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This week, on A Different Perspective, Doc talks about environmental triggers for autoimmune conditions. How do you support the immune response? Doc breaks it down. 

  • Health is function. If your body is functioning well, you’re healthy. If not, you’re sick. 
  • Science is your understanding of the world around you. It’s observation. 
  • The science of medicine changes all the time. 
  • Both the fireman and the carpenter are good. As long as they stay in their own lane. 
    • Expert in health 
    • Expert in trauma 
  • We’ve never seen only one cause for anything. It’s always compounded factors. 

NIH—Autoimmune Diseases 

  • The immune system is pac-man. Did anything change in him to get him to attack healthy cells? No! 
    • What are you considering a healthy cell?  
    • What made it attack this organ, and not every cell in the body? 
  • There are over 80 autoimmune diseases that affect over 24 million people. They all come down to the same principle. 
  • If it’s genetic—if it’s in your blueprint—why did you develop it at 40, and not have it the day you were born? 
    • It’s not a genetic problem 
    • You didn’t give your body what you needed, so it responded to that 
  • The actual roles gender/race/socioeconomic aspects play in autoimmune disease 
      • Vitamin D and how melanin affects sun absorption  
      • Smoking 
      • Pesticides 
      • Organic mercury 
    • You still had to put a stimulus in for the body to respond 
    • Some genes are overloaded easier than others; it doesn’t mean your genes are your destiny 
  • The body is protecting you by breaking things down that are dangerous 

There is no drug or medicine that supports the body 

  • Immune system boosters 
  • These are all still just a natural compensation for the triggers and stimulus that are leading to the autoimmune diseases in the first place.
    • If all you do is take supports and supplements and don’t figure out the triggers, you’ll still be sick in two years 
    • You need to get tested and find out what’s really going on before you can begin to truly fix anything.
  • Vaccination and autoimmune disease: what is the evidence?  
  • You swerve too hard to one side or the other and you end up in the ditch. The answer is in the middle. 

What are environmental triggers?