This week, on A Different Perspective, Dr. Flynn briefly touches on the strike down of the airplane mask mandate. Then he interviews Dr. Jim Meehan on a variety of topics, including the real cause of most Shaken Baby Syndrome cases, medical journal fraud, the dangers of wearing masks, and the lack of informed consent. Watch the recording to get the full interview.


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Dr. Flynn begins by talking about how he’s been on all kinds of podcasts lately and how people are confused about why he doesn’t seem to be selling anything. He is simply excited about sharing information with people. There are very few things he will say that everyone needs, other than foods and specifically organ meats. Even certain herbs or spices, like turmeric and ginger, are only needed in certain biochemical situations.

Instead, he promotes individualized care with comprehensive testing. That’s the key. If you want to really understand The Wellness Way, it’s all about a healthy lifestyle. That’s what the Fireman and Carpenter Principle teaches. However, it’s not just about consuming all kinds of natural things; it’s all about getting some good testing done to find out exactly what you need.

When it comes to healthcare, Doc is on your side no matter what you choose. You can eat crappy food, take every drug, every surgery, and every procedure on the planet, and he will be your biggest fan. Why? He supports freedom in all things. Everyone should be allowed to be themselves and make their own choices. He’ll fight for your freedom… but he might still tell you you’re making a dumb choice! He is for freedom of speech.

Doc would love to invite the presidents of local hospitals, medical doctors, and others to do a live conversation on ADP. He’s willing to debate ideas with them, but that means without editing and censorship. Doc is happy to give a platform to people with different ideas than he has. But! He may also make fun of them and challenge them to look at things from A Different Perspective.

Doc is cool with people making their own choices. However, he’s not cool with people forcing their choices on other people. That’s why he was very disappointed in the news that the Department of Justice (DOJ) was attempting to reinstate the mask requirement on public transportation.

Airplane Mask Mandate News Update

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A recent news story published in the Guardian (and all over) was that a US judge strikes down Biden mask mandate for planes and trains. The White House tried to keep the mandate up by using a weird law that no longer pertained to people.

Man wearing mask on airplane

Image Credit: Turning Point USA

The TSA won’t enforce transit mask mandate for now after judge voids it. The worst CBS and CNN could say about the judge was that it was a Trump-appointed judge who voided it. That should tell you something about who you should vote for this November.

But look what’s next: DOJ to appeal ruling striking down mask mandate after CDC gives OK. Now, who did you vote for as head of the CDC? How about the head of the DOJ? You didn’t vote for them. Heads of those departments are just appointed by the current administration.

Now, if you agree that the mask mandate should stay off, but then you turn around and vote for the people who want to keep it on, you’re living incongruently.

Doc is cool with you wearing three masks, a bodysuit… everything! He’s all for it, and he’s never told anyone not to wear a mask. It’s your own personal choice. Will he share his opinion and the science behind it? Absolutely! But then you still get to make your own choice.

If you make a choice to wear a mask, will he make fun of you? Yep. That’s just Doc. He’s not afraid to share what he thinks.

Let’s go back to the DOJ appealing the ruling striking down mask mandate… It’s important to remember that whoever you vote in will control who runs these organizations. Vote for people who will stand for freedom and liberty.

Dr. Flynn on How to Shift the Narrative

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If you are unhappy with what’s going on, realize that you can help shift the narrative out there. People say, “Doc, well, what do I do so that this stuff doesn’t happen again?”

#1 Vote

The number one thing is to vote. When you look at the DOJ getting involved in mask mandates, they are controlled by who is in office. Vote the guy out that controls the DOJ, and then things change.

#2 Become Active

There are two ways to become active: Number one is to show up. Number two is to donate. Support good candidates with your time and/or money. Those are the two most precious things you possess to make your voice heard and make a difference.

#3 Don’t be Silent; Be Bold!

Government officials (Senator Ron Johnson, Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch) have reached out to Doc because he is bold. Statistically, 90% of all bullying stops when one person steps up in defense. Bullying continues when good people do nothing and remain silent.

Unlike many others during the pandemic, Doc didn’t just stay silent. He spoke out and did something… to the point that the FBI showed up at his door. But even that didn’t silence him.

He admires others who speak up and are bold, including Dr. Jim Meehan.

Introducing Dr. Jim Meehan

Why Wearing A Mark Makes Healthy People Sick book

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Dr. Jim Meehan is one of the boldest individuals Dr. Flynn has ever met. Doc first learned about him by reading his incredible book, Why Wearing a Mask Makes Healthy People Sick: An Evidence-Based Analysis of Why Masks Are Ineffective, Unnecessary, and Harmful.

You can get the eBook for FREE on his website,

Dr. Flynn got to spend time with him and his wife at Vaxx Con ’22, put on by Wisconsin United For Freedom (WUFF) a few weeks ago. Dr. Meehan is one of Doc’s favorite speakers because of his boldness. He, too, looks at health from A Different Perspective.

Interview With Dr. Jim Meehan

(Begins at 29:25)

Dr. Meehan begins the interview by talking about how he began his career, attending the United States Military Academy at West Point. There he took an oath to defend the Constitution and the citizens of this country. A decade later, he attended medical school and took another oath; to “Do no harm.”

He was older when he went to medical school and became president of his class. At that point, he began seeing the politics behind medicine and was appalled to discover the process of indoctrination and brainwashing.

He saw medical professors who were teaching “science” while sitting on boards of pharmaceutical companies and spending a lot of the educational time talking about the drugs their companies represented.

He fought many battles to clean up that process, as many medical students find themselves doing. He also saw fellow students having their brains shaped by this indoctrination process.

Dr. Meehan’s “Aha” Moment on Vaccines and Shaken Baby Syndrome

(Begins at 33:57)

Later on, during his residency training as an ophthalmologist, what really gave him the most insight into what is wrong with the medical system today was his job as a medical editor for the journal Ocular Immunology And Inflammation. As a medical editor, he really got to see corruption and fraud behind how and what science is published.

The most apparent evidence of fraud/corruption and failure to publish certain studies/focusing on publishing studies that served Pharma was this:

He had two studies come across his desk from different parts of the world: Italy and the West Coast of the United States. Both studies pointed out an association between damage observed in children’s eyes and a 12-month battery of vaccines.

For those who may not know, the 12-month battery of vaccines includes the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccine made by Merck.

He reviewed both studies. Now, when you review studies for publication in medical and research journals, it’s a lot of work; you have to investigate the authors, look at the scientific methodology, and check whether the abstract and title match the data.

Both studies met all the criteria. They were very compelling with large populations, well-controlled science, and no conflicts of interest.

The studies were saying that the retinal hemorrhaging at the back of children’s eyes that is most often associated with Shaken Baby Syndrome (a form of child abuse that causes tearing of the retina) is actually caused by the battery of 6 to 12 vaccines given at the 12-month “well-child visit.”

Both studies were boldly, dramatically confronting the traditional dogma and saying that there was a very strong association between these vaccines that children receive and retinal hemorrhages.

As a young resident, Dr. Meehan had been called down to the ER to interview the family and examine the children, dilating their eyes to look for this. He had patients that confused him because he would not find any soft tissue injuries as he would expect from abuse, and yet he would find these retinal hemorrhages.

The parents were remorseful, saying they hadn’t shaken their children. But then they would have their children taken from them by Child Protective Services (CPS).

So, Dr. Meehan approved both studies. Again, there was great science and no conflicts of interest, so he recommended them for publication. They got denied. It was the first time in thousands of studies he reviewed that he’d been denied.

He called a meeting with the senior editor to ask what he had missed.

His answer? “Jim, you didn’t miss anything; you just don’t know how the game is played.” He went on to explain that the problem was that if they published the studies, Dr. Meehan would be fired, and the senior editor would also lose his position… “because Merck is a major donor to this university.”

These compelling research studies were confronting the long-standing dogma that hemorrhaging at the back of the eyes was a clear sign of Shaken Baby Syndrome. The dogma was that this was a clear-cut case of child abuse, so call CPS, and take the child away from the parents, end of story.

It was an awakening experience.

It’s A Cover-Up

Dr. Meehan now firmly believes that probably 80% of Shaken Baby Syndrome cases are being misdiagnosed. They are likely vaccine injuries, vasculitis manifesting as hemorrhaging in the back of children’s eyes. If it’s happening there, it’s happening in their brains and throughout their entire bodies.

That was one of the many examples of how we’re burying the harms of vaccination. For Dr. Meehan, it was an awakening event. It showed him how we’re choosing not to publish science that would cast doubt on or discredit the pharmaceutical industry.

More and more of the studies he saw that were being published by some of his associate editors were weak science. Yet, the senior editor said to publish them.

Dr. Meehan is not the only journal editor that has spoken out. Editors from the British Medical Journal and the New England Journal of Medicine have said the same thing. About 85 percent of medical research published today is bought and paid for, fraudulent, corrupt, or conflicted in interest.

We are being lied to by fictitious studies. This is contrived propaganda disguised as medical research and published in leading medical journals.

The Next Wake-Up Call: The Birth of His Grandson

(Begins at 49:31)

When Dr. Meehan’s grandson was born by C-section, a nurse just came over to his daughter with a clipboard and said, “Here, sign this,” offering no informed consent. Dr. Meehan questioned what it was for, as his daughter was still groggy. The nurse said it was for shots. His daughter had already put in writing that she didn’t want her baby to get shots.

Six weeks later, his daughter called from her first pediatric visit crying and saying they were trying to take her son away from her if she didn’t consent to him getting a bunch of vaccines. Dr. Meehan came to pick her up and they haven’t been back to any pediatricians since. They were in complete violation of medical ethics and ought to be held accountable.

Dr. Meehan believes pediatricians are the most brain-washed population of medical doctors on the planet.

The medical science behind childhood vaccines is fraught with conflicts of interest. They have not done vaccinated versus unvaccinated studies, and they aren’t using inert placebos.

Vaccine Studies Are Rife with Fraud

(Begins at 52:45)

Because of how they’re classified as biologics, vaccine studies aren’t required to use inert placebos. Instead, they use older vaccines for the control group. These vaccines aren’t neutral. They are still full of aluminum, thimerosal, aborted fetal cells, polysorbate 80, and other ingredients for the “control” group.

Dr. Meehan then uses the Merck Gardasil (HPV) vaccine as an example of this fraudulent science. They had about 8,000 young women in each group (control and treatment group). The “placebo” had all the same ingredients as the Gardasil vaccine except for the HPV antigens.

The study claimed that no more young women died in the control group compared to the Gardasil group. Well, guess what? Women died at twenty times the background rate in both groups because both groups were getting a neurotoxic dose of aluminum, and polysorbate 80, among other toxic ingredients. This is how the pharmaceutical industry conducts vaccine science studies to defraud the regulators, medical doctors, and the public.

As it turns out, Merck did have an actual placebo group. They had a small group of about 500 that got a saline placebo. They did that so they could combine that group with the group that got all the toxic ingredients and say, “Yes, we had an inert saline placebo group.”

Now, we’re learning about ovarian dysfunction and autoimmune issues that are associated with the Gardasil vaccine. These are healthy young women who are become sick from taking this vaccine.

Dr. Meehan’s Thoughts on the COVID Shots

(Begins at 58:27)

Dr. Flynn then asks for Dr. Meehan’s thoughts on the COVID shots. Dr. Meehan starts by talking about the first clinical trial of the Pfizer vaccine, which was 1,131 children. Maddie de Garay was in that clinical trial. She was twelve at the time and was seriously harmed from it, paralyzed, and now needs to be fed with a feeding tube.

She was dropped from the study and was characterized as having “functional abdominal pain.” She is now paralyzed from the waist down, yet she was labeled as “functional abdominal pain,” which is often what doctors will say when they think it’s all in the patient’s head. The trial data that was sent to the FDA was manipulated to exclude Maddie’s case as a consideration in their decision-making.

That is fraud; medically negligent, unethical, illegal fraud. Maddie’s data should have been considered by the FDA.

Dr. Meehan is on the board of advisors for The Alliance for Human Research Protection. He considers this to be unethical, Nuremberg-level, Nazi-level, human experimentation under the color of a crisis. We’re past the crisis. That was over a year ago at least. It’s going to be a decade before we see the full fallout of these vaccines.

Here’s his perspective on the danger of the vaccines: If they don’t kill you in the first 72 hours, they are going to create an autoimmune cascade of severe hyper inflammation, hyper-allergic response, and autoimmune disease in the human body.

There are three mechanisms by which these shots will cause cancer to explode in the population. Doctors all over the world are talking about the explosion of cancers coming out of remission after vaccination.

The shots disrupt the toll-like receptor system in our bodies, making our white blood less able to recognize a cancer cell or pathogen coming into the body.

Studies are also showing that the spike protein crosses into the nucleus, which is not what we were told was going to happen. When it crosses into the nucleus, some of the major tumor suppressor genes, the DNA repair mechanisms that the body has to fix breaks in our DNA are shut down to 10 to 20 percent of their effectiveness.

That is going to explode cancers in our population.

Dr. Meehan Shares His Experience with Hormones and Chronic Illness

(Begins at 1:09:50)

As he explains why he, as an ophthalmologist, got interested in hormones, Dr. Meehan shares some of his own experiences with hormone imbalance. It started with his background as an elite athlete. When he was about 35, he started feeling off. He was overweight, sick, depressed, inflamed… a heart attack waiting to happen.

It was a dark place in his life where he felt like all his best years were behind him and he didn’t have any hope for the future. He was grumpy, tired, and had foggy thinking.

When he went to doctors, they gave him an antidepressant, a weight-loss drug, a statin, … “A pill for every ill.” He ended up with side effects from all of them.

After doing some research, he decided he should get his hormones checked. Sure enough, his mom had higher levels than he did. He had beat up his pituitary gland to the point that it couldn’t release the stimulatory hormones that control thyroid, testicular function, etc. In that deficiency state, it was dark.

Darkness to Light

After getting his hormones fixed, it was like turning the lights on. His drive returned and so did his libido. Most importantly, he was a patient, compassionate, and thinking man again, instead of a “grumpy old man” at age 35.

At that point, he decided this was something he needed to be an expert at.

So, Dr. Meehan’s first encounter with disease was a serious hormone deficiency that was affecting every system in the body. That’s when he realized that hormones are foundational to our health, and they are being diminished by a thousand different things. Before you know it, you’re at a fraction of the levels you should be at.

They are critical to health, and we ignore them in medicine.

From there, Dr. Meehan goes into some of things like Premarin, that are given to women for hormone replacement, and how there’s so little research on natural supplements and bioidentical hormone replacement that can support healthy hormone levels.

The largest study on women’s health was ended early because the “blockbuster” drug (Premarin) was causing all kinds of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and all kinds of problems. He talks about why these synthetic hormones are harmful and cause more harm than good.

Interview Wrap Up

Dr. Flynn and Dr. Meehan wrap up the interview by talking about how most doctors just don’t have answers for hormones beyond medication. It’s just “a pill for every ill,” as designed by the Rockefellers –the same people who tried to destroy chiropractic and natural medicine.

We invest way too much money in a system that is providing no solutions. Conventional medicine could be really good firefighters, but they keep trying to branch out. The Wellness Way takes it from a different perspective. We are there to be carpenters and help the body rebuild.

The two doctors end by agreeing that the solution is for good medical doctors to come together with chiropractors, natural medicine, etc. to create integrative care plans and collaborate.

Dr. Flynn’s Goes Over Related Studies

(Begins at 1:27:15)

Dr. Flynn closes the show by going back to some things referenced in the interview. He goes through the hormone study that Dr. Meehan referred to and explains how hormone replacement therapy (even bioidentical) doesn’t work well because it doesn’t fluctuate with your body’s demands. Hormone replacement cannot mimic your own natural hormones. It can also cause negative effects in other parts of the body.

Doc then addresses a research study on the effect of the COVID shots on the eyes: Retinal Hemorrhage after SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination. It’s very similar to what Dr. Meehan was talking about when he mentioned the Shaken Baby Syndrome studies he came across during his residency. Vaccines cause damage to the body. They have zero benefits. Vaccination is poisonous to human health. Be bold. Be a leader and take a stand against the injection of poisons into people.