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The recipe you all have been waiting for!

*Remember to buy organic and avoid your food allergies when making this recipe! If you do not know what your food allergies are get them tested soon!

(can do it simple (4 layers) or advanced (6 layers)

This recipe uses the “Light Lemon Cheesecake”, “Luscious Lemon Curd”, and whipped Coconut Cream on the top. So light and lemony – and unbelievably delicious!! No Sugar – can you believe that??

*Remember to soak 1 ½ cups raw cashews for 4 -5 hours or overnight prior to starting


First make the crust (if doing the advanced version you must use a spring form pan):
1 cup almond flour *
1/3 cup coconut flour*
2 Tbsp butter flavored coconut oil (or butter/butter substitute)
2 Tbsp coconut oil
1 Tbst powdered xylitol
¼ tsp sea salt
½ tsp vanilla


*any nut combination will work – this was just a combo I liked the taste and texture of

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl by hand with a pastry blender, or in a food processor (if using whole nuts) pulse until crumbly. Press into a spring-form pan or other glass pie plate.


Next make the cheesecake layer
1.5 C raw cashews, soaked in water 4-6 hours, and then rinsed and drained.
2 large lemons, juiced (about 1/2 cup)
1/3 C coconut oil, melted
I can full fat coconut milk (use the cream off the top of the can for a richer texture, but if it will not separate it will work fine as is)
¼  cup powdered xylitol
Zest of 2 large lemons


Add all ingredients to a blender and mix until very smooth. (A Vitamix or any quality blender will work wonderfully). If it won’t come together, shake the blender container a couple times to remove air pockets and blend again.  Pour onto prepared crust.

Place in freezer till it is set so you can put the lemon layer on. Time varies – 20-40 min?? I never really timed it. I just make sure I can safely put the next layer on without it caving in.


Next is the yummy lemon layer
*For the simple version make 1 batch of Lemon Curd; for the advanced make 2
3 duck eggs
½ cup plus 1 Tbsp powdered xylitol
½ cup fresh lemon juice (typically about two large lemons)
Zest of 1 large lemon
A pinch of sea salt
4 Tbsp butter alternative (ghee or Melt work great)


Whisk all ingredients except the butter in a saucepan on low heat. Keep whisking/stirring constantly with a whisk or wooden spoon for about 5-9 minutes – it varies based on how low your ‘low heat’ is and also based on how big your eggs were. You will know when it is done – it suddenly becomes thick – keep on stirring/whisking and remove from heat. Add the butter slices and stir until smooth. Set aside to fully cool.

Once it is cool and once the cheesecake layer is set, spread the lemon curd onto the cheesecake layer and place back in the freezer.


To make coconut whipping cream for the top layer, if you are not familiar with working with my Peanut Butter Dream Pie recipe, here is how to make that:
1 can full fat coconut milk
2 tbsp powdered xylitol


Make the coconut whipped cream. This is easy, but requires a little advance preparation. Put your can of coconut milk in the back of the fridge and leave it there overnight. This gives it time to really separate rise to the top, making it easier to spoon just the cream out of the can. Keeping the can in the fridge for a few days really allows the cream to get thick, undisturbed, almost like shortening, and the liquid under it will be almost clear and very thin. It will then be very easy to spoon out the part that whips easily into soft peaks of heavenly yumminess. Another tip: put the whipping bowl and beaters in the freezer for 20-60 minutes before whipping the cream, to get a really good chill on them. Coconut whipped cream will last 2-3 days in the fridge, so you can whip it up in advance if you want, but it is really easy once the coconut milk is chilled, to do it as you need it.
Open the can of coconut milk. (DO NOT SHAKE!!) Take bowl out of freezer and spoon the thick layer of cream from the top of the can into your chilled bowl. Be careful to avoid getting the thin liquid from the bottom of the can, as it will make your cream too soft to whip well. Now whip on high speed with chilled beaters 1-2 minutes, until it starts to get fluffy. Add 2 Tbsp powdered xylitol and whip another 1-2 minutes on high, until soft peaks form. Put in a small bowl to put back in fridge, or spread on top of the dessert you are topping.


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