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This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn provides a clinical- and research-based approach to immunity and conducts two interviews with news journalist, Megan Redshaw, and wellness activist, Jamie Barke.

Focusing on Immunity

(begins at 5:30)

Many people are currently asking, “How can I become immune to COVID? Is natural immunity or vaccinated immunity better?” But that’s not the right question to be asking, Dr. Patrick notes.

He cites a recent study from the BMJ stating that “40 percent of patients with a weakened immune system mount a lower response to vaccines.” This means that when a vaccine was administered to try to stimulate a particular immune response, in 4 out of 10 people that response was not created in the desired way. The study states that 11 percent of those with weakened immune systems failed to generate any antibodies at all. What we need to be focusing on is the immune response.

The Concept of Immunity is Clinically Misleading

(begins at 10:40)

Dr. Patrick explains that there are two camps: those who believe in natural immunity and those who believe in vaccinated immunity. In Dr. Patrick’s opinion, both views are dramatically wrong.

He illustrates his point using the chicken pox vaccine. People who get chicken pox as a child can still get shingles as an adult. The virus will live within their neurological tissues for a long time. The virus can rear its ugly head again if the immune response can’t keep it under control. Interestingly, one of the biggest triggers of shingles is stress or some type of physical trauma. Stress causes the immune system to drop and therefore gives a virus the opportunity to reappear. He concludes that the immune response is what really matters, not the virus itself.

The term immunity is derived from the Latin word immunitas, which historically referred to the protection from legal prosecution offered to Roman senators during their tenures in office. Today people think immunity or “immune” means protection from a disease, more specifically an infectious disease. But if the immune response is not there to begin with, then this means nothing.

Remember the BMJ statistic: “40 percent of patients with a weakened immune system mount a lower response to vaccines.” That means that those with a weakened immune system couldn’t even develop an immune response to an injection designed to stimulate one.

Dr. Patrick provides a definition of immunity from Cellular and Molecular Immunology: “The cells and molecules responsible for immunity constitute the immune system, and their collective and coordinated response to the introduction of foreign substances is called the Immune Response.”

He goes on to define immunology: “The study of immune responses to the cellular and molecular events that occur after an organism encounters microbes and other foreign macromolecules.”

Citing these definitions, Dr. Patrick notes that the important things we need to look at are the cells and molecules responsible for immunity. Immune health has everything to do with the immune response and nothing to do with vaccines.

What is an Immune Response?

(begins at 19:05)

Dr. Patrick defines an immune response: “All the mechanisms used by the body as protection against environmental agents (both internal and external) that are foreign to the body. These agents can be microorganisms or the chemical products, foods, chemicals, drugs, pollen, animals, or abnormal cells.”

The immune response is not just antibodies, it’s not just T cells. If an immune response cannot be activated at the appropriate time in the appropriate amount when needed, the body cannot adapt.

Looking at the immune response as a whole tells us the big picture. What are your overall immune responses doing? It is important to know this in order to know how your body will respond to any foreign agent, be that a virus, a vaccine, a pollen particle, etc.

Dr. Patrick asks, “How does this vaccine protect the immunocompromised when 4 out of 10 can’t even develop the immune response to help them adapt to what’s going on?”

We must be looking at how people’s bodies respond to all microbial assaults, not just SARS-CoV-2. Knowing the entire immune response is key to knowing how an individual’s body will adapt when presented with foreign agents.

Dr. Patrick Flynn Interviews Megan Redshaw

(begins at 30:30)

Megan Redshaw is a news journalist writing for multiple publications, including for The Defender (Children’s Health Defense). She studied political science, law, and naturopathic medicine and is the mother of four children.

Dr. Patrick speaks with Megan about her article entitled The Best States to Live in and Move to (if You’re Contemplating a Mass Exodus from Your State). In this article Megan developed her own research method and algorithm to rank all 50 states based on criteria like vaccine emptions, homeschool regulations, the second amendment, political ideology, cost of living, governors, and COVID-19 response. Oklahoma is #1 and continues to hold the lead by several points and Megan predicts it will stay #1 for quite a while.

Megan states that vaccine exemptions are mostly determined by the states. It is not easy for federal law to dictate vaccine exemptions. Some states have already taken away vaccine exemptions (California, Maine, Connecticut, and others), while many other states have exemptions that are more protected and secure. Dr. Patrick and Megan also discuss her article on how to get religious exemptions for COVID.

Dr. Patrick asks, “What happens if a person lives in a state that has religious exemptions but they apply for it and get denied?” Megan states that there are legal options available and encourages people to check state laws. See if the state is abiding by those laws. There are rights under the Civil Rights Act that protect against discrimination against vaccination status as it applies to employment. Under the EUA, there are also clauses that state that vaccinations must be voluntary.

Dr. Patrick asks, “Where do you see things going from a political standpoint when it comes to natural health and health freedoms?” Megan states that she sees a pretty big divide between the states (blue states and red states), anticipating we’ll see a mass exodus of people leaving some states and flocking to others. People are waking up and realizing that they need to stand up for their freedom.

“This is all, in my opinion, a positive thing,” Megan states. “At the same time, it’s heartbreaking to see the division. Mainstream media will feed this division and perpetuate it to further their agenda.”

Dr. Patrick asks, “What kind of response do you get from the public regarding your writing?” Megan shares that she has experienced the extremes of both sides. She has had death threats, stalking, a lot of strongly worded emails, and has been impersonated wrongfully online. She has also received positive personal stories from readers saying how her writing has helped them save their careers and been taken seriously upon citing Megan’s articles.

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Viral Load

 (begins at 49:00)

Dr. Patrick spends a few minutes discussing recent research stating vaccinated individuals are housing a much higher viral load than those who are unvaccinated (250x higher). A large amount of studies are now showing that natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity. Dr. Patrick cites studies showing that the viral load and therefore viral spread is actually worse coming from vaccinated people than unvaccinated people.

Mother’s Moment with Jamie Barke

(begins at 55:30)

Jamie shares that last week her children’s school board voted to keep masks optional for students. The day after the meeting, the superintendent sent out a message undermining the vote. Jamie encourages parents to do their research and dig to find their school’s COVID-19 “mitigation strategies” (if applicable). She shares her school’s handouts to illustrate how extensive and strong the language is and how segregation is happening between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. Different rules apply to the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Jamie reminds parents that schools are an education system, not a healthcare system.

Jamie also did some digging this week regarding what is actually on COVID-19 testing swabs. (They are not FDA approved, by the way.) Upon purchasing swabs to investigate, Jamie noticed they were marked “sterile EO.” EO stands for ethylene oxide.

Ethylene oxide is extremely dangerous. Side effects include respiratory irritation, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and shortness of breath. EO has been associated with occurrences of cancer, reproductive issues, and mutations and spontaneous abortions in animals.

How often are schools going to test children? Parents need to know if their children are going to be continuously exposed to these highly dangerous substances. It is far better to be informed than to be ignorant, Jamie says.

To parents specifically, Jamie says, “You have all of the power.” She encourages sending a letter to the nurses, principles, and teachers at your school to state in writing that you do not want a test swab inserted into your child’s nose under any circumstance. You can also state that your child is not to be vaccinated under any circumstance. Ask them to confirm receipt of the letter and confirm that these statements were added to the child’s records.


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