This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn kicks of his birthday month was a special announcement regarding a month of giveaways and in-depth presentation on what is currently happening in the world of vaccines and “breakthrough cases.”

Special Announcements

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August is Dr. Patrick’s birthday month! To celebrate he will be going live every day in August to give away prizes to followers. How to win: Follow Dr. Patrick Flynn on Facebook and engage with the videos throughout the month (like, comment, share, etc.)

Dr. Patrick also lets viewers know that tickets are selling fast for the Health Freedom event with Del Bigtree on September 11. Purchase tickets here before they’re gone!

Vaccines Have Failed; Proven Neither Safe Nor Effective

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Dr. Patrick cites the CDC to note the overwhelming usage of the phrase “safe and effective” when describing vaccines. The CDC as well as Johns Hopkins state numerous times that vaccines are “safe and effective,” but immediately following that statement they begin talking about serious risk factors including myocarditis, pericarditis, and neurological complications.

So how safe are vaccines really? Who determines safety? Are they truly effective? Today’s episode will be diving into those questions.

Who Determines Vaccines Are “Safe?”

(begins at 13:40)

Is it the government? Pfizer? Moderna?

Dr. Patrick cites Reuters to point out the unusual behavior of the government and vaccine manufacturers. While they state that VAERS and FAERS are tracking systems put in place to monitor adverse vaccine reactions, they also state that these systems are not always reliable or valid. Basically the government and vaccine manufacturers say that vaccines are safe, but they have systems in place to monitor vaccine-related injuries. They then try to discredit those monitoring systems when data shows a high number of adverse reactions.

This wishy-washy stance is confusing and hugely misleading to the public. Dr. Patrick makes the important note that vaccine companies have no liability for injuries. AstraZeneca is an example of a company that is exempt from any liability if adverse side effects present themselves years down the road. “This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risks if in…four years the vaccine is showing side effects,” Ruud Dobber, a member of AstraZeneca’s senior executive team, told Reuters.

Dr. Patrick remarks that there is no medical treatment, from cough syrup to a vaccine, that doesn’t hurt your body at least a little bit. But the effects may not be seen for years to come. In addition, certain lifestyle behaviors cause damage that can only be detected after years of making those choices. Look at smoking as an example: people who smoke cut their life short. They don’t know that until years after smoking.

Vaccine Companies Should Be Held Liable

(begins at 22:40)

The 1976 vaccine protection act needs to be repealed. Dr. Patrick speaks to vaccine companies directly, saying, “Vaccine companies, if you believe your product is so safe, then stand by your product. Be held liable for it.”

It’s easy to not care about safety if you’re not held liable for safety. In short, vaccine companies definition of safety is…well, there isn’t one.

What Makes a Vaccine Effective? Who Defines the Term “Effective?”

(begins at 23:48)

On July 8, Dr. Fauci said current vaccines will protect against the delta variant. On July 30, a CDC study showed that 74 percent of people infected in a recent Massachusetts COVID outbreak were fully vaccinated. Viral load in vaccinated individuals is found to be the same as unvaccinated individuals.

Israel has seen a drop in Pfizer protection against COVID. The media states that Israel is facing a “new outbreak” of COVID. The reason why the media calls it a “new outbreak” is because they are not getting the outcome they wanted with the vaccines. They are misleading people to say that the vaccine protects against COVID. The vaccine may reduce symptoms; it does not stop transmission or prevent infection. This is a very important distinction!

On July 31, the CDC warned that vaccines might not protect people who are immunocompromised. This is no surprise when you look at the body through The Wellness Way approach!

“Breakthrough” Infections

(begins at 32:58)

Dr. Patrick states that we need to stop using the word “breakthrough.” Dr. Patrick explains how the vaccines have made it easier for the virus to get into cells, which could explain why we’re seeing more and more vaccinated people contract COVID.

He cites a recent article stating, “Breakthrough infections are more common than previously thought.” Because vaccinated individuals carry the same viral load as those who are unvaccinated, they are equally contributing to the spread of the virus. The Washington Post states that we should stop referring to COVID “cases” and start changing the language to focus on the “viral load.”

The media, government, and vaccine companies are scrambling to figure out how they are going to explain this whole debacle to the public. As they scramble, they move the goal posts again and again. Masks are gone, then they’re back. A booster isn’t needed, then it is. Information keeps shifting. The public remains confused.

Are Recovered COVID Cases More Protected Than the Vaccinated?

(begins at 46:18)

Dr. Patrick cites a news article that states: “Citing very preliminary data, Channel 13 reports that those who recovered from COVID-19 may be better protected from reinfection than those who received the vaccine.”

Dr. Patrick highlights articles that state that robust T-cell immunity has been found to be present in those who have had asymptomatic or mild COVID. Durable and broad immune memory has been found to exist after infection as well as persisting antibodies. Natural exposure or infection could prevent recurring episodes of severe COVID. Even for individuals who don’t have antibodies show up on a COVID antibody test, they still may have a great T-cell response that prevents them from developing infection.

Instead of focusing on the virus, we need to start focusing on how the host responds. We can’t make judgments on the body without a full picture of the immune response. The traditional immunological approach is very incomplete.

So What Can We Do?

(begins at 56:44)

Stop all the testing for COVID and start taking a snapshot of your immune system pre-infection or post-infection. Immune panels can show T cell memory, B cell memory, natural killer cells, and many other indicators that give a snapshot representation of what’s really going on in your body.

Dr. Patrick plays a short video clip of Dr. Fauci stating himself that his job is to create vaccines. His job is not to support the health of the individual or encourage the strengthening of their immune health. He is nothing more than an extension of the vaccine industry.

Dr. Patrick closes the show with this question: who should make the healthcare decisions for your family? You or the government? The answer is clear. The government has failed the people, misled them, and lied to them.

Your health decisions are yours to make.

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