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This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn breaks down COVID-19 numbers among children to give some perspective. Later in the show, he interviews Sheriff Adam Bieber regarding his experience standing for health freedoms in Shawano County. Dr. Jason Nobles from The Wellness Way – Green Bay addresses vaccine mandates among employers and how to respond.

Looking at COVID-19 Numbers Regarding Children

(begins at 4:34)

To give some perspective on COVID-19 numbers among children, Dr. Patrick cites a study from MacIver Institute stating that COVID-19 is far less deadly for children than life on the streets of Milwaukee. A child is 65 times more likely to be shot or killed in Milwaukee than to die of COVID-19, which has yet to kill a single child under the age of 10 in Wisconsin. Ten children under 10 have been murdered in Milwaukee since the start of 2020.

The current death rate for children infected with COVID-19 is 0.025 percent. A child in Wisconsin has a 1-in-40,082 chance of dying from COVID-19, but a 1-in-15,000 chance of being struck by lightning at some point in his/her life.

A Harvard University study states, “New research suggests that the real percentage might be far lower.”

Dr. Jason Addresses Employer Vaccine Mandates

(begins at 12:20)

There is an extraordinary amount of fear regarding forced vaccinations by employers. And for good reason, Dr. Jason says. Who should be responsible for the health of an employee? The employee, not the employer. Employees should have freedom of choice regarding what they do with their body. “It is not the government’s job to keep us healthy,” Dr. Jason states.

Regarding supplements and other products, at The Wellness Way we often that what makes a product great is not the benefits; it’s the constituents (ingredients). The same is true for vaccines. Two questions should be asked prior to getting a vaccination: 1) What’s in it? 2) What are the contraindications?

All three COVID vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson) contain spike protein. Dr. Jason unpacks this protein specifically and explains how it connects to the potential development of autoimmune disease. In addition to spike protein, the vaccines also contain a product similar to antifreeze (ethylene glycol) as well as sugar, cholesterol, and various hexanes.

Another question to ask: Is it safe? Dr. Jason cites data comparing COVID vaccines to all other vaccines. Far and away, the COVID vaccines have resulted in a much higher number of adverse reactions and deaths than all other vaccines combined since 1990. Adverse reactions include convulsions, seizures, stroke, anaphylaxis, heart inflammation, pregnancy and birth outcomes, allergic reactions, nervous system destruction, arthritis, autoimmune disease, death, and more.

Dr. Jason cites additional data that states the risk of dying from the COVID vaccine is 172.7 times greater than the flu vaccine, while the risk of developing an adverse reaction to the COVID vaccine is 50.6 times greater.

So it is safe? The data speaks for itself.

What about this question: it is effective? We now know that natural immunity lasts longer and offers stronger protection than vaccine-induced immunity. Studies continue to support this statement and leading researchers have long said that in regards to any illness, natural immunity is always superior to vaccine-induced immunity. Researchers also state that people who have had SARS-CoV-2 are unlikely to benefit from the vaccine.

The bottom line? Know your rights! You have rights as an individual that the government cannot take away from you. Each state has exemptions for vaccines: medical, religious, and philosophical. While not all states offer all three exemptions, do your research to determine your exemption options if your workplace begins enforcing mandates. Many people are fighting for health freedom and experiencing victory.

Avoid supporting companies that have vaccine mandates in effect for their employees. Support companies that do not. “You are a free American,” Dr. Jason says. You have the right to choose where you shop, which companies you support, and who you work for.

Dr. Jason concludes by highlighting the importance of getting proper testing. Want to know how your immune system is doing? Get tested! A basic immune panel will test natural killer cells, lymphocytes, CEA, CBC w/ differential, and more. These markers provide important information about your innate immune system and can guide you as you work to support your health and prevent illness.

Dr. Patrick Flynn Interviews Sheriff Adam Bieber

(begins at 36:00)

Shawano County Sheriff Adam Bieber has been an officer for nearly 21 years. Earlier in the pandemic, he came out and said that he would not enforce COVID restrictions/mandates in his county, as he clearly saw these restrictions as an infringement on the Bill of Rights. Sheriff Bieber has faced a lot of pushback for his stance, however, he recognizes that sheriffs are elected officials and will inevitably face varying opinions in response to their decisions.

He notes that enforcing the Constitution is not the same as enforcing government-issued mandates that are not laws. A mandate is not a law, he says. Mandates are intended to be used as “emergency powers” in very urgent situations. Those emergency powers, however, should never infringe upon our Bill of Rights. No executive order or mandate should ever infringe on what our Bill of Rights protects.

“These new mandates by our governors and our president are a clear violation of what our forefathers meant,” Sheriff Bieber says.

He goes on to say that school boards and county boards are very important right now. The health department has no power unless it is given to them by county boards. That’s why local elections are very important. Local elections help protect against the government from having more power.

He urges people to get informed and get involved. “Don’t assume someone else is going to get involved for you,” Sheriff Bieber says. Vote. Actively get involved with school or county boards. Talk to people. Share your views. The world needs your voice.

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