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This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr., founder and chairman of Children’s Health Defense.

Dr. Patrick Flynn Interviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. shares his background. He worked as an environmental lawyer for commercial fisherman in the 1980s, litigating against polluters on the Hudson River. He litigated about 500 lawsuits. Through his work, the Hudson River became a template for ecosystem restoration. Today it is viewed as an international model for ecosystem protection and has inspired the creation of licensed River Keepers and Water Keepers all throughout the country who work to protect water systems on behalf of local communities.

In 2003, the FDA published a report stating that every freshwater fish in North America had dangerous levels of mercury in its flesh. Kennedy began speaking widely about mercury contamination and met many mothers at his speaking events who had children with intellectual disabilities. All these mothers believed their children had been injured by vaccines. They urged Kennedy to look into vaccines in relation to mercury exposure in children. Kennedy began critically looking at research regarding vaccines and vaccine safety and quickly saw a discrepancy between what was marketed as “safe” and what was really happening in the lives of affected individuals.

Kennedy sought to see the other side of the story. He began calling the regulators and industry insiders who defended vaccines (such as Anthony Fauci). He asked them fundamental questions like this: “How can the CDC be telling pregnant women not to eat tuna because of the mercury content but at the same time be recommending flu shots for every trimester in pregnancy that have hundreds of times the mercury exposure you’d find in fish?” The regulators who were in charge of protecting American health were either completely non-conversant with the science at the time or, in Kennedy’s words, “they were lying. I caught them in lies.”

Kennedy’s Book, The Real Anthony Fauci

(begins at 20:37)

Dr. Patrick speaks with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about his forthcoming book, The Real Anthony Fauci, to be released in October. Kennedy states that everyone is recognizing we’re on a landscape now that is unique in American history. This book will help to illuminate for readers exactly what is going on. He aims to help readers recognize step by step how America has gotten to where it currently is. Readers, he says, will be surprised by the deep involvement of pharmaceutical companies and Big Tech, but also the very insidious and pervasive involvement of the intelligence agencies and the military.

Kennedy explores the current mainstream pandemic response and details how many aspects of the pandemic have been hidden or kept secret by public health and government officials. He also cites a recent MIT study on vaccine hesitant people: these are people who are not believing everything they hear. They are reading the science and thinking for themselves, and they are the ones that are going to attempt to “be silenced.”

Kennedy notes that instead of asking the question, “How do we stop the pandemic?” the government has said, “How do we use the pandemic to impose totalitarian controls on our society?” This pandemic, he states, has been used to get people to violate their values.

Pandemics Are Not Inevitable

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Kennedy states there is no reason to believe a pandemic was “bound to happen.” We haven’t had a pandemic in this country since the 1918 flu pandemic. It turns out that wasn’t even a viral flu. In 2008, Anthony Fauci wrote a report stating this was a bacterial disease and not viral. It could have been treated with antibiotics.

Pandemics are virtually unheard of among people who have good nutrition and good sanitation. The evidence of the COVID virus being created in a lab is now “beyond dispute,” Kennedy says.

Children’s Health Defense Origins

(begins at 40:08)

Dr. Patrick asks Kennedy how Children’s Health Defense (CHD) came to be. Kennedy starts by making the point that the media’s function in a democracy should be telling the truth to people. In our current world, the media instead seeks to protect America from dangerous thoughts/ideas. When you start down that road, it’s a slippery slope that leads to where we are today.

One of the main goals of CHD is to be a media forum where you can have debate, where both sides of the story can be heard and explored. CHD has a very active letters section (they print letters from anyone who is polite and civil). “We want to have congenial, civil debate that’s mutually respectful,” says Kennedy.

They also seek to be a place where people go to get genuine, good information that is sourced and cited. They seek to be a place where people can access accurate information.

Political Connections

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Shortly before his inauguration, Kennedy met with President Donald Trump and was asked to serve on the vaccine safety committee. He agreed to it. But after receiving a million dollars from Pfizer for his inauguration committee, Trump appointed two of Pfizer’s nominees to key positions at the Health and Human Services Department. As soon as they were appointed, the vaccine safety committee was dissolved.

Kennedy states that in his opinion democrats in particular have basically abandoned reading science. If Anthony Fauci says something, it’s taken as science. But science is not what Fauci or the CDC or the WHO say. Science is what we see in peer-reviewed publications. It is evidence-based.

“Trust the experts” doesn’t mean anything because experts themselves are constantly changing their opinions and disagreeing with one another.

Closing Thoughts from Dr. Patrick

(begins at 58:49)

Dr. Patrick urges people to purchase Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci. Making it an NYT bestseller will help get the message out there to more people and expand visibility.

Dr. Patrick also shares a vaccine-related word of caution: Many people are saying they may get the shot once it’s FDA approved. FDA approval doesn’t mean anything, he notes. The FDA is financially backed by the pharmaceutical industry and approves many very unhealthy substances. The FDA also approves foods for consumption. As an example, a Twinkie is FDA approved. But that means nothing! A Twinkie is a very poor nutritional choice and everyone knows it.

Mother’s Moment

(begins at 1:07:00)

Jamie Barke returns for another Mother’s Moment segment. Jamie recently investigated how big teacher’s unions are and what they are saying about school systems in regards to the pandemic. Unions are pushing vaccine mandates for teachers to “protect kids who can’t be vaccinated.” While it sounds romantic to vaccinate those who can be vaccinated in order to protect those who can’t be, there is no logical or scientific backing for these claims.

The Chicago teacher’s union recently sent a list of demands that they want met in order for them to return to the fall 2021 semester. Jamie notes the extensive, aggressive, and over-reaching demands that seriously infringe on school family’s liberties, privacy, and personal choices. Education, politics, and public health have all gotten mixed together and are threatening medical freedoms.

In closing, Jamie cites a CNN Health article stating that youth depression and anxiety have doubled during the pandemic. The stresses of daily routines have increased symptoms of generalized anxiety among youth.

This has got to stop. It takes parents standing up, speaking up, and fighting the norm to make a difference. The health and lives of our children depend on it.

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