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“Doc, what can I take that will boost my immune system, so I don’t get sick?” There is no magic pill to keep you from ever getting sick and everyone gets sick sometimes. It’s a sign your immune system is working, and you have a healthy immune response. The sniffles, the fever and the cough are all signs your immune system is doing what it needs to do. Don’t fight it with fever reducers or cough suppressants that take away your body’s ability to fight the illness. Love your immune response! And show your immune response some love with these tips for immune support.

“But wait, I get sick all the time!” If you get sick all the time or if you never get sick, then you need to get your immune response tested. I recommend it for everyone but especially for those who have those concerns. The only way you will know how your immune system is doing is to get it tested. Find out how your natural killer cells, CD4 and other cells are doing.

The best way to support your immune system is to know how your immune system is doing. There are lots of natural immune boosting tips like taking zinc but if your body doesn’t need zinc then it’s not going to work for you. You are just wasting money on zinc then.

“Okay, but what do you have for immune support?” I have 6 low-cost or no-cost tips for immune support. These are the best ways to show your immune system some love.

6 Tips for Immune Support

1 – Get Plenty of Sleep

Your body heals when you’re sleeping. If you don’t sleep then your body can’t heal itself. So many people short themselves on sleep when it’s so important for many biological processes and a healthy body. Support your immune system by getting plenty of rest and if you need help follow these tips for better sleep.

2 – Avoid Sugar and Other Inflammatory Foods

Sugar is so harmful to a healthy immune response. It interferes with white blood cells and their ability to respond to infection. It also is an inflammatory food that can disrupt your microbiome. You need a healthy microbiome for absorption of nutrients and to build components of your immune system. Keep your gut healthy to improve your health by avoiding inflammatory foods like sugar, wheat, dairy, and processed foods.

3 – Eat a Healthy Diet and Fermented Foods

Make sure you are getting a varied diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables. Ones that include Vitamin C and other nutrients that your immune system needs. Fermented foods will keep your gut healthy and allow for your body to properly absorb the nutrients. Try sauerkraut! It has vitamin C and it’s fermented!

4 – Keep the Stress Low

Find ways to reduce stress because it is a health killer. Stress can cause mayhem throughout your body as it impacts hormones, digestion and other physiological processes. If your body is fighting the affects of your stress than it can’t fight the flu bug or whatever else is going around.

5 – Get Moving

You need to get moving to support your immune response. The human body wasn’t meant to sit around. So, get some exercise or spend time on a vibe plate. Whatever you do, get moving. This will help reduce inflammation and stimulate the lymphatic system to help your body detoxify.

6 – Soak Up the Vitamin D

Get a healthy dose of vitamin D. Now, don’t get burned. That’s not good for your skin. But make sure you’re getting out to soak up some sun. We spend so much time inside that many people miss out on the cheap therapy to support the immune system. There are so many benefits to vitamin D and it’s free! So many people are deficient because they don’t get outside, and you can easily test to find out if you’re deficient. Soak up the sun or buy a vitamin D supplement.

What Else Can I Do to Support My Immune Response?

Are you doing all of the above that costs nothing and still want more? There is no magic pill but there are supplements you can take that support your immune response. These have a variety of constituents that won’t make your body respond but will support your body’s immune response.

Medicinal mushrooms are known for their antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Elderberry is another favorite that has been shown to help fight viruses. You garlic lovers are going to love this…. Garlic is antimicrobial and shown to help build natural killer cells.  Permission to add as much garlic to your sauce as you want!

Love Your Immune Response

You have this amazing body that has an immune system that responds to invaders. Your job is to learn about your immune system and support your immune response. You can’t treat your body badly and expect it will be able to take care of you. You need to take care of it!

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn

Learn more about the immune response in Dr. Patrick Flynn’s video:


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