On this week’s A Different Perspective, Dr. Sam does the first segment, introducing one of his patients who shares a life-changing success story. Dr. Flynn then does a Q&A during the “Perspective” segment, taking questions from ADP viewers. Topics include menopause symptoms and solutions, warts, vasectomies, eczema, glandulars, medications, colonoscopies, food allergies, candida, hot flashes, and more. Dr. Flynn wraps up the show with his “Last 10%.”


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Dr. Patrick Flynn starts by going over the resources we have on our website, Instagram, YouTube, and more. We received a special request for a longer Q&A session, and that’s what he’ll be doing today. He continues by introducing the new interns at the Green Bay clinic. He continues by talking about his recent trip to Ireland, where we have our first international Wellness Way clinic. He was there in Galway, Ireland giving his last Hormone Connection talk. Even in Ireland, people are finding our videos and their lives are being changed. Remember this about censorship: They can slow you down a bit, but they can’t stop you. In fact, The Wellness Way will be expanding into other European countries very soon! Next to the United States, our biggest following is actually in Australia. Yes, we will eventually be opening an office down there.

Now for a patient success story, and then we’ll move on to the Q&A session!

Wellness Way Stories: Dale Neumeyer

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Dr. Sam Wagner, DC, a Wellness Way, Green Bay doctor introduces a patient, Dale Neumeyer, who overcame his health issues with The Wellness Way Approach. Mr. Neumeyer is a heavy equipment operator who has been doing it for 14 years. One day, he got dizzy at work and went in to see a regular medical doctor. He was told he had an inner ear infection and was given medication to treat it.

A year later, he went back in, and the doctor asked how his diabetes was doing. He was confused because he hadn’t known anything about diabetes. The next thing he knew, he was on diabetes medication. A few weeks later, his eyesight started going bad. He was told it was because of his diabetes (he now suspects the medication). Every time he went in after that, he was told he was getting worse and worse.

At the time, he believed the doctors. They kept upping the mediation, and he kept getting worse. He had a hard time getting out of bed, and when he got out of bed, he was in pain. He gained tons of weight and he thought, “There’s got to be something better than this.”

His wife had been researching The Wellness Way and said they should “forget these doctors,” and go try it out. At one point, had a doctor’s appointment coming up within a couple of days, and he got a call from the nurse. She said his diabetes was getting so bad that they would probably have to put him on insulin. He and his wife decided they were not going to do that and came to The Wellness Way instead.

Dr. Sam went through all the testing and recommended some changes based on the testing results. Dale made the changes and he started getting better. He lost weight, his mood improved, and he got healthy. He got his life back under The Wellness Way guidance. He urges others to get testing done, make the changes, and get healthy.

The Wellness Way Academy

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The Wellness Way Academy came about from a compilation of Doc’s thoughts that originally got rejected, both internally and externally. We live in a world of “experts,” and Doc thinks that’s one of the dumbest things on the planet, because “experts” are wrong most of the time. If you don’t believe him, consider what happened over the last two years (beginning in 2020).

Yes, we need experts and specialists in the world. If you got a brain tumor, you would not want a podiatrist to come work on it. There are some areas that need specialists. But if you’re sick and have a tumor, you’re already not healthy. A specialist is really someone who knows more and more about less and less. So, while you might need a specialized surgeon to operate and save your life, they are only an expert in one area. They don’t necessarily know how their recommendations will affect other areas of the body.

Cardiologists often recommend an aspirin a day for the heart –to prevent heart attacks. But brain experts will tell you that doing so raises your risk of strokes. Everyone knows taking aspirin daily makes you bruise more easily. It weakens the small capillaries in the brain. When they burst, it causes a stroke. So, while you’re lowering your risk of heart problems, you’re increasing your risk of strokes. Experts can get focused on something so minute in their area that they forget to look at how it affects the body as a whole.

While we need specialists to save your life, you still need to find out what led to an unhealthy body in the first place. That’s where The Wellness Way practitioners come in. That’s why Doc created The Wellness Way Academy. Many people discover their passions later in life. He has had many people come to him saying they want to teach what he teaches – they aren’t ready to go back for another degree at 40 or after.

Ninety-nine percent of what The Wellness Way does, Doc didn’t learn in college. Most of what colleges teach is garbage anyway. You can learn this stuff outside college. Even The Wellness Way doctors didn’t know this stuff before they came to learn from us. They didn’t learn these concepts in college. They had to learn it right here. What is an accredited school, anyway? A government-approved opportunity to get a student loan. You have to jump through their hoops and follow their rules. Really?

How are we doing with student loan debt and graduates who have no jobs? Doc drew the public in by getting great clinical results with methods that none of his schools taught him. He started thinking, “What if I could teach current doctors, nurses, and the stay-at-home mom who wanted a career change at 42 how to do these things?”

That’s how The Wellness Way Academy got its start. Doc started training individuals at all school levels on these concepts. Even an Amish gentleman who only went to school through the eighth grade is getting these results. If people question the validity of this training, it’s important to look at the patient outcomes. How are the so-called “experts” doing? Just look at the man who went to experts in Dr. Sam’s story. Just another drug, another drug. Then he went to Dr. Sam and look at the results he got.

Don’t get him wrong –the largest group of people going through this program is probably medical people. If you’re interested in learning more, just go to The Wellness Way Academy’s website to check it out.

Perspective Segment: Q&As

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Question #1: What do you recommend for improving libido and vaginal health/dryness after menopause?

Answer: Dr. Flynn talks about how menopause is just a stage of life. It’s not a condition. Menopause doesn’t bring pain and symptoms. If you’re between the ages of 51 and 54, you’re likely in the transition into menopause. How do you get to menopause? You just have to live long enough. Whether you have symptoms or problems depends on what kind of doctor has been taking care of you. Depending on the doctor and your lifestyle, by the time you get to menopause, you could be inflamed like crazy. The majority of women in menopause probably do have problems, but it’s based on the doctors and what they are recommending.

Chronic inflammation is key, as it leads to lower levels of hormones like estrogens and adrenal hormones. When these become depleted, you have symptoms. Estrogens maintain the vaginal tissues. That’s why pregnant women’s skin and hair get better – because one of your estrogens (E4) skyrockets during pregnancy. Then they get that pregnancy glow – they radiate. If a woman gets all kinds of pain and symptoms at menopause, it’s because of chronic inflammation.

Question #2: Are common warts caused by stress and nutritional deficiency? How do we remove them naturally and make sure they don’t come back?

Answer: A wart is just an encapsulated virus. That’s why if you remove a wart, it just comes back. If you see someone who suffers from recurring warts, it’s from an immune deficiency. When do people have a breakout with something like herpes? When they’re chronically stressed, their immune system becomes deficient. That’s why you see breakouts in college – because college students are highly stressed, they’re drinking like crazy, they’re eating sugar like crazy, and staying up late at night.

There are great things you can do—even topically. You can apply colloidal silver, apple cider vinegar, or the herb uva ursi. Internally, several herbs and supplements are also supportive of the immune system. Start studying the medicinal mushrooms. Some of Doc’s favorites are Chaga, reishi, turkey tail, and cordyceps. The Wellness Way also has a supplement that’s a mushroom mix, which his girls take every day.

That’s why you should haven’t to worry about viruses when they come along—because you keep your immune system supercharged. Then, when you are stressed, you’re not crashing. If you’re older, think about this when it comes to shingles. It’s just a different form of herpes. They, too, break out when they’re stressed.

Question #3: What is Doc’s opinion on vasectomies and tubal ligation?

Answer: Doc hates them both. He gets this question a lot: Can vasectomies lower testosterone levels? Yes and no. It’s like any damage to your body. Some people don’t recover as well, and then they have lower testosterone. Others are fine. It just depends on how you recover from trauma. Doc would never take the chance himself. You never know if going through with it would permanently affect your T levels or not. Every person is different.

Question #4: Can you please talk about eczema? What causes it and what can we do about it?

Answer: Eczema is either an immune problem or a deficiency problem. It’s mainly a deficiency in vitamin A. Yes, vitamin D can also affect it, but it’s because vitamin D changed your immune system first, and then supported your skin. Adult eczema is mostly caused by deficiencies. Why is it so common in kids now? The main reason is that they have triggered immune systems from the day they are born (Think “well baby” checkups).

Question #5: Can you explain more about your glandulars and when we should be taking them?

Answer: Doc says he hopes you never take one of our glandulars ever. Why is that? Because you should be eating the whole organs instead: liverwurst or liver and onions. If you eat the organs as part of a meal, you don’t need to take the glandulars. A glandular supplement is nothing more than an organ in capsule form. Your greatest source of B vitamins is organ meats. But if you don’t eat them, you have to take them in the form of a glandular supplement. But remember that you can’t out supplement a bad diet or lifestyle.

Question #6: If you could choose a few foods to add to your diet (if you’re new to the “health thing”), what would they be?

Answer: If you just add these three foods, your health would be better. You’d be less inflamed:

  • A tablespoon of sauerkraut every day.
  • Aloe vera juice
  • Bragg’s apple cider vinegar

Is it more than that? Yes, but those three foods are very cheap. Then, if you add organ meats in there, it’s even more powerful. People say they can’t afford to eat healthy. Not true. You can’t afford organic processed foods. You can afford these simple foods. No one goes broke on healthy foods. They go broke converting bad foods to healthier versions. Don’t just convert the bad cupcake to a healthier one. Just get rid of the cupcakes!

Question #7: Can people get off medications under your care?

Answer: That’s a loaded question. Doc instructs all his practitioners not to give medical advice. Our advice just allows the body to return to normal function. Then people go back to their doctors and find out whether they can get off their medications. So, if people add apple cider vinegar, aloe, and sauerkraut, those who have blood sugar problems often see a change. They might not need as much insulin. If they still take the same amount of insulin they were taking before, they can go hypoglycemic and have other major symptoms. We recommend they go back to their doctors and tell them what they are going through. Then the doctors will lower their dose and maybe even wean them off.

Question #8: Colonoscopies for men over 50: What do you think? Do you recommend colonoscopies if there’s a family history of colon cancer?

Answer: No and No. They recommend these procedures that often cause damage. There are a lot of punctures that happen during colonoscopies.

They should really say,

“Listen, I’ve been your doctor for 30 years, but I don’t know how to take care of your intestines. Therefore, you probably have some bad intestinal problems. I’ve just been medicating you and helping palliate and manage your disease conditions. You probably have a bad colon, so we should probably look at it and do a colonoscopy.”

That would be honest. The standard of doing colonoscopies at 50 based on age doesn’t make sense. Also, the colon only goes up a few feet. A colonoscopy doesn’t tell you the health of your whole gut – they are not checking the small intestine at all.

Question #9: Why are medical care and politics so connected?

Answer: Money. The last two years (2020-2022) have shown us it’s all about money. That’s why Doc continues to be involved in politics and fight. He’s fighting for our right to choose our medical care. Who should make healthcare decisions for you and your family, you or the government? If you give the government control of your healthcare, they will tell you what to do. Health insurance companies could drop you if you decide to opt-out of a vaccine.

Question #10: How do you treat an infection in the gut? And how do you help IBS?

Answer: For Irritable Bowel Syndrome, find the irritants. The guy in the testimonial video was irritated by tomatoes. Doc is irritated by eggs. The irritant can also be a bacteria overgrowth or a virus. The cool thing about getting a stool test done, is if you do have certain bacteria that are overgrown or a parasite, the doctors can test how to get rid of them. Then you can see exactly what you need.

Start by finding the irritants. But then you also do the things to heal the bowel, like eating certain things. That’s why Doc likes sauerkraut –it has both soluble and insoluble fiber.

Question #11: Is there any research that says aloe is unsafe or does it depend on the brand?

Answer: There’s no food that can be generalized as good for everyone. Allergies trump everything. Can a person be allergic to aloe? Yes. Has Doc ever personally seen anyone allergic to aloe? No. Have other docs had people that react to it? Yes. You can be allergic to anything. Your immune system responds to the proteins in the food.

Question #12: Is there any mail-in food allergy test you can do?

Answer: Doc doesn’t like them much, because it’s limited in its testing. He still believes you should get a blood draw done. There is a finger-prick one that you can do, but it’s not as extensive. Doc himself will never do a food allergy test unless it’s a blood draw. Go to a local office and get it done because you need some guidance afterward.

Question #13: What are your best tips for getting candida back in balance?

Answer: Everyone’s always talking about the anti-candida diet. People are so big into candida. Yes, you can see on a stool test where it’s overgrown. But do you know what would happen if you got rid of all your candida? You wouldn’t be able to digest food and your immune system would be weak. Candida is a normal flora. People get confused because candida gets overgrowth from people consuming too much sugar. So, #1: Stop your sugar. You’re just going to feed the candida and make it grow. But more importantly, consider where most of the microbial fermentation takes place. The large intestine. It’s not supposed to be in the small intestine. When you get fermentation in the small intestine, they have a term for that: small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

Question #14: After a complete hysterectomy, what’s your advice for HRT and symptoms of menopause? What are some natural foods to include?

Answer: When you get a full hysterectomy, you need some form of replacement. Doc would encourage looking into more of a bioidentical approach. Make sure you get tested every three months to make sure you’re not getting your levels too high or staying too low. If you’re in menopause, you need to make sure your adrenals are doing really well. Your adrenals provide the androgens that now convert into the sex hormones like your estrogens. Doc’s favorite herb for menopausal women is licorice because it helps feed the adrenals.

If you’ve had a full hysterectomy, you still need some replacement, so you can get some bioidentical hormones in the form of drops or cream. Make sure it’s bioidentical and don’t do HRT. The reason most doctors are hesitant to do HRT is that a major study showed that HRT caused more cancer than it prevented. Doctors don’t know what to do with menopausal women. There aren’t enough practitioners out there that do what we do at The Wellness Way. That’s why we started The Wellness Way Academy.

Question #15: What’s a natural alternative to Ritalin?

Answer: The brain is very stimulated. You have to start by removing all the sugar because it’s so stimulating to the brain. Second, (make sure you’re not allergic to this) Doc is a huge fan of cod liver oil for kids and improving their brains. Cod livers are one of the healthiest organs to eat. You will see a very calming effect on the brain by adding cod liver. You will also get regeneration. Remember: the brain does regenerate.

Doc is a big fan of using things like California poppy for that child’s brain. He’s also a big fan of using mucuna seed because it helps with dopamine production. They should also get their immune stimulants checked because the brain produces a lot of glutamate, which is very stimulatory. Most kids with autism have a very bad immune system. The immune system then produces a lot of glutamate, which is the most excitatory neurotransmitter there is. It’s a matter of lowering stimulants and calming the brain.

Question #16: Thoughts or recommendations on minimizing cellulite?

Answer: Cellulite can be caused by estrogen deficiency, vitamin A deficiency, and there’s a little bit of a liver issue. One thing that is really good for cellulite is caffeine. Caffeine is known to help it because it also helps the liver. One thing that’s very good for cellulite is coffee enemas. Coffee enemas are fantastic for you as you get older, because you get major glutathione production. Also, make sure you get your organ meats in for your vitamin A because it’s really good for your skin.

Question #17: What do you think about icing after an injury? And what about ice baths?

Answer: Doc loves ice baths. But ice baths are different than icing after an injury. The body’s natural response after an injury is to create inflammation. The medical system’s thinking is that you need to reduce inflammation. But when you ice after an injury to lower inflammation, you slow the healing process. Numbing the nerve endings to lessen the pain makes no sense at all. Rather than numb it, add heat and allow the inflammatory process to continue.

Now, when you jump into an ice bath, your body goes into a “fight or flight” anabolic response. You’re challenging your body. Ladies, if you want to reduce your cellulite, reduce fat, and increase your thyroid, take a cold shower every morning. It stimulates your thyroid to get going. Cold is very good for your metabolism, but don’t add cold to reduce blood flow to an area that’s trying to repair.

Question #18: Blocked arteries and cholesterol. How do you prevent further blockage and lower your risk of a stroke?

Answer: You need to get all your systemic inflammation down. The main cause behind a blocked artery is chronic inflammation. You also need to promote regeneration with things like vitamin K –which you can get from sauerkraut and other fermented foods. Doc is also a fan of a supplement called Neo40, because it helps with nitric oxide production, which helps regenerate the vessel linings.

There’s great documentation of arteries being unclogged. If a person has very clogged arteries, Doc also likes IV nutrition, like the Myers cocktail, which can help reduce the blockages. But without also lowering the chronic inflammation, it will come back.

Question #19: Root Canals Bleeding Gums

Answer: Root canals are tough. You can try using silver directly on the tooth. Doc is not a fan of root canals, but he can see them being done sometimes. It’s when root canals become infected that it leads to problems. Silver should be done on a regular basis to take care of your mouth. However, occasionally you’ll need an antibiotic –if you tooth gets really infected.

Question #20: Can you have a vaginal birth after a C-section?

Answer: Yes, you can. It depends on what kind of doctor is taking care of you. If you go to a doctor who knows how to get your inflammation down and take care of your hormones, it will be fine.

Question #21: Thoughts on OCD?

Answer: Doc is very OCD and laser-focused. Find a purpose that you’re obsessed with.

Question #22: Do ice showers help when you’re already in “fight or flight”?

Answer: Yes, they do.

Question #23: A rare vestibular syndrome that causes a bunch of problems. How do you support the kidney, liver, and pancreas?

Answer: Do a stool test. Also, test the immune system and find out chronic infections. Then treat the infections.

Question #24: Can you share more about your system on priorities?

Answer: Priorities are nothing more than you want in your life. The secret is this: Unless you can say no, you’ll never succeed in life. Women are more agreeable, so they say “yes,” to more things than guys do. Don’t keep putting other people before yourself. Anything you put before yourself (except for God) you will eventually come to resent. You can’t give from an empty cup. Stop worrying. Only focus on things you can control in life. Learn to say No – It’ll change your life forever.

Doc’s Thoughts: Last 10%

(Begins at 1:45:25)

Doc concludes the show with his “Last 10%.” He talks about a new documentary he saw called “What is a Woman?” by Matt Walsh. He recommends watching it. It relates to where politics, healthcare, and government all come together. Doctors that will do transgender surgeries are absolutely disgusting. They destroy the female or male body to convert it to a different sex. Doc is hugely against it. He can share one slide that shoots down everything people talk about when it comes to transgenderism. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t take care of these people; it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have respect for them. He watched the documentary that talks about this, and it was very well done.

Some people might ask, “When does life start?” They’ve studied this: Did you know that when the egg and the sperm come together, there’s a spark? That’s when life starts. There’s a spark when life begins.

Doc gets frustrated when people talk about feelings. You can take a guy and give him estrogen and he will think and act like a woman. But his body doesn’t want to be that way. It doesn’t want high estrogen levels; it wants to have high testosterone levels. Women’s livers are different than men’s livers. Women’s livers can handle more estrogens. They even have different enzymes.

It’s disgusting when the medical field talks all emotionally and panders to the people rather than dealing with facts and standing for what’s right. Watch the “What is a Woman?” documentary. One thing Doc has been doing for a long time is to ask people, “What is Health? Everyone wants to be healthy, but what does it mean to be healthy? The Wellness Way also be releasing a documentary called “What is Health?” soon.

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