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This week, on A Different Perspective, Doc talks about how the thyroid and adrenals impact each other. Do you know the four questions you need to ask about your thyroid function? Doc goes into them and breaks down nuances of thyroid hormone production. 

Thyroid and Adrenals 

  • Adrenal insufficiency is a contraindication on the product insert of levothyroxine 
  • General practitioners don’t test adrenals before giving it out 
  • Thyroid function impacts so many areas 
    • Breathing 
    • Heart rate 
    • Heart health- contraction & CRP 
    • Cholesterol levels 
    • Central and peripheral nervous systems 
    • Body weight 
    • Muscle strength 
    • Menstrual cycles 
    • Body temperature 
    • Digestion-T4/T3 
    • Bone health-calcitonin 
    • Development and IQ 
    • Immune system 

There are four questions you have to ask about the thyroid. 

  • Production—Do you make enough? 
    • There are 6 hormones made by the thyroid gland—how many has your doctor tested? How can Synthroid affect all of these? It can’t. 
      • T4 thyroxine 
      • T3 triiodothyronine 
      • Reverse T3 
      • T2 
      • T1 
      • Calcitonin 
    • There are several ingredients that go into production 
      • Iron 
      • lodine 
        • Deficiency = can’t make thyroid hormone 
        • Deficiency = goiter 
        • Sources 
          • Seafood: 
            • Cod 
            • Shrimp 
            • Scallops  
            • Sea bass 
            • Haddock 
            • Perch 
            • Sea salt 
            • Kelp is the most common sea vegetable 
          • Cranberries 
          • Strawberries 
          • Eggs 
          • Turkey 
          • Prunes 
      • Tyrosine 
        • Non-essential amino acid 
        • The word “tyrosine” is from the Greek tyros 
        • Discovered in 1846 by German chemist Justus von Liebig in the protein casein from cheese 
        • Cheese 
        • Organ meats 
        • Turkey 
        • Fish 
        • Peanuts 
        • Almonds 
        • Avocados 
        • Bananas 
        • Milk 
        • Yogurt 
        • Cottage cheese 
        • Pumpkin seeds 
        • Sesame seeds 
      • Zinc 
      • Selenium 
      • Vitamins  
        • E 
        • B 
        • C 
        • D 
    • Light bulb moment: what if we could not only support the thyroid through production, but 2 systems at once? 
      • Ashwagandha 
        • Encourage healthy response to environmental stress 
        • Promotes normal thyroid function 
        • Supports adrenal function 
  • Conversion—Does your body convert T4 to T3? 
  • Destruction—Is there an auto-immune issue? 
  • Interference—What’s triggering the problem? 
    • A lot of chemicals can interfere with conversion and production  
      • Fluoride  
        • It’s good for the teeth 
        • That’s like saying an aspirin is good for the heart. It’s true, but it doesn’t consider the brain? 
      • Bromine 
      • Mercury  

The medical view of the thyroid is hugely incomplete  

  • If you don’t know what you’ve got, how do you know what you need? 
  • Don’t take medical advice as gospel. 


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