie and Dr. Patrick share a clip of Sen. Josh Hawley questioning Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco regarding this alarming memo.

After viewing the clip, Dr. Patrick notes how the tactic of intimidation is playing a role in the situation. The justice department’s memo threatening FBI involvement is seeking to intimidate parents into staying silent. Tactics like this illustrate how easily the U.S. could go in the direction of countries like China.

Jamie notes that parents are currently up against a lot: teacher unions, superintendent unions, principal unions, and school board associations. Who do parents have on their side? Themselves. That’s it. No associations. No funding. No unions.

She closes with a final thought: Who’s got the parent’s back in this fight? Parents are doing their job and fighting for transparency in schools, fighting for their children’s health, fighting to keep their parental rights. Are parents set up to lose in this battle?

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