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July 26, 2021 – This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn interviews Dr. Ron Paul on his experience as both a medical doctor and a politician and welcomes him to the show to share his perspective on the pandemic, the government’s involvement, and the fight for medical freedoms.

Dr. Patrick Flynn Interviews Dr. Ron Paul

Dr. Flynn begins the show asking Dr. Paul about his medical career that began back in the 1960s. Dr. Paul shares that he worked in an emergency room for $3/hour at the start of his career. He notes that the medical care system was much simpler back then, as there was no Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Despite that fact, interestingly no one was going without care. Once Medicare/Medicaid came on the scene, the entire system got much more complicated.

Dr. Paul states that early on in his career, he learned that the most important thing you can do as a doctor is listen to your patients. “Whether it’s in medicine or not, we learn a lot by listening,” Dr. Paul states.

Dr. Paul Defines Liberty and Libertarianism

Dr. Paul expresses that his personal belief is that we are born with a God-given right to life and liberty. Liberty means you own your life, you’re responsible for it, you can’t depend on other people, and you have an obligation to take care of yourself and your family. Then you have to make moral decisions on what you will do outside of those immediate obligations (participating in the community, helping others, etc.). Politicians on both sides of the aisle are often trying to tear down this philosophy, Dr. Paul says. They don’t want you to own your own life or your own money.

Dr. Flynn Asks Dr. Paul Pandemic-Specific Questions

Dr. Flynn asks Dr. Paul, “What part of the government’s direction on the pandemic raised the most concern for you?”

Dr. Paul explains that he experienced a similar situation in the 1970s with a vaccine for swine flu that was rushed to market prematurely, at which time he struggled with that situation and questioned if it was constitutional. He voted against it. As it turned out, more people died from that vaccine than died from the flu. Dr. Paul asked himself the question, what do politicians know about healthcare and health decisions for individuals? That is not their place to speak into. He believes what went on with the flu vaccine in the 1970s has been magnified a hundredfold or a thousandfold the past year with this pandemic.

Dr. Flynn asks Dr. Paul, “How have you seen medicine change over the years from a doctor/patient relationship to a government agency?”

The doctor/patient relationship used to be central to medical care, Dr. Paul says. A doctor’s recommendations were based specifically on information the patient shared with the doctor. Now medical groups, insurance companies, and government agencies have an overwhelming amount of control in our medical system. The pharmaceutical industries have also co-opted so much of medicine.

Dr. Flynn asks Dr. Paul, “What’s your honest opinion of the role of politics in influencing the CDC and FDA?”

“It’s totally corrupted,” says Dr. Paul. “The CDC and FDA should have never been started.” He goes on to explain how they do more harm than good. While these agencies are continuing to be exposed for their faults, ultimately it’s up to the people. All governments are a reflection of the people. When the people wake up, rise up, and demand something different from government, government will change.

Nobody voted for the director of the CDC or FDA. Dr. Paul states that the constitution was not written to give the government permission to do things, but to prevent the government from over-reaching and over-doing. Our Founders understood that it’s morally wrong to exercise aggression toward another person (by taking their property, manipulating their rights, etc.). Voluntarism, the idea of letting things be voluntary decisions made on an individual level, is what we need. People do not need the CDC or FDA to tell them what to do.

(Later in the episode Dr. Flynn unpacks this topic more, explaining that from a constitutional perspective, the FDA and CDC are not legal organizations. Any government agency, from a sheriff to a congressman, has to be voted in. If those organizations truly had power, you would need to be able to vote for them. These organizations are not unbiased. They receive millions of dollars from private agencies that skew the information they present. The CDC/FDA/WHO are majorly influenced by people who have outside agendas.)

Dr. Paul encourages people to use the information available to them. Be curious about what’s going on in the world. Be curious what liberty is all about. When you look into it, liberty actually makes a lot of sense.

Dr. Flynn and Dr. Paul close their interview by briefly discussing the natural health and nutrition practices Dr. Paul carries out in his personal life. He said that following his natural instincts and common sense have led him to be a regular exerciser (particularly biking and walking), to eat well, and to research and take various supplements that support immune health.

New Segment: “Mother’s Moment with Jamie Barke”

Dr. Flynn introduces a new segment on ADP: Mother’s Moment with Jamie Barke. Moms make over 90 percent of healthcare decisions for the family. Much of the information out there right now is designed to keep people afraid, including moms, so that they operate out of fear vs. wisdom.

This new segment with mom and activist Jamie Barke is designed to bring info specifically to moms so they can make informed decisions.

Jamie states that she is entirely focused on the safety of her children, not on going with the crowd. She cites several articles to illustrate the crucial need right now to prioritize in-person learning and addressing students’ mental health needs. This is where the focus should have been from the beginning. Jamie highlights the risks of mask-wearing for children and the mental health implications posed by masks as well.

Jamie cites a recent CNN article that highlights the impact of mental health concerns among children. We are now at a crisis point for mental health. If a school operates like a prison building, that is not a healthy school environment! Schools are not fighting for kids. Parents must be involved in keeping their kids safe. Jamie encourages moms to dig into the research. Don’t be afraid of it.

Jamie also notes that the American Academy of Pediatrics, who regularly push vaccinations, is sponsored by none other than Pfizer. However, the Pfizer logo on the AAP’s sponsor page was recently removed and replaced with a “Friend of Children Fund” logo. The AAP is now hiding their biggest sponsor. In the same way, the CDC conveniently shrouds their biggest sponsors as well: Bill and Melinda Gates, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson.

Dr. Flynn closes out the episode with a word of advice: Don’t be a headline reader.

Question everything you read. Ask yourself, is the government being transparent? Who should make the health decisions for you and your family?

The government doesn’t give you rights; you already have rights. Take those freedoms back. Do it legally. Do it ethically. Stand up for the medical freedoms that are already yours.


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