On this week’s A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn starts out with a short video on The Wellness Way approach to inflammation. Then Wellness Way employee, Haley Leroux, shares her tear-jerking story of how her medical doctors wanted to abort one of her twins just because she was smaller. Spoiler alert: It has a happy ending. Then, in the “Perspective” segment, Doc continues last week’s Q&A, responding to questions from ADP viewers. Topics include how to begin a health journey, men vs. women, cosmetics, ovaries, childhood immunizations, teen acne, TSH, tinnitus, moles, and more. Dr. Flynn wraps up the show with his “Last 10%.” 


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Dr. Patrick Flynn starts by reviewing his recent trip down to Atlanta, Georgia, where he did some training on case management for the Life University Chiropractic college down there. He then shares a few updates and reviews some of the resources The Wellness Way provides free online. He also shares a new video The Wellness Way team put together on our approach to inflammation. Then he introduces the concept of going through traditional medical care as simply that: a tradition. We need A Different Perspective.  

Wellness Way Stories: Haley Leroux 

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Haley shares the story of her pregnancy with identical twins. At her 16-week appointment, she was told that in the end, she would only have one baby. From that 16-week appointment on, the doctors told her she would need to abort one of her babies so that she would at least still have one child in the end. No one wants to hear that –especially as a first-time mother. When you’re high risk, you have to come in every week until you deliver. It’s meant to make sure everything goes okay.  

Every week she went in, there was never a positive attitude from the doctors. They always told her the best option would be to abort one of her children. It was very difficult because she knew there were two happy, healthy babies inside of her. She had the best support going into the pregnancy – Her body was doing everything it was supposed to be doing. Her babies had healthy heartbeats – they were both growing, and everything was developing correctly.  

Doctors Instilled Fear 

But the doctors kept putting the fear in her that she would not have two babies in the end. “It’s not looking good. We really don’t think the other one is going to make it another week.” So, every day… every second that went by, she had to make sure she felt two babies kicking.  

There were weeks they would go on and tell her they didn’t know if her (smaller) baby would last another second. Sometimes she and her husband were sent to other states, other doctors… even cardiologists… to make sure the baby was okay. But in the end, the doctors kept telling her she would need to abort one baby. No one should ever have to make that decision. 

Haley Chose Faith and Trust  

Haley just prayed to God and put her trust in The Wellness Way, knowing that her body does not make mistakes. She did everything she could to support her body. Every week, they would come in and tell her something different about why she would need to abort a baby. They would say it was because one was smaller than the other, there was less fluid in the sack, or one was going anemic. None of it was true, except that one was a little smaller. 

Haley tried hard to have a smile on her face when she went to appointments. There were times she would clench her hands together in fists, preparing for the next bad news they would tell her. She prayed to God that He would give her two blessings in the end and that everything would be okay.  

Life With Two Baby Girls  

So, what does a day with two babies look like? Well, some would say it’s hectic. You feed one child… you feed the other… you try to feed yourself. You do the best you can… And then you just go on, playing and laughing with them, and you know they need you.  

Her babies are now three months old. They are happy and healthy. There’s nothing wrong with them. The baby that the doctors wanted to abort never was on oxygen. She never needed any medication or life-saving support when she was delivered.  

It brings a smile to Haley’s face because she made the right decision. When she holds the baby they wanted to abort, all she does is stare back and Haley, smiling, because she knows.  

Haley and her twin daughters sit together, and she reads to them. They laugh together as they are starting to smile and giggle with her. It’s truly a blessing to have them in her life. It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if she had made the other decision.  

The Wellness Way is More Than a Clinic 

Doc is more than just a business owner. He’s a spiritual leader to Haley. It’s comforting to her to know she has support at The Wellness Way. It’s like a family there. There’s always someone to give her a hug or listen to her. Your body doesn’t make mistakes. All you have to do is support it and give it what it needs, and you can thrive. 

Doc then chimes in. When Haley came into The Wellness Way, her lab work didn’t show anything that would warrant aborting one of the babies. The medical establishment treated Haley like having twins was automatically high risk. They didn’t base that on her labs. They had no justification in saying her pregnancy was high risk.  

The advice from the “experts” was to kill one of the babies. Even at 20 weeks, the doctors still wanted her to get rid of one of the babies. They were even derogatory to her, making her feel guilty that she wanted to keep going forward with both babies. Yet, her diagnostics, imaging, and labs continued to show that there was nothing but two healthy babies in there.  

Did Doc tell her what to do? No. He said Haley and her husband had to make that choice. The result of their choice was two healthy and happy baby girls. These stories are common at The Wellness Way.  

Perspective Segment: Q & As

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Because the last Q&A was so well received and we still had questions to answer, we are continuing with Q&As in this episode.  

Question #1: What are some things a person can do to start their health journey? 

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Answer: Where can they start? Doc would tell people this: labs are one of the main things. But starting a healthy journey can be scary and expensive. But if you really want to enjoy life, you have to realize that most of your journey is uphill. #1 is to change your diet. A close #2 is positivity – a better attitude. You get one shot at this life. Make the best of it. But as to diet, change what you put in your body. If Doc could choose one food, it would be apple cider vinegar. Consume some apple cider vinegar before each meal. Pour it on your skin. If you don’t like the taste, then get it in pill form. But the pill form is much more expensive! Apple cider vinegar is dirt cheap. Doc always encourages getting these things in the whole food form. The same goes for liver. Eat liver. (Try it in meatballs). A close second for foods is coconut oil. Doc puts it on his skin –it’s part of his regular routine. His third most important food would be some form of organ meat, and his fourth would be sauerkraut. Dietary changes and a positive attitude are great ways to start. All those things are extremely cheap. Everybody can do them

Question #2: Do men and women really need to do things differently? We’re different hormonally… Does that mean we have to eat differently? 

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Answer: Let’s go back 50 years ago… like the TV show, “Leave It to Beaver.” Everyone comes home and sits around the table and eats the same thing. But if you understand food allergies, that’s kind of tough. Plus, when it comes to certain nutrients, some people need more, and some people need less. Males and females are dramatically different. If you’re a cyclic woman, Doc would like to see you eat certain things during certain times of your cycle. We cover that in some videos – go check that out. It may sound funny, but if you live a TWW lifestyle, you’ll find meals are much different. You might have to have multiple things made, and you or the kids eat one thing and not another due to food allergies. The demands are different between people, including men and women, due to food allergies and differences in nutrient needs. A woman who is on the first week of her cycle or the fourth week of her cycle is different. So, how can her needs be the same as a man’s? 

Question #3: What’s your view on cosmetics, and what can be used instead of coconut oil if you have a coconut allergy?

(Begins at 28:22)

Answer: Cosmetics are great, but if they have toxic ingredients, they are a stressor and a poison to the body. There are fantastic cosmetic companies out there that have non-toxic products. People are going to ask if Doc has any recommendations. The answer is “No.” He doesn’t. Just find a company that uses non-toxic ingredients. Ask one of the female Wellness Way practitioners what they use.  

As long as you’re not allergic to it, Doc would recommend using coconut oil on your skin on a regular basis. He thinks it’s one of the best things you can do to nourish your skin. There is a small SPF in coconut oil, but don’t use it as sunscreen. You’d have to reapply it every 30 minutes or so to get any effect. There are other oils you can use as well. 

Question #4: A personal question: If you had a choice, would you be with people or by yourself? 

(Begins at 30:52)

Answer: Doc needs his time alone. He’s a thinker and processor. The need to be alone is one reason he gets up early –because it’s quiet and peaceful and there’s nobody around. If he’s around a lot of people, he has no problem leaving. But he is around people more than he’s alone. He could have 50 people at his house and when 9 o’clock comes around, he goes up to bed. He’s not antisocial –he just needs his time alone. He chooses to be alone sometimes – most of the time. 

Question #5: What have you concluded about “saying no”? How do you get over friends being mad about you saying no? 

(Begins at 33:30)

Answer: By saying no, you’re just controlling your time –taking back control of your own life. It’s very simple: Unless you really know yourself, the majority of your time is going to be controlled by somebody else. You will hate someone that controls you. They can do so in the sneakiest ways –usually by guilt. When you start to say no, you start to take back control of your decisions and your time. It’s okay if someone has a different opinion. If there are certain things you want to do with your time, some things just won’t fit into your schedule. You’re in control of your actions and the consequences. When Doc started saying “No” to the things he didn’t want to do, his life got better. If you want success in any area of life, learn to manage your time. 

Question #6: What can you do if you’ve had your ovaries removed? 

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Answer: If you’ve had your ovaries removed, you’re going to need ongoing support because you’ve lost some production. That’s where bioidentical hormones work well. He’s going to be more apt to use a dropper or a cream rather than a pellet. It’s not that the pellets can’t work well, but most of the pellets he sees from integrative doctors have hormone levels that are so high that they can cause problems. But pellets can be done safely.   

But if you’re in a menopausal state, remember this: your adrenals make a lot of your anabolic hormones. When you are cyclic, most of your hormones are made by your ovaries. If you’re healthy, you’ll transition very quickly from cyclic to menopause. Doc gets a lot of questions about perimenopause. He believes perimenopause is more of a made-up term to extend a sick person’s transition from cyclic to menopausal.  

But as you get older, it’s so important for you to have healthy adrenal glands. Yes, it’s also important to have a healthy liver. But menopause is extremely dependent on the adrenals. That’s why it’s important to regulate stress levels: mentally, physically, and chemically, especially during those upper 40s. That way, when you get to your early 50s, you’ll be getting that help from your adrenals.  

There are so many nutrients you need for your adrenals. An adrenal glandular is a good supplement to take. Eating adrenal tissue helps repair and support your adrenals. One of Doc’s favorite supplements for menopausal women is licorice. Does he put every woman on licorice? No. He does testing to see what will best support his patients.  

Question #7: What if you have one ovary? Can you still ovulate or cycle?

(Begins at 42:49)

Answer: Yes, you can. Even if you’ve had a full hysterectomy, you still cycle. Your cycle is controlled by your pituitary gland in the brain. So, you’ll still release FSH and LH. But you have no responsive organs like the ovaries to produce estrogens and other hormones. So, your body doesn’t actually menstruate. You wouldn’t have a menstrual cycle but you do still have those cycles of releasing hormones.  

You can have one or both ovaries, but you can still produce an egg and ovulate. You just have less of a chance of pregnancy. But yes, you can still produce a significant amount of hormone from the one ovary and still get pregnant. Doc knows of over one thousand women who live with one ovary.  

Question #8: Can food allergies be different, depending on whether it’s raw vs. cooked or soaked?

(Begins at 44:20)

Answer: Yes. Doc believes they can. A food allergy is nothing more than creating an immune reaction to take out something that doesn’t belong in your body. Now, when you ferment, soak, or do proper food preparation, you change some of the properties of those foods. Your immune system may not react to that food anymore. Doc’s favorite food preparation technique is fermentation. That can take some of the food properties that would otherwise be inflammatory or create an immune reaction and change them. You can take something that’s unhealthy and make it healthy.     

Question #9: Why is it that when you’re struggling with hormone issues, medical doctors call you crazy? 

(Begins at 46:10)

Answer: Everything your doctors say is just an opinion. It’s just their perspective. They probably think they did a wonderful job–they did from a fire department perspective. They were looking for a “fire” (disease). They do blood work, they do a CT scan, they do x-rays… all these things. They are looking for all these major diseases… and didn’t find anything. They say nothing is wrong, but what they really mean is that you’re not “on fire” –you’re not dying. Your house isn’t burning down. If “fireman” doctors can’t find any pathology, they think you’re normal. Asking this same kind of doctor their perspective will get you the same answers… that you’re crazy. Thank them for their opinion and go find a “carpenter” doctor. That’s a Wellness Way practitioner.  

Question #10: What is Doc’s opinion on childhood immunizations? 

(Begins at 50:09)

Answer: One good thing came out of the last couple of years with the COVID shots. People found out the medical establishment lies all the time. They weren’t basing things on science and facts. There was no safe and effective. When it comes to other immunizations, they did the same as they did with the COVID shots. They lie and say the same catchphrases: “safe and effective” and “the benefits outweigh the risks.” Let’s take it from a simple immunological standpoint. Ask a few questions: “Do immunizations of any kind make your immune system normal?” No. “Do they make you healthy?” No.  

What are the ingredients and contraindications? The ingredients alone will scare you. The contraindications mean if you have a reaction to certain ingredients, you can’t take it. If you look at the ingredients, you’ll see that everyone would react to them. If you go through some basic immunological principles like those, Doc could justify not doing any of them. His children didn’t get any of them. Your research should be on what they do to the immune system. Most “anti-vaxxers” are actually “ex-vaxxers.” They had something go wrong, and so they started researching instead of just listening to the “experts.” If you would just look at how a shot works, you’d never do it. If you do a post-vaccine immune panel, it’s disgusting what vaccines do to the immune panel. They make you very inflammatory and very sick. They trick you when they say, “the benefits outweigh the risks.” What they really mean is that they’ll stimulate the immune system to try to catch a bug.” But what if it destroys your heart? 

Question #11: What would you recommend for a teenager who has acne? When using the medication, they get results. But when they stop the medication, the acne comes back? 

(Begins at 54:00)

Answer: Most acne medications are a synthetic form of vitamin A. It’s in high doses –it’s really scary. People have a lot of liver problems with it because you’re not supposed to process that much vitamin A synthetically. But it does work! Yes, medications can work, but if it destroys your liver, you’re not getting further ahead. That child, if we did a liver panel on them, might show increased liver enzymes and that’s how people get negative side effects. So, is it justified to change the skin but destroy the liver? 

These are basic questions, but if you think like your carpenter doctor or your Wellness Way practitioner, you start thinking about how the body works like a bunch of gears. The skin gear seems to do better on the medication, but it destroys the liver gear or the kidney gear. Can you justify that?  

If the medication for acne problems is just a synthetic form of vitamin A, what would you think you could do to see if skin changes by a different method? Why not just increase your intake of vitamin A? Eat some liver! It’s high in vitamin A. People tend to be very deficient in vitamin A, one of our important fat-soluble vitamins. That’s especially common in those following a plant-based or vegan diet. Ladies, do you want to have good sexy skin? Get some organ meats in your diet. That young teenager is probably vitamin A deficient.  

Do you know the major surgery that makes women age? Gallbladder surgery. It’s because you need bile timed perfectly to absorb your fat-soluble vitamins, which are great for skin and hair. Gallbladder surgery is still the #1 surgery done every year. It leads to a reduction of your fat-soluble vitamins, which are essential for life –including your skin and looks.  

If you’ve had your gallbladder removed, you need to take some form of ox bile before each meal. Every day? Every day. Every meal? Every meal. Sometimes you do need your gallbladder removed, but not always. If you do go through surgery, you no longer have the sensory organ that releases bile at the proper times. You’re going to need to take some bile during each meal. Otherwise, you can eat the healthiest organ meats and the healthiest fats, but you’re not going to be able to emulsify and absorb them.  

Question #12: Is TSH a valuable marker to determine thyroid problems?

(Begins at 59:05)

Answer: All markers you test for are valuable. But can you make major clinical judgments for medications and surgeries based on TSH? No. It’s a huge fallacy. Still the gold standard for all thyroid care is based on TSH. Thankfully, at the end of 2010 and 2011, 2012, they began to test a little more. If you test TSH, it’s a valuable marker because it tells you the pituitary action. But if it’s elevated, doctors will tell you it means that other thyroid hormones are low. Okay, but which ones? T4? T3? They would tell you that it didn’t matter and would hand you a prescription for T4. You can’t just give everyone T4. What if you’re T3 deficient? Testing TSH alone gives you an incomplete view of the body. Is TSH valuable? Yes, but you need to dig a little deeper. You need a complete picture of the thyroid hormones 

Question #13: Why does it seem so many women have thyroid problems? 

(Begins at 59:05)

Answer: We talk all the time about the Swiss Watch Principle and how everything affects everything else in the body. The thyroid is one of the gears. Women have more thyroid problems because of the other anabolic hormones, like estrogens. Estrogens can affect the thyroid. A women’s cycle means that hormone changes occur four times a month. The estrogen-progesterone changes can affect the thyroid. Women have a lot of immune problems. The last statistic Doc read was that 93% of all thyroid problems are autoimmune, which means there’s some kind of immune factor. Certain vaccines can contribute. Besides the brain, the thyroid gets the most blood flow of any organ, therefore it tends to accumulate toxins, along with other fat-soluble organs. Toxicity from cosmetics and other personal care products can contribute to thyroid problems. Epstein Barr and other viruses, when women are very compromised, can also contribute to thyroid problems. It’s not just one thing. There are multiple things that can lead to thyroid problems.  

Question #14: What can help tinnitus?  

(Begins at 1:05:15)

Answer: When you look at tinnitus, there are really only two factors that are the major players: Number one is fluid in the ears and number two is adrenal problems. Those are two major causes of tinnitus. If you consistently have some kind of infection, that can lead to fluid in the ears. Adrenal problems can also be an issue.  

Question #15: What is The Wellness Way’s perspective on mole removal? 

(Begins at 1:05:55)

Answer: Doc doesn’t have a problem with mole removal. But if it’s constantly popping up, you likely have some type of major immune problem. Get some immune panels done. It could be precancerous. There’s some kind of major immune issue. Go to a dermatologist and have it removed if you want. But you should also look at that’s causing the moles.  

Question #16: When I eat, my stomach balloons up. It doesn’t matter what I eat. 

(Begins at 1:07:00)

Answer: That’s a very common one. It all goes back to fermentation. Whenever you eat, and then you get the “food baby,” here’s what happens. Think about this: You have roughly 18 to 21 feet of small intestine. Then you have three to five feet of large intestine. The majority of your fermentation happens in the large intestine. The problem is when it starts happening in the small intestine. You might be suffering from SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) due to stomach acid problems and gallbladder problems. You need to acidify your stomach. What’s a good food source for that? It goes back to apple cider vinegar and betaine HCL. You have to have a very low pH. Then it kills and regulates some of the bacteria so that you’re having that constant bloating every time you eat. The fermentation is happening too early.  

Tune into the full episode for three more questions, including a specific health story, why people don’t get menopause, and why everyone is suffering from health problems. 

Doc’s Thoughts: Last 10%  

(Begins at 1:18:29)

Doc concludes the show with his “Last 10%.” Something that’s dear to his heart – that has caused controversy and has caused him to be censored – is based on some simple concepts. It’s important to go over these concepts on a regular basis.  

He goes on to talk about Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory. Germ Theory says that germs cause disease: Therefore, if a fish is swimming in a dirty tank, you should vaccinate the fish. Terrain Theory says that disease comes from a weakened immune system. Therefore, if a fish is swimming in a dirty tank, you should clean the tank! 

If you keep a poisoned terrain, then a bacteria or virus could literally kill you. People talk about Epstein Barr hurting the thyroid. Well, yeah… but you’d have to have a weakened immune system first. It’s not just Epstein Barr, because basically everyone has Epstein Barr. People want to look for one major cause of things. But it’s all based on the terrain.  

Here’s a headline from this morning: “College Basketball Player, 20, Drops Dead From ‘Cardiac Event.’” It was someone from here in Wisconsin –in Whitewater. Do you think he exercised? Was he physically fit? Sure.  

We don’t know about his nutritional habits. They could contribute to heart problems. We don’t know about his mental stress. But… maybe someone put something in his terrain that caused his heart to swell up. Here’s a question: Did he have a doctor taking care of him? Who was his pediatrician? Who was his GP? Who was taking care of him before this incident? Stories like this are popping up everywhere.  

Here’s another headline: 5th Ontario Doctor Suddenly Dies in Past Two Weeks, 27-Year-Old Triathlete” She exercises every day – you have to, to be a triathlete. She died during the swim, and they don’t know why.  

You can’t consistently poison the terrain and expect the fish to be healthy. You need to do everything you can every day to be healthy. That’s why you need to wake up and say, it’s not just a good day –it’s a great day.  

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