This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn interviews bestselling author Erin Marie Olszewski regarding her experience as an undercover nurse during the pandemic in New York City, and Dr. Jeremy Maxwell regarding his legal battle as a Wellness Way doctor in Missouri.

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Dr. Patrick kicks the show off with a quick recap of current events happening in the country, touching on vaccine passports in New York City and the government tyranny behind it. Restaurants owners have sued New York City, hoping to block the vaccine mandate. Dr. Patrick emphasizes the point that if anyone (government, leadership, healthcare organization, school, employer, etc.) tells you they know what’s best for you, you need to stand up against that.

Interview with Erin Marie Olszewski, BSN, RN

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Erin Marie Olszewski is the author of Undercover Epicenter Nurse. She states that she is originally from Wisconsin, now living in Florida, and became a nurse after her service in the military. She has three sons. During the early stages of the pandemic, Erin went to New York City’s Elmhurst Hospital to help with the surge of patients. She quickly saw that patients in NYC hospitals weren’t dying because of COVID, but rather because of mismanagement and negligence on behalf of hospital staff.

Erin recalls “the perfect storm” of events that contributed to the death of so many hospitalized patients: 1) all family members were removed from hospitals, 2) all liability on hospitals was removed, and 3) they incentivized COVID admissions and ventilating COVID patients, even though ventilators were killing people. They banned alternative treatments like hydroxychloroquine and zinc. “When you remove liability and throw a price tag on a patient, bad things are going to happen,” Erin says.

Erin and other nurses at Elmhurst tried to serve as patient advocates but were told to “shut their mouths” or they would be released. Erin explains the many levels of lies she witnessed happening at Elmhurst throughout the pandemic. She eventually contacted multiple attorneys and went undercover as a nurse, recording every bit of evidence she could so that the truth could be told. She felt an obligation to record and share the unethical behavior she witnessed day after day.

After eventually being released from her work at the hospital and her undercover work being exposed, Erin says she has received death threats, has had to move, and has been placed on a no-hire list. She will never be able to get a job in the mainstream nursing profession again (though she states she is okay with that, as she does not wish to work for that system again). Dr. Patrick points out that this is a perfect example of someone being punished for doing what’s right.

When asked if she has any final words to share, Erin states, “Be brave. Stand in your truth. If you are a healthcare provider, stand up and speak up. They can’t fire everyone. If you see something, say something. Don’t be afraid.”

Follow Erin on her website and Instagram for more about her life, book, and story.

Interview with Dr. Jeremy Maxwell

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Dr. Patrick introduces Dr. Jeremy Maxwell, a Wellness Way doctor in Missouri. Dr. Jeremy shares his story with fighting a mask mandate in his city. After a City Council member showed up to his office on a Friday morning, a letter eventually came in the mail stating that Dr. Jeremy’s office had been turned in for violation of the mask mandate.

Dr. Jeremy hired a lawyer to fight against the case brought against him. Over the course of a year, his court date was moved many times. Throughout the process, there were many times when he felt “nervous about possibly being arrested or unable to care for [his] family.” But he was committed to doing what was right, even though there were times when he wanted to quit.

In June of 2021, Dr. Jeremy’s lawyer informed him that the prosecuting attorney dropped his case. The mask mandate in his city went to a vote to be extended and was not unanimously voted for, so it did not get extended. Though legal battles can often take a long time, they are worth fighting! In closing, Dr. Jeremy states, “Stand up and do what is right. There are more of ‘us’ out there than you realize.”

Vitalistic vs. Mechanistic Viewpoints

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Dr. Patrick explains a few principles about The Wellness Way approach that differ from the traditional medical approach. He sums it up in two words: vitalistic and mechanistic. Contrasting these viewpoints, he notes that a vitalistic standpoint doesn’t look at the body as a set of mechanisms that operate independently of one another, but rather that work together and impact each other as a cohesive unit.

A mechanistic standpoint tends to be limited and incomplete. “Do this and get this response.” Instead, you have to look at the body as a vital entity as a whole. You cannot compartmentalize the body.

Dr. Patrick cites NIH research to illustrate the vitalistic vs. mechanistic way of viewing antibodies as they pertain to protection from reinfection of COVID-19. The concept of immunity as defined by the mechanistic viewpoint makes no sense. A vitalistic viewpoint understands that antibodies may decrease or even go away altogether after time has passed since recovering from an illness, but you may still be protected from reinfection because antibodies are not the only immune response. A vitalistic viewpoint recognizes the innate intelligence of the body.

Dr. Patrick goes on to share his personal blood test results. He began experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 on October 8, 2020.  He recovered quickly within a few days. Ten months later, lab results show he still has strong antibody levels. Over time it’s natural for antibody levels to decrease as the body clears them out. So then what you do have for protection after antibodies are lowered or gone? T cells.

He again cites NIH research to illustrate how T cells protect against SARS-CoV-2. Research states they may help prevent against reinfection and may be especially important if antibodies are low or start to decrease over time. This is why the body has additional immune defenses like T cells. Antibodies are only one part of the immune response.

The Wellness Way is conducting a several year study starting in September that will measure antibody and T cell levels. More on this will be discussed at our Health Freedom event on September 11 with Del Bigtree.

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