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  • India and Dubai are reaching out regarding The Wellness Way Approach
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  • “The medical field is the primary cause of mental disorders.” Agree or disagree? 
  • Most people are triggered by new ideas. 
  • Autism spectrum disorder:  
    • Developmental challenge — there are things that contribute to it. 


This week, on A Different Perspective, Doc connects the dots between glutamate, MSG, and environmental triggers for some mood disorders. 


In Product Knowledge, Doc talks about valerian and how it does much more than aid sleep. 

LAST 10% 

In the Last 10%, Doc talks about the three M’s and why they’re important for men. Doc also covers the differences between neurotransmitters and hormones. 

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  • Agree or disagree: A Father builds his son into a strong man FOR  a woman, not in spite of them. Women are attracted to strong men (a man that has his mind, muscle, and money in order — let’s call it the 3M’s), and it’s why most women are attracted to the men at the top, and why I hear women say, “Where are all the good men?” even though they are surrounded by males all day. You’re not attracted to the nice momma’s boy. If you were, most males would not be single, but there are a lot of lonely single males out there!!! 
  • Testosterone and estrogens are chemical messengers, just like neurotransmitters  
    • Hormones and messengers are pretty much the same thing. 


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