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This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Jesse Anderson gives an overview of autoimmunity. What does mainstream medicine have wrong, and how does it actually work? 

The body is smart.  

  • Cancer, type 2 diabetes, etc. are survival mechanisms. Without those, you’d already be dead. 
  • “We don’t know what causes it, but it’s inflammation.” They don’t know what causes the inflammation. 
  • The rate of genetics doesn’t change unless there’s a major catastrophic event. If something selects for one thing over another. If you have a gene that creates autoimmune disease, and autoimmune disease kills, why is it on the rise? This is not genetic. 
    • Where genetics does play a role is that, if your mom had Hashi’s, and you get an autoimmune disorder, it’s more likely to be Hashi’s than anything else. 
    • Autoimmunity means you’re sick. If you weren’t sick, you wouldn’t get any autoimmune disease. 
    • Genes are not your destiny 
  • Viruses can trigger autoimmune responses if you don’t have a healthy immune response. 
  • You can’t cure autoimmune disease. Cure means that you had it, and now you don’t. If you come in, we work with you, and it stops showing itself, you’re not necessarily in the clear. 

Leaky Gut 

  • Zonulin 
    • The job is to open the GI tract barrier 
    • Leaky gut happens for a reason. 
    • Only 2 recognized stimuli 
      • Bacterial imbalance of the gut 
      • Gluten 
    • Leaky gut is considered a precursor to autoimmune disease  
  • Acid reflux is too little stomach acid; not too much. If you have too little, it doesn’t kill all the bacteria. The gut has to release those bacteria somehow—let it leak out of the gut. 
  • If you have leaky gut, you have leaky brain 


  • IgA 
    • Live in the gut 
    • Celiac disease 
  • IgG 
    • Cause inflammation on the inside—not a symptom 
    • Can be caused by: 
      • Bacteria 
      • Viruses 
      • Food 
    • Immune system changes regularly 
    • If you ignore them long enough, you end up with autoimmune disease  
      • Thyroid problems aren’t thyroid problems 
      • Rheumatoid arthritis isn’t a nerve problem 
    • Identify you have an autoimmune disease, and how to address it 
    • Some of the top inflammatory foods are marketed as healthy 
      • Milk 
      • Soy  
  • IgM 
  • IgD 
  • Antibodies vs memory cells 
  • When you cut your arm, the assumption is that it’ll heal. Why don’t we assume the same of the internal organs? 

Product Spotlight–Rehmannia  

(Begins at 00:57:43) 

This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Jesse Anderson talks about Rehmannia and how it can support an overactive immune system. 

  • Supports adrenal gland & liver health. 
  • Promote healthy response to stress. 
  • Support normal bowel function. 
  • Encourage normal fluid elimination. 

You can never out-supplement a poor diet 

  • Large difference between health restoration and symptom management


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