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This week, on A Different Perspective, Dr. Flynn interviews Dr. Nathan Bryan, a scientific researcher, and developer of nitric oxide promoting supplements. He shares little-known information about nitric oxide and its benefits for the human body beyond cardiovascular disease. Then Jamie Barke joins the show and shares some disturbing things that are going on in Wisconsin schools.

An Acknowledgement of The Team and The Importance of Connection

(Begins at 3:50)

Dr. Flynn begins by acknowledging some of the team members at The Wellness Way that help to get this information out to you – despite all the attempts at censorship. He also talks about how one of the most meaningful things in his life is connection – connecting with people. Connection is the way to win Doc’s heart and many other people’s hearts. You can have major differences with people, including views, but if you can find a way to connect with them, you can win their hearts.

He talks about some of the platforms he and The Wellness Way use for connection, including the Dr. Patrick Flynn YouTube page, The Wellness Way YouTube page, and The Wellness Way Facebook page. Now, thanks to Elon Musk, he can return to Twitter!

Doc is a big fan of free speech, even if he doesn’t agree with you. He loves connecting and engaging with people who disagree with him. When people connect with him, it warms his heart. Be sure to connect and interact with him on social media – especially when he goes live! (You’ll even have a chance to win a present!)

Advancements in Medicine and Chronic Diseases

(Begins at 14:28)

Then Doc mentions a heart surgeon he knows locally and praises all the advancements there have been in medicine over the last twenty years. It’s amazing how if someone suffers from a heart attack or stroke, this cardiologist can go in and save that person’s life. Doc and the cardiologist talk regularly about how technology and even drugs are advancing and can give people a second chance at life.

So, we’ve made all these medical advances, we have more hospitals and doctors than ever before in history, and we’re faster at getting help to people than ever before. There’s even more access to natural things than ever before in history. You can get just about anything on Amazon. You can order a type of berry from Brazil and have it sent to Wisconsin…and eat it!

Yet, we have all these chronic diseases. When we look at The top 10 causes of death, listed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the #1 cause of death in 2019 is heart disease. Clearly, the reason why we still have all this death and destruction isn’t that we lack medical advancements. It’s because we lack A Different Perspective.

Heart Disease Still Dominates The World

When Doc talks to the cardiologist (a great guy), he’s still obsessed with people lowering their cholesterol levels. He continually advises people to lower their cholesterol, gives out statin drugs like crazy… and people are still going in for heart surgeries.

Here’s what they do: A heart surgeon is doing surgery and opens an artery and says, “Look at all the plaque and cholesterol in there! See? It’s cholesterol that causes heart disease.”

Well, we have a different perspective: Maybe, when you have damage to an artery, the body realizes there’s a leak and decides to fix it. Imagine you have a hole in a garden hose that’s connected to a sprinkler. A hole gets poked, and there’s water spurting all over the place. You’ve got to plug that hole!

Maybe the substance that your body uses to plug that hole is cholesterol! So, did cholesterol cause the problem? Or did you have damage, and now the cholesterol has to respond to that problem?

We’ve been lowering cholesterol for 70 years, and do you know what the number one killer around the world is today? According to the Leading Causes of Death Globally from the WHO, it’s heart disease and stroke.

Heart disease and cancer dominate in the United States, but heart disease, to this day, still dominates across the world.

What Ties All Docs Together?

What’s funny is this: Doc can talk to a cardiologist, a GP, a primary care provider, a chiropractor, a podiatrist, a dentist… and there is one agreed-upon factor that brings all the doctors together. Everyone agrees on the cause behind illness: Inflammation. Where they differ in perspectives is the approach.

Cardiologists are going to recommend taking a statin to lower cholesterol… forever. Do you know what statin drugs deplete? It’s Coenzyme Q10, which is essential for heart repair, regeneration, growth, and function.

Do you know the best source of CoQ10? Heart. You can order beef heart online. You can also take it as a glandular supplement.

Even with wonderful cardiologists, who can save people’s lives, the advice they are giving people is continuing to lead them to the high number of cardiovascular deaths we have worldwide.

On Doc’s travels, he meets all kinds of interesting doctors. While speaking in Texas, he met Dr. Nathan Bryan, who studied under the scientist who discovered nitric oxide. Dr. Bryan taught Doc about research and publishing articles. He’s taught at medical schools, and his job is to create medications.

But through his research in developing medications to raise nitric oxide, he came up with some interesting things, and that’s when he and Doc began to work together. He’s a scientist who is in the third stage of trials of a particular medication the White House asked him to produce.

Interview With Dr. Nathan Bryan, Ph.D.

(Begins at 27:30)

Doc introduces Dr. Nathan Bryan, who is considered the #1 nitric oxide expert in the world. He has been widely published and speaks all over the world. Dr. Bryan shares his background and how he initially got involved in nitric oxide research. After completing degrees in biochemistry and molecular and cellular physiology. It was during his Ph.D. program that he was originally introduced to the science of nitric oxide.

He was completing that degree in the early 2000s when a Nobel Prize was awarded for its discovery. Scientists knew it was an important molecule, but there was so much they didn’t know. Following his fellowship at the Boston University School of Medicine, he was recruited to join the faculty at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston by Dr. Ferid Murad, who shared the Nobel Prize for discovering nitric oxide.

There, they had a drug discovery program, where they were challenged to create safe and effective nitric oxide-based therapeutics. He spent nine years there as a professor of molecular medicine and made several discoveries and filed a number of patents. He currently has over two dozen issued patents on different technologies to generate nitric oxide.

He is now working as a full-time entrepreneur. He’s worked with a team to create products based on his discoveries and formed a few different companies. Now, his objective is to tell the world about nitric oxide and introduce nitric oxide-based technologies around the globe.

Nitric Oxide Affects the Whole Body

Nitric oxide affects more than just the cardiovascular system. It affects every tissue of the body. It’s a signaling molecule at its core and is produced in most cells of the body. It’s a vasodilator that’s produced by the endothelial cells that line the blood vessels throughout the body. When it’s produced, it causes smooth muscle relaxation and vasodilation (expansion of the blood vessels). It also controls oxygen delivery by the red blood cells.

It’s also a neurotransmitter in the Central Nervous System (CNS) and it’s how our immune system fights off invading pathogens, anything from bacteria to viruses. When we’re exposed to a pathogen, our body’s normal reaction is to mobilize an immune response, going to the site of infection. Then our immune cells produce nitric oxide to shut down bacteria respiration and prevent viruses from replicating.

When you lose the ability to produce nitric oxide, a lot of things go wrong. You can get:

  • High blood pressure
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Hypoxemia (low blood oxygen)
  • Compromised immune system
  • Inability to heal
  • Advanced aging

The loss of nitric oxide is the earliest event in the progression of almost every chronic human disease.

High Blood Pressure

When people go to their doctors for high blood pressure, they are typically given blood pressure-lowering medications. This has been happening for 50 or 60 years. The fact that cardiovascular disease remains the #1 killer of men and women worldwide is unacceptable.

The #1 modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease is high blood pressure. If you go to your doctor with elevated blood pressure, they’ll typically put you on an ACE inhibitor, an ARB (Angiotensin II receptor blocker), a Calcium channel antagonist, or a diuretic. If you have an old-school doctor, they’ll put you on a beta-blocker, which is one of the worst drugs on the market.

The data tell us for 50 percent of those who are put on a blood pressure medication, their blood pressure isn’t balanced. The medications don’t actually work that well. What he has discovered and published research on, is that high pressure is a symptom of oral dysbiosis. That’s why their blood pressure won’t be affected by the medication.

People with high blood pressure have insufficient nitric oxide production. Except for those with heavy metal toxicities, if you restore nitric oxide production, their blood pressure always normalizes.

It’s important to get to the root cause of the disease and fix the underlying problem. That’s where Western medicine has failed us for hundreds of years. They never understand the root cause of the disease.

That’s the passion that Doc and Dr. Bryan share. You understand why people present with certain symptoms and then fix the underlying problem. Don’t just put people on drugs that mask the symptoms.

The human body is designed to heal itself. We just need to give it what it needs.

Breaking Research That Goes Against Standard of Care

No one can argue with the science of Dr. Bryan’s peer-reviewed data. Some people may argue with the interpretation of that data, but no one can argue with the data. However, it is outside the standard of care.

For most doctors who practice insurance-based medicine, if you practice outside the standard of care, you put yourself at risk. The state can come and take your medical license away, taking away your ability to make a living.

A lot of doctors are going to cash-based medicine for this very reason. They realize patients are willing to make an investment in their health because they are so sick of just being put on another medication, which isn’t making anyone better.

Dr. Bryan has massive medical education; he has multiple patents; what he speaks on is peer-revied data… but he can still get in trouble for presenting his research because it goes against the standard of care.

Cutting-Edge Supplementation for Nitric Oxide: Neo40®.

(Begins at 40:20)

Dr. Bryan started out as a drug developer. He didn’t originally plan on creating a natural supplement. His research was around four fundamental questions:

  1. How does the human body make nitric oxide?
  2. What goes wrong in people who can’t make it?
  3. What are the clinical consequences?
  4. How do you fix it?

He and his team have been very successful in answering those four fundamental questions. He’s trained as a drug discovery chemist, so he never set out to create dietary supplements or nutritional products. He was tasked with creating nitric oxide enhancing drug therapies.

Early in the research program, they were screening natural product libraries, things that were used in Eastern medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, that had been successful for thousands of years – long before Western medicine ever came into the mainstream. They worked, but no one knew how they worked.

So, he and his research team started screening these herbs and spices and found that they generated nitric oxide in the right components and conditions. Then they started putting together compositions that generated nitric oxide based on natural product chemistry.

Early on, they approached the FDA to file patents. But later, they realized they didn’t need to file a drug patent because the products were based on all-natural ingredients. They could bring it to market as a dietary supplement. That didn’t excite him at first because they were in the business of developing drugs.

But once they realized they had a product that was safe and worked as designed, they didn’t need it to be a drug. The quickest route to market is as a dietary supplement. There’s a low barrier to entry since they don’t need hundreds of millions of dollars to launch it. Then it could also be made available to people all over the world since they didn’t need a prescription.

Since then, he has been working on developing supplements to help patients increase their nitric oxide naturally. That core technology is the only one in the world that generates nitric oxide gas.

The supplement is called Neo40®. You put the lozenge in your mouth, and it’s activated by your saliva to generate nitric oxide. There are all kinds of peer-reviewed research backing it up and he gets hundreds of emails every week from people sharing about how he’s changed their life.

There’s nothing more gratifying than that.

Nitric Oxide and COVID-19

Those who were hospitalized for COVID-19 and died were those who couldn’t make nitric oxide. These were patients who had endothelial dysfunction and could not make sufficient nitric oxide.

Dr. Bryan and his team started clinical trials of a nitric oxide enhancing drug in 2021. They found that if they started the drug within 72 hours, they could improve nitric oxide levels, improve oxygen levels, prevent vascular inflammation from spike protein, and keep high-risk patients out of the hospital.

At the time of this interview, they are halfway through the drug clinical trial and should finish by the end of the summer. They’ll be able to have it approved and on the market for the next wave of COVID when it comes.

The drug is very safe with no adverse effects in hundreds of patients.

Nitric Oxide Has Great Potential for Other Chronic Diseases

Now, they’re moving their drug discoveries into Alzheimer’s, ischemic non-obstructive coronary artery disease, diabetic ulcers, and wound healing.

Everything they’ve learned about nitric oxide can now be applied to many different poorly managed human diseases. It will likely change the landscape of healthcare and will be the way we take care of patients (Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular, diabetic, etc.) for the next hundred years.

So far, advancements in medicine for these conditions have been very poor. All these major chronic metabolic diseases are at an all-time high. Nitric oxide may prove to be a better form of treatment for all of these.

Is there a shift towards this type of medicine? Well, it’s difficult to do research when you’re not trying to create a patented drug that sells for billions of dollars. That’s because your research needs to be peer-reviewed… and your peers are also your competitors.

When you have your competitor reviewing your paper and determining whether it’s going to be published or if you’re going to get a couple of million dollars to do the research, then that presents a problem. It has become too political.

A New Model of Drug Delivery

It’s inevitable that the current healthcare system will implode upon itself. It’s been happening for many years. The U.S. spends more money per capita than any nation in the world and we have the sickest population. It’s clear that the way we’re treating patients is not working.

Dr. Bryan’s model of drug discovery and delivery is completely different from the old model. In the old model, people tried to develop synthesized molecules so that they could patent the structure and develop that as a drug.

Most drugs are inhibitors of biochemical reactions. When you inhibit a chemical reaction in the human body, there are always unintended consequences, known as adverse events or side effects. The #3 killer of Americans is prescription drugs, taken as prescribed. Drugs are dangerous and when they’re misused, they’re even more deadly.

What Dr. Bryan does is called Restorative Physiology. Drug discovery in the past was called pharmacology. That doesn’t work. What he and his team do is seek to understand the mechanism of the disease to the extent that they can fix it. They give the body what it needs. They restore enzymatic activity rather than inhibit it.

When you do that, you get restorative physiology and everything works better: cells regenerate, tissues regenerate, and cells perform their function, as they are designed to do.

Nitric Oxide Deficiency

Now, you might wonder if there’s a way to tell from a simple test if you’re nitric oxide deficient.


There aren’t any blood tests for nitric oxide because it’s a gas and it’s gone in less than a second. So, he developed a salivary test trip to help you determine whether your body can produce nitric oxide. You apply your saliva to the test strip, and if it turns pink, it tells us that your body can produce and regenerate nitric oxide. If it doesn’t turn pink, you’re deficient.

There are some false positives, but no false negatives. Still, they mostly rely on symptoms. What are some of those symptoms?


  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Elevation in blood pressure
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Elevation in triglycerides
  • Elevation in C-reactive protein and other inflammatory markers

If you have these symptoms, by definition, you’re nitric oxide deficient.

Doc has noticed a lot of calcium scores come down after taking this supplement. If you have a high calcium score, the current medical system says there’s nothing that you can do. But Doc has seen that normalize within about two years after reducing inflammation, regenerating the epithelial tissues, and improving vasodilation.

It’s all about restoring physiology.

How Do You Restore Nitric Oxide Production?

Your body cannot heal without restoring nitric oxide. To restore nitric oxide production, you need to do two things:

#1 Stop doing the things that disrupt nitric oxide production

#2 Start doing the things that have been proven clinically to restore and stimulate your nitric oxide production.

What disrupts nitric oxide production:

  • Mouthwash – It disrupts your oral microbiome and causes blood pressure to go up.
  • Fluoride – Get rid of fluoride in your toothpaste. It kills bacteria, it’s a neurotoxin, and it kills your thyroid.
  • Antacids – Antacids inhibit nitric oxide production, cause a whole host of immune system problems, foodborne illness, autoimmunity…

If you get rid of those three things, your body will automatically thank you for it. But then there are other things you can do.

Start doing the things that increase your nitric oxide

  • Physical exercise – Get moderate physical exercise.
  • Green leafy vegetables – Eat more to increase your nitrate intake.
  • Sunlight – Get some sunlight and walk

That strategy saves you money. Dr. Bryan isn’t asking you to spend more money to preserve health. Stop spending money on things that are shutting down nitric oxide production and then get out and exercise, get sunlight, de-stress, and walk barefoot on the ground.

If all else fails, there’s a technology that does it for you. But “diet and lifestyle” is always the first strategy.

Dr. Flynn Reviews the Interview

(Begins at 59:10)

Doc then talks about the mouthwash-heart disease connection and the Swiss Watch Principle. We have been duped into thinking mouthwash is good for us. Yes, there are good, healthy mouthwashes. But Listerine and similar products affect the microbiome of your mouth and also make changes in the body that can lead to heart disease.

As the Swiss Watch Principle states, even if the smallest gear stops working, it affects everything else. The clock will no longer keep proper time. You can’t treat the body like it’s a bunch of disconnected gears.

He goes over a study on Over-the-counter mouthwash use, nitric oxide and hypertension risk. This has been studied over and over. It’s time to get rid of your toxic mouthwash.

“But my dentist told me Listerine and fluoride are good for my teeth!” How many times have you heard that B.S.?

Yes, fluoride shows a positive effect when you apply it to one isolated tooth. But they take it out of context. They don’t look at what it does to your gut bacteria and the rest of your body.

Doc then goes back to the Leading Causes of Death Globally. Do you know how stroke got to become one of the top causes of death in the world? It was in the 1980s when doctors started promoting that baby aspirin a day is good for your heart.

Yeah, it takes stress off the heart and doesn’t hurt it in the short term. But it causes a thinning of the blood vessels all over the body, including the smallest blood vessels in the body. Do you know where they are at? The brain. That’s why strokes skyrocketed in the 1980s. Stroke wasn’t even in the top 10 killers until the 1990s.

It’s the same with the COVID “vaccine.” They only talk in “one gear” language. You are made up of many gears.

When you look at health from a carpenter’s perspective, you look at all the different things that are going into your body on a daily basis. What are you rinsing your mouth with? What are you eating for breakfast? Everything is connected.

Mother’s Moment with Jamie Barke

(Begins at 1:09:55)

Jamie Barke joins Doc to share some things that are going on in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, school district. She provides actual slides from an “equity” training school administrators did for the teachers there. There are many shocking things in this interview. Here are just a few things Jamie covers:

  • “Parents aren’t entitled to know their kids’ identities. That knowledge must be earned.”
  • The “Genderbread Person”
  • White Privilege Test
  • Heterosexual Privilege Test
  • Guidance for gender identity support
  • Gender Queer book

This is an intense episode. Make sure the kids are out of the room before you watch it.

Dr. Flynn Wraps Up

(Begins at 1:24:10)

Dr. Flynn finishes up this episode by reflecting on some of the things going on in the world and keeping a balanced perspective. So many people are suffering, and The Wellness Way is here to help. We had a Hormone Connection seminar in Ripon, Wisconsin, just yesterday. There was a guy there

We are here to bring hope and healing. We can differ on things politically, but Doc is here to stand for your freedoms and provide guidance. If you don’t have a Wellness Way Clinic that you’re working with, reach out to him via email. Check out his upcoming speaking schedule to connect in person!



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