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This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn interviews Del Bigtree, founder of the Informed Consent Action Network and host of The Highwire. Jamie Barke also joins Dr. Patrick for another Mother’s Moment segment.

Del Bigtree Shares His Story

(begins at 5:50)

Dr. Patrick welcomes Del Bigtree to the show and asks him to share a bit about his background and what brought him to where he is now. Del was formerly a producer for the show The Doctors on CBS. He went on to win an Emmy for his work on The Doctors, and his experience there stoked his avid interest in cutting-edge science and medicine. Del eventually went on to make the documentary film Vaxxed, which he states was a “career killer” in Hollywood. The film was originally accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival but later rejected due to pressure put on the festival by the pharmaceutical industry and various funding bodies.

Del later founded the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), which actively works to investigate the safety of medical procedures, pharmaceutical drugs, and vaccines while educating the public on their right to informed consent. Del and Dr. Patrick discuss the liability protection granted to vaccine manufacturers, explaining how they cannot be sued. Del explains how vaccine lawsuits work and the very dysfunctional way they are handled by the judicial system. “It’s designed so that you cannot win,” Del states.

ICAN has won lawsuits against the National Institute of Health, Health and Human Services, FDA, and CDC, with more lawsuits in the works. They’re also now suing the state of New York regarding religious exemptions for vaccines. Lawsuits that have been won drove Del to start The Highwire, an internet show viewed by millions where people can hear and learn about these lawsuits and investigations. The Highwire is a vehicle for truth not covered by mainstream television. Every show is backed up by evidence, science, and documentation. Del states the show is fully transparent in the information shared with viewers. In a culture where people are making statements with no scientific backing behind them, it is crucial that journalism be transparent and evidence-based, Del states.

Gain-of-Function Research

(begins at 24:21)

Dr. Patrick and Del discuss the recent encounter between Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci regarding gain-of-function research. This is something that is really terrifying, Del explains. Viruses found in animals are taken into labs and manipulated or “given a function” to see if they can be turned into a virus that can infect humans. Lab leaks occur all the time. The process is actually very risky and has been banned in the United States. Laws state that we cannot perform or fund gain-of-function research.

There is a laboratory in Wuhan with ties to U.S. funding that does gain-of-function research on coronaviruses in bats. And our own government has blocked investigations into this lab. “Why has no one been investigating this lab?” Del asks. “This defies all reasoning. Something very strange is going on,” Del states. He later explains that he thinks our government is directly involved in the origination of COVID-19.

That’s what Senator Rand Paul has brought up to Dr. Fauci. Paul asked Fauci deliberately, after laying out an exposing and convicting case, if what was done in the U.S.-funded Wuhan lab was gain-of-function research. Fauci denied it.

Del’s organization made a Freedom of Information Act Request to the NIH demanding that the names of experts referenced by Dr. Fauci in his defense in this matter be released. ICAN requested an electronic record stating the following: “At a July 20, 2021 Senate hearing at which Dr. Fauci appeared and had an exchange with Senator Rand Paul, Dr. Fauci stated: ‘This paper that you are referring to was judged by qualified staff up and down the chair as not being gain-of-function.’”

The Freedom of Information Act Request asked for any and all documents and communication identifying “qualified staff” and the conclusions that they drew. The NIH did not acknowledge receipt of this request within the given time frame, so ICAN has since filed a lawsuit against them reiterating their request, stating it will now to be taken to court.

To help further ICAN’s important work, donations can be made here. Censorship has wiped Del’s message off of platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Watch his program at

Mother’s Moment with Jamie Barke


Jamie opens this segment by sharing about her recent investigation into the $122 billion of “COVID relief money” given to elementary school districts. The Department of Public Instruction outlines rules as to what this money can be spent on. An exploration of the guidelines reveals that these taxpayer dollars are being used to fund race training (a doorway to critical race theory) and education on COVID “science” (unethically mixing the healthcare system with the education system).

Jamie and Dr. Patrick share shocking video footage of a teacher ranting on current event issues like vaccinations, Donald Trump, climate change, and more in a manner that is wildly unethical and unprofessional. The teacher was fired, and rightly so. Teachers are meant to teach education and not their personal political views.

Dr. Patrick and Jamie state that it is crucial now more than ever to be active, to let your voice be heard, and to protect your children and their health freedoms as the public landscape grows increasing hostile to the pursuit of liberty.


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