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This week, on A Different Perspective, Dr. Flynn talks about how it’s important to “dig deeper” into health claims. He goes into germ theory vs. terrain theory and then digs deep into a story published in the local news on the causes of autism. From there, he looks at several scientific studies and what they say about autism, genetics, autoimmune disease, and environmental triggers.

Intern Acknowledgement and Overview of Events

(Begins at 2:30)

Dr. Patrick kicks off the show by acknowledging the student chiropractors who have been interning with the Green Bay clinic over the past several months. They are just ending their time learning the Wellness Way approach firsthand and are heading out to impact the world.

Next, Dr. Patrick highlights his upcoming speaking schedule over the next two months, during which he will be speaking in 10 states. He also recaps his experience speaking at the recent Wisconsin United For Freedom (WUFF) event, “Vaxx Con ‘22,” which took place at Wisconsin Dells on March 19th and 20th, 2022.

Digging Deep into Health Claims

(Begins at 17:10)

Doc begins by telling how he received an article that he believes he should address in this episode of “A Different Perspective”. He asks whether you have ever noticed how people will make a health claim like, “Vitamin C is good for the immune system,” but then they are unable to back it up?

It’s important to know the science and mechanisms behind how different things work so that you can then figure out whether you need it or not. People will say, “Well, my doc said this…” Okay, well what was his basis for saying that?

He then clarifies some of the differences between two perspectives that are out there: Germ Theory versus the Terrain Theory. Dr. Flynn has focused on how to rebuild the terrain through that carpenter approach – The Wellness Way approach – as we’ll go into in this ADP episode.

Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory

The Germ Theory, as posed by Louis Pasteur, is that “Germs cause disease.” This is the theory behind the firemen’s (traditional medicine’s) approach to treating illness. Before he passed away, Pasteur admitted: “The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything.”

The Terrain Theory, as posed by Antoine Bechamp, is that “Dis-ease comes from a weakened immune system.” This is the theory behind the carpenter’s (The Wellness Way’s) approach to helping the body heal itself. Bechamp believed we should, “Treat the patient, not the infection.”

(Learn more about the “fireman and carpenter” understanding of health restoration here)

Both these perspectives are needed. BUT you cannot achieve complete health with the germ theory alone. Everyone wants to be healthy, but not everyone is willing to put the work in.

Vitamin C and The Terrain Theory

Let’s go back to vitamin C and the person who says, “Vitamin C is good for the immune system.” Yes, vitamin C is important for our white blood cell count and for keeping it elevated a little longer. But what does it do?

Vitamin C by nature is an antioxidant. When an immune cell such as a neutrophil eats up a bug, there’s more waste product and more oxidation. Vitamin C will go into the immune cell and lower the amount of “rust” or oxidative stress inside. It’s an antioxidant because it will keep the cell from oxidizing. It will help keep the waste products from damaging the cell as much, so guess what? The cell lives longer. It keeps your white blood cell count higher for longer, which helps you fight off infections.

But now, here’s what happens: Vitamin C travels into the immune cell through what’s called a GLUT1 receptor. But wait, there’s an ingredient that will bind to that receptor and keep vitamin C from getting in. Do you know what it is? It’s glucose –sugar! So, a high sugar diet can suppress the immune system and lessen your ability to fight off infections. That’s how vitamin C works when it comes to the immune system. Now, there are other factors, but that’s the main one.

So, let’s say that by nature you just didn’t like the concept of the Germ Theory because you don’t like the COVID vaccine. But if you just avoid vaccines and the traditional medicine approach, but still drink soda all day, it’s going to make your terrain weaker, and you’ll be more susceptible to infection.

You can lower your need for that traditional medicine or fire department thinking by taking care of your terrain.

Dr. Flynn mentions the “Add Diet.” –Can you “add” some nutrients into your daily diet? It’s important to do that because “you are what you eat.” You need the building blocks to supply your white blood cells, your natural killer cells, bone marrow, cardiovascular tissue, GI system, etc.

According to the dictionary, the definition of a nutrient is:

“A substance that provides nourishment essential for growth and the maintenance of life.”

You can test to see where you’re at before, during, and after you add nutrients and begin to rebuild and restore your body to normal. Health is all about normal function.

So, what happens if you put something in your body that’s non-essential? What if you put something in that your body doesn’t need? And what if you put something in that’s toxic?

Those are some of the questions we at The Wellness Way ask.

Responding To a News Article on The Causes of Autism

(Begins at 34:30)

Doc goes over a local (NBC26 Green Bay) news article, “Long-term study helping researchers zero in on potential causes of autism.” For almost every condition, the news will put little nuggets out there. They are on the right track, but they will never give you the conclusions that will show you what’s really going on. They always divert away from the real causes.

The video accompanying the story outlines a “three strikes hypothesis” behind the Autism Study, that says autism is caused by a combination of:

  • Genetics
  • Environmental conditions, including inflammation and high fever
  • Specific Timing

They blame everything on genetics. Doc points out that the reporters who write articles on these studies never come to any conclusions. These articles are meant to take the focus off vaccines. When you look at who funded the studies, you can see that these studies and news releases are just trying to prove that vaccines didn’t cause autism.

Vaccines are, by far, not only the #1 thing that has destroyed human health but are also the reason why autism and other neurological disorders are at an all-time high, especially for children.

The article starts by mentioning “data collected in a 20-year-long study on autism”

… but they don’t include the data. Dr. Flynn goes on to address the article, point by point, explaining how they side-step including the evidence behind their claims. It also turns out that study data mostly came from questionnaires rather than the blood and genetic testing they also mentioned.

Environmental Conditions and Specific Timing Behind Autism

The article goes into the connection between the mother having a high fever in the second trimester of pregnancy and an increased risk of having a child diagnosed with autism. The timing was important.

Doc points out that in the second trimester of pregnancy, the mother is usually given a flu vaccine. The vaccine, as it stimulates an immune response, creates a fever, which then causes inflammation.

The article didn’t go into what might have caused the fever in the second trimester…

Instead, they stressed that pregnant women should let their doctors know if they got a fever and emphasized that the fever shouldn’t be allowed to continue. They were very inconclusive in this article. While the headline was “Long-term study helping researchers zero in on potential causes of autism” … ultimately, they didn’t give any potential causes.

Those are the environmental conditions (fever) and timing aspects of the “three strikes hypothesis.” Next, Doc covers the genetic aspect.

Genetics Behind Autism

The article mentions that certain genetic markers interact with environmental conditions and specific timing to create the conditions that can lead to autism.

But they’ve changed the goalposts and definitions when it comes to “genes.” When you look it up on PubMed, they talk about “the evolving definition of the term, ‘gene.’” The abstract “unit of heredity” became “a continuous segment of DNA sequence specifying a polypeptide chain.”

There’s another article, “The genetic basis of disease,” which says, “Genetics plays a role, to a greater or lesser extent, in all diseases.” Have you ever noticed this? They always talk out of both sides of their mouth: “greater or lesser.” They don’t commit to anything, one way or another.

Genes became an excuse for diseases. Now, when people have something going wrong with their health, doctors talk about family history and genes. They are always trying to find factors behind diseases that you have no responsibility for.

Health is your responsibility. It’s time to start digging deeper.

It All Comes Back to Personal Responsibility

Of course, you have a genetic makeup, and your genes are going to respond, but your lifestyle dictates what happens.

It all comes back to this: Whenever you hear Dr. Flynn say, “lifestyle changes,” think, “personal responsibility.” Whenever you hear him talk about your child’s lifestyle, think, “parental responsibility.”

We must take responsibility for what we eat and what we feed our kids. Kids’ health is affected by what their parents do.

Environmental Factors Affect Genes!

When you talk about your genes, it really goes back to what you’re doing to them. You might say, “Well, my mom had breast cancer, and my grandma had breast cancer, so I’m going to get breast cancer.”

Yeah, if you follow your mom’s and your grandma’s lifestyle, you will! You have the makeup where your genes could do that… But it depends. If you do the same things, then your genes will respond the same way. But if you change those things and figure out what your body needs, you aren’t necessarily going to develop that cancer.

You have an influence on your genes! If someone steps on your toe, it’s going to raise your blood pressure. You have to remove the environmental factor (someone on your toe) to lower the blood pressure.

You’re not genetically programmed for a disease process. The excuse of genes is just a mental manipulation to make you hand over control to someone else and not take personal responsibility.

Vaccines Are an Environmental Factor

A study on “Vaccination and autoimmune disease” published in The Lancet admitted that:

“As many as one in 20 people in Europe and North America have some form of autoimmune disease. These diseases arise in genetically predisposed individuals but require an environmental trigger.”

Genes always respond to what’s put into the body. Vaccines are environmental triggers. Childhood illnesses skyrocketed at the exact same time that the number of vaccines on the vaccine schedule skyrocketed. However, conventional medicine always goes back to “Correlation doesn’t mean causation.”

The article goes on to blame infections rather than vaccinations. Later, they ask, “How can doctors assess a potential link?” and go on to answer, “There exist no general criteria for diagnosing vaccine-related autoimmune disease, which has to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.” They deliberately don’t show doctors what to look for.

Doctors say, “There’s no correlation” … but what are your criteria to base this on? Why don’t they run labs? Doc has labs of children before and after vaccination that show how negatively the vaccine has affected the immune response.

Doc shares a couple of articles about how environmental factors impact genes. They admit that this happens. But then they say that the COVID vaccine doesn’t affect genes and DNA.

He then shares a study in which they admit that the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine affects the DNA. Scientists found that not only does the Pfizer shot quickly uptake into cells, but the mRNA is also reverse transcribed into the DNA within 6 hours of the injection.

“…into the DNA.” You cannot inject toxins into the body and not have the gene respond.

They have already admitted that environmental factors affect genes and DNA. They are lying when they say the vaccine doesn’t affect DNA.

The Power is in Your Hands

An article published in Frontiers in Medicine journal admits there are “Ways You Can Protect Your Genes From Mutations With a Healthy Lifestyle.” They talk about sunlight, radiation, tobacco products, chemicals, and nitrates, and the impact they have on DNA.

This is focusing on the terrain theory, the carpenter theory, and The Wellness Way approach. We can bring in the carpenters and do the things that positively affect genes, DNA, and telomeres. Telomeres at the end of the chromosomes determine how long you live.

People wonder why astragalus is one of Dr. Flynn’s favorite herbs. It’s a longevity herb. No, it’s not anti-aging. We all age and nobody’s getting out of here alive. However, we can restore, rebuild, and regenerate that body so that we look younger and feel younger. We need to give the body the constituents it needs to that it can do these things.

This study shows that astragalus can extend telomere length. Scientists tried to patent astragalus, but they couldn’t, because it’s a natural substance.

Astragalus influences almost every system of the body. It has a huge impact on immune function, but it also prolongs life, protects the body from radiation, fights viruses, and more.

Your body wants to be normal. You can choose what to put in it, so be careful what you put in your grocery store cart. What you eat triggers your genes, for better or for worse. You can also do something about the toxins in our world, including the companies that put toxic stuff in the lakes and rivers. You can fight to hold companies accountable.

Healthcare is a responsibility, not a right. So, are you responsible?