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Hey, we know this time of year can get stressful but don’t forget to laugh. This time of year is about spreading merry and ideas for hilarious Christmas gifts. Maybe you got one of these gifts and are already plotting how you are going to pay it forward this year.  I suggest you use this list for good and not evil, but I’m just sharing the message.

For those who need a laugh or, maybe, a reminder of what to avoid, we have our list of 6 WTF Gifts that nobody wants to unwrap.

6 WTF Gifts That Shouldn’t Be Under the Tree

Steve Buscemi SwimsuitWTF Gifts

Even if it comes with a trip to the islands, she doesn’t want this swim suit. Steve Buscemi belongs in a Quentin Tarantino movie or and Adam Sandler movie. He was great in Boardwalk Empire, but he is not so great on your girl’s swim suit. You might think it’s funny but if you remember from Rockhound in Armageddon, “It’s all fun and games until somebody gets shot in the leg.”

Dancing with Cats

You heard that right! From the creators of the international best seller Why Cats Paint comes the hardcover book Dancing with Cats. It might seem like a great gift for your favorite cat lover, but it gets bizarre…. and why does that man look like he dropkicked that kitty?

Dancing with Cats for WTF GIftsKitty for WTF Gifts

Nicholas Cage PillowcaseCage Pillow for WTF Gifts

Nicholas Cage dreams or nightmares? Some feelings should be caged and, if you have any love for this pillow, you should cage those feelings. Some things deserve to be buried like Nicholas Cage’s Ghost Rider movie and this horrible pillow case.

Grass Flip Flops

This isn’t the way to get your grounding in! Your feet need to be on actual real ground. The fake grass between your toes won’t do it for you.

Natural HarvestNatural Harvest Cookbook

I know we sound a little crazy to some of you sometimes! With our different approach and food choices. There is one thing I promise we will never suggest you eat … McDonald’s … Who buys kids McDonald’s gift cards? There is so much toxic garbage in McDonald’s. What a weird gift…and well, this cookbook is right up there too. Gross. Who thought of this one?

Funeral Home Fragrance

What better way to say, “You’re next!” than to give someone cologne that smells like a funeral Spray for WTF Giftshome? I guess I can’t say a funeral home has ever smelled bad but uh… just, “no!”

Laugh and Then Laugh Some More

If you get one of these weird gifts under the tree, don’t blame me! I tried to spread the word and save everyone from these hilariously awful gifts. I even made a list of the best wellness gifts we are hoping to see under our trees! If you do get a weird gift compare how it rates on our list. Is it Steve Buscemi Suit weird or Dancing with Cats weird? No matter what, laugh and enjoy the holidays with those you love. Whatever you do don’t use this list for evil!

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn