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This week on A Different Perspective, Doc and Nicole Saleske, FNP, APNP, answer questions about anything. From the upcoming no-sugar challenge to cancer and RSV, they give you A Different Perspective. 

(Begins at 5:50) 

  • Does sugar contribute to cancer? If so, why, at the cancer center, do they offer donuts and other high sugar foods? (07:34; answer starts at 08:55) 
  • Why is cancer on the rise with all the conventional treatments that we have? (15:24) 
  • Nicole, do you feel like a traitor for joining the Wellness Way? (18:26) 
  • Why are so many people and children getting RSV? Hospitals are full, and people are dying. (19:42) 
  • My 12-year-old daughter had her appendix removed. What can I do to help support her body? (22:56) 
  • What is the best food for the gut? Can you take too much magnesium? (24:23) 
  • I felt that pharmaceuticals know how to cure cancer, but don’t want to because of lost revenue. The decade-long breast cancer awareness for the cure is the indicator for this idea. What are your thoughts on this? (28:10) 
  • What are your thoughts on black seed oil? I’ve heard it’s a great supplement for many things but have never heard you talk about it. Just wondering on your thoughts around it. (33:48) 
  • My child is not growing, and they want to give him growth hormone, and I don’t want to do it. What should we do? (34:20) 
  • What is the most important nutrient you think most people are missing? (37:33) 
  • I can’t eat organ meats. What would you suggest I do about that? (42:12) 
  • I’m in menopause and feeling off all the time. What labs would you suggest to check my hormones? What supplements can I start if I’m in menopause? (43:21) 
  • If I have fibroids, is surgery my only option? That’s what my doctor said. How do I help endometriosis? (48:11) 
  • Is braunschweiger liverwurst? (53:43) 
  • Improve night vision with vitamin A? (54:08) 
  • Can pulmonary hypertension be treated or is the lung transplant the only option? (54:35) 
  • If you do not eat a lot of meat, will that contribute to hair falling out? (55:14) 
  • I need to lose 20 pounds by Spring Break. How would you do it? (55:34) 
  • Do you guys struggle with sugar like most people? What is the “no sugar” challenge you’re doing in January? (57:46) 
  • Best herbs for a diabetic? (1:04:03) 
  • I have a rash on my arm, and when I use a steroid, it works, but comes back shortly after I stop using it. The doctor said, ‘keep using it,’ but I read the side effects, and it says not to use it constantly. What do I do? (1:06:36) 
  • Can you each give me your top ten things to be healthy? (1:15:05) 
  • What can i do to help with breast milk production? Can a baby get help with an ear infection from getting adjusted? (1:19:40)