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  • Respect is given; trust is earned. 
  • A legacy is meant to outlast you. It is how you will be celebrated even after you pass. Leaving a legacy means you are impacting future generations by the way you lived your life and the decisions you made. Leaving a legacy is about more than yourself. It is about creating a positive future for the people who will come after you. 
  • Don’t just say something; do something. 
    • Put your money where your mouth is. 
    • Walk the walk. 
  • Debate gives people the chance to see how articulate they are.  
    • Can they share their ideas?  
    • Do they really believe in what they’re saying?  
    • Do they walk what they talk? 
    • Voices are important. Allows people to choose. 


This week, on A Different Perspective, Doc talks about how allergies are allergies, independent of which antibody is triggered. Doc also talks about why allergic reactions to certain foods are triggered. 

(Begins at 00:40:11) 

Product Knowledge— 

This week, on A Different Perspective, Doc talks about what nutrients and supplements help support your body against allergic responses. 

(Begins at 1:11:13) 

  • Vitamin D 
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Albizia 
  • Licorice Root
  • Quercetin 
  • Ginkgo Leaf
  • St. John’s Wort 

Last 10%— 

This week, on A Different Perspective, Doc talks about legacy and the different forms it comes in. Doc also talks about the upcoming The Wellness Way Seminar. 

(Begins at 1:22:36) 

  • There is only one way to avoid criticism  
  • We often hear the term “leave a legacy’ when we are discussing this word. While leaving a legacy may sometimes refer to personal property or a financial gift that is left behind to a loved one, it most often is a reference to a life of influence. To leave a legacy is to leave a lasting imprint on the world through accomplishments, ideas and character. 
  • You don’t have to be the one that creates the gift. Just be sure to pass it on. 
  • Seminar is coming up!