This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn interviews author and lawyer Mary Holland to explore the legal side of vaccine mandates and how to respond to mandates from employers, schools, and more.

Health Freedom Event

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Dr. Flynn shares a friendly reminder that our Health Freedom event with Del Bigtree is less than one month away! Tickets are almost gone. Get yours here before they’re gone for good.

Interview with Mary Holland

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Dr. Flynn invites Mary Holland to the show, asking her to share her background and the story of how she got into her current role on the legal team of Children’s Health Defense.

Holland’s original interest was in international law. She previously worked in human rights law in Russia and states she knows what it’s like to work in a country that wants totalitarian control. After having a child who experienced a developmental regression due to a vaccine injury, Holland began studying and advocating for vaccine safety for other children. That was 20 years ago.

She worked for 20 years as a professor, teaching at both Columbia Law School and NYU School of Law. She performed her research on vaccine law policy. She has published two books, Vaccine Epidemic and The HPV Vaccine on Trial. She most recently began working full time at Children’s Health Defense, where they currently have lawsuits in place against Facebook, Merck (manufacturer of the Gardasil vaccine), New York City, and many other entities.

Does Legal Action Really Change Things?

(begins at 18:00)

Dr. Flynn asks Mary Holland, “The law always seems to side with big companies. Many people say the law is corrupt. What would your response be to that?”

Holland states that the executive and legislative branches of the government are easily financially pressured and will be much more likely to “follow the money.” The court system is more insulated from that pressure, especially the Federal courts, where judges are nominated and appointed from the Senate and serve for life. At the Federal and Supreme Court level, people can’t really be financially incentivized in the same way as the legislative and executive branches.

“It’s not a perfect system,” Holland is clear to state. “But it’s the avenue that’s available to us.” It’s the avenue that makes the voice of the people heard through legal representation presented before a neutral party. She brings up the example of tobacco lawsuits. For decades there were lawsuits against big tobacco, but nothing changed. Eventually, however, there were enough lawsuits that things began shifting. The power of the law does work when the effort of the people is consistently applied.

Mary Holland’s Book, The HPV Vaccine on Trial

(begins at 21:00)

Dr. Flynn asks, “How difficult was it to write your book [The HPV Vaccine on Trial] given how emotional the content is? What prompted you to write this book?”

Holland states that it was a sobering, devastating book to write as she listened to the stories of the families affected. Holland and her co-authors have children injured by vaccines, so they each hold a unique sensitivity to this issue. She worked on the book for several years given how much research, science, human stories, and legal stories needed to be gathered. But it was incredibly important work because the HPV vaccine was being pushed so much for both young girls and eventually a broader population.

Holland argues that the HPV vaccine story is the pre-story to the COVID story. What happened and continues to happen with the dangerous HPV vaccine is already playing out with the COVID vaccine. For example, Gardasil has devastating effects on fertility. We’re already seeing the early stages of that with the COVID vaccine.

Understanding what has happened with Gardasil and the stories of those damaged by it is very helpful in understanding what’s happening today with the COVID vaccine. “The reality is these are very dangerous medical interventions,” Holland says. “They are not justifiable.”

There are now 10 lawsuits in the U.S. against Merck for Gardasil.

Dr. Flynn presents Holland with a question from an ADP viewer: How are statements that the HPV vaccine is “safe and effective” legal seeing as there is so much destruction caused by it?

Holland explains that every vaccine that gets licensed by the FDA gets labeled “safe and effective.” The mantra is “vaccines save lives.” The legal reality, however, is that federal law positions that all vaccines, like all prescription drugs, are unavoidably unsafe. This means they may be great for some, but they will harm others. That’s what people need to understand.

“Every medical choice must be voluntary,” Holland argues. “The consent of the subject is absolutely essential.”

It is important to understand that there’s an element of Russian roulette with every vaccine, but especially with the COVID shots. Brand new technology, mRNA, has never been used before in human populations, and it was tested for an incredibly short amount of time. The vaccines are not yet approved, licensed, or recommended by the FDA.

Action Steps to Take

(begins at 33:45)

Dr. Flynn asks, “What advice would you give moms to keep their medical choices within their family, not based on the government, employer, or school?”

  • First, subscribe to Children’s Health Defense’s daily newsletter. It’s free and designed to keep people informed. (Subscribe here.)
  • Visit Children’s Health Defense to find pre-drafted letters that you can send to your workplace, school, employer, etc. with important and accurate language that will help you make your case against vaccine mandates.
  • Do not be afraid to speak out. Use these resources to help educate others who may also be experiencing concern but are too afraid, confused, or uninformed to speak up. People deserve to know their risks.
  • For parents, strongly consider your schooling options when it comes to your kids’ education. Stand firm, be creative, and reach out to others. It’s not going to be easy, but we are living in dangerous times and the need to stand firm is greater than ever before. Our lives depend on it.

Dr. Patrick Flynn on the Delta Variant

(begins at 42:30)

Dr. Flynn cites a CNBC source that states the delta variant may be resistant to vaccines. He contrasts that with an NPR piece saying that the delta variant does indeed stand up to vaccines. An ABC News article reveals Dr. Anthony Fauci stating that variants evade the vaccines, but later states that we must get as many Americans vaccinated as possible. Dr. Flynn highlights the disconnect between these statements.

Dr. Flynn recently messaged the CDC directly asking if current testing used tells us what variant a patient has. He received a message back and shares the contents of that message. The CDC replied:

“Currently all viral diagnostic testing for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, are able to detect every variant of the virus; however, these tests will not be able to tell you what specific variant you might have. To tell which variant might be present in a specimen, scientists must perform whole gene sequencing (WGS) on the specimen. At this time, WGS is available for surveillance purposes only, not for individual diagnostic purposes.”

That means that when they are testing, they don’t know if it’s just the usual COVID or the delta variant. That is very significant information to know! You could be vaccinated, get COVID, get tested, and they automatically may assume it’s the delta variant when really it could be the same strain as the original. There is no differential. This is very misleading.

Mother’s Moment with Jamie Barke

(begins at 52:00)

Jamie Barke returns for another Mother’s Moment segment, sharing about the articles currently circulating that state that many vaccinated people are actually getting the delta variant. So the vaccination really does nothing to protect them.

She also shares her findings from a 25-page paper released by the FDA stating all possible adverse reactions of vaccines among children, noting severe inflammatory reactions including death. Interestingly, though, the death rates of COVID among children are shockingly low (0.1% or less, and children who died had comorbidities involved).

Three billion dollars have gone into fear-based advertising for vaccinations. Jamie asks, if you didn’t see the slanted media coverage and vaccine advertisements out there, would you even know there’s a disease in the first place? Is fear controlling the story?

Jamie and Dr. Flynn encourage people to not live in fear but instead do a little digging, don’t be afraid to research, and arm yourself with knowledge. You’ll be surprised what you uncover. It might even save your life.

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