This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn interviews Dr. Scott Jensen regarding his experience as a medical professional facing targeted investigation throughout the pandemic. Dr. Flynn also shares his thoughts on various medications as they pertain to the treatment of COVID-19. He is joined by Jamie Barke and Natasha VandenBush for another Mother’s Moment segment as well.

Interview with Dr. Scott Jensen M.D.

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Dr. Jensen attended the University of Minnesota and later went on to attend dental school, seminary, and medical school, where he studied family practice. In his career since, he has built multiple clinics and served as a professor at the University of Minnesota. He believes his biggest role is to help his patients rise up to the task of being their own best champion.

In April 2020, Dr. Jensen received an email from the Minnesota health department regarding death certificates and how COVID-19 should be listed as a contributing condition on certificates, regardless of the doctor’s certainty regarding that cause. As he explored more of what the department was recommending, he became more skeptical of what was really going on. Their guidance was alarming. “This is the kind of thing,” Dr. Jensen says, “that fractures public trust.”

Dr. Jensen questioned the public health department regarding their death certificate guidelines for doctors. Several months later he received a letter stating that his license was being investigated. He felt extremely targeted, saying it was one of the most difficult things he’s gone through. Dr. Jensen composed a 5,000 word response to the health department complete with 70 pages of attachments. The allegations against him were later dismissed without action. He was later investigated three more times, two of which were dismissed and one of which is ongoing. The current investigation has come in response to him signing an affidavit requesting a restraining order from the FDA regarding vaccinations for teens.

Dr. Flynn asks Dr. Jensen if he thinks the death stats for COVID are overblown. “I do,” Dr. Jensen says. “I think the death certificates clearly do not line up.” After noticing discrepancies in data, he called for an audit of the certificates in his state, stating that the need for transparency and the building of trust is crucial.

Dr. Jensen has stated that he will not be getting the vaccine. Dr. Flynn asks what led him to make that decision. First, Dr. Jensen states he has been administering vaccines for 40 years. He has received many vaccines throughout his lifetime. But he says each vaccine must be analyzed on its own merit. He assesses each vaccine separately. Dr. Jensen had COVID in the summer of 2020 and got antibody tests at regular intervals in the months that followed. These tests indicated that he had strong natural immunity, making it “silly” for him to get the vaccine. He went through a thoughtful consideration process bearing in mind his medical background, test results, and vaccine data available.

Dr. Flynn asks Dr. Jensen his thoughts on hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in the treatment of COVID.  Dr. Jensen believes that these drugs are safe and have been used for a long time with great success. However, the drugs are being vilified in the media, which makes no sense, he states. Anything that might get in the way of the conventional narrative surrounding the pandemic has been getting attacked (even things like vitamin C, vitamin D, quercetin, etc.).

Dr. Jensen states that in terms of the origination of the original virus, he believes there is great likelihood that it came from a lab through a mistake or a leak, either intentional or unintentional. Dr. Flynn asks Dr. Jensen what his advice would be for the current public health administration. His answer is three-fold: 1) Do not surround yourself with people who like to agree with you. Bring in skeptics, people who ask questions, and people who don’t just believe what they’re told. 2) Do not be willing to throw out good, solid, highly-regarded data from the past 20 years in an effort to take up data that is new, not well examined, and not peer reviewed. 3) Speak directly to the citizens of America stating that while this is new territory, we are not going to overmanage or micromanage you or treat you like children. It will not be a one-size-fits-all approach.

Dr. Flynn asks, “How much influence does politics have on healthcare today?” Dr. Jensen says that his views on politics in particular have become laser focused through the pandemic. He states how we must change the lens through which we view the world. There is a triad relationship between Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Tech that has emerged in a way that most people have not realized. A former senator, Dr. Jensen’s political background combined with his wife’s personal health restoration journey and the events that have unfolded due to COVID have rekindled a fire within him for serving people in the political realm. After a few months of soul searching, he and his wife determined the path forward is to run for governor of the state of Minnesota, which he is actively doing.

“Government doesn’t create lives,” Dr. Jensen states. “Lives create government. The government is [meant] to serve us. And it’s gotten turned upside down. We have to change it.” Dr. Jensen says that of all people, the moms of the world are the ones who have the power to evoke the greatest change. They are the ones with the power to drive change, stand up for freedom, and care for their families without sharing parenting duties with the state.

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Dr. Patrick Flynn’s Opinion on Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and Monoclonal Antibodies

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Dr. Flynn starts by sharing the fireman and carpenter principle. Think of your body as a house and your symptoms as a fire. Seeking traditional healthcare is like calling the fire department. They’ll treat your symptoms with methods that may give you temporary relief, but at the same time will most definitely cause tremendous damage to the rest of your body. Of course the fireman will save your house from burning down, but will the house be suitable to live in afterward? Probably not.

What people need is a carpenter, someone who will restore the house to its original state, and make it a place where you can live, thrive, and prevent fires from ever happening again. The Wellness Way takes the carpenter approach.

Dr. Flynn states that if drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin calm the fire down, he has no problem with them. If they get a person safely through the fire, great. However, The Wellness Way approach to prevention is all about taking care of your house so that it does not end up on fire.

Monoclonal antibodies are now being used to treat COVID in states like Florida. Dr. Flynn states he has no problem with this. The media continues to discredit these stories, however, because they don’t fit the narrative of getting vaccinated, wearing masks, etc. to “stop the surge.” Their idea of prevention is vaccines and masks. What happens when the next virus comes around? If all we do is put out the fire, the house is still destroyed and never restored or strengthened. What happens when there’s another fire?

What Is Prevention?

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At The Wellness Way, Dr. Flynn states, we are about restoration. We are a network of health restoration clinics that think and act differently to solve the health challenges others can’t. Dr. Flynn cites the lab work of a Wellness Way patient to illustrate how restoration looks in a clinical setting as related to thyroid care.

He goes on to state that if your body is not functioning well and your health is not restored, even clinical interventions (including vaccines) may not be helpful. Dr. Flynn highlights several health supportive supplements and their scientifically-backed way of supporting the immune system, including zinc, astragalus, glandulars, and others. In taking supplements like these, you are working to restore organs and bone marrow on a regular basis and giving them sufficiency so that when you come into contact with any viruses, you can rely on your immune response to be strong.

The bottom line: prevention should never be looked at as a vaccine. Medications, even the ones that save lives, may be helpful, but they are still used to manipulate physiology, not restore it.

Mother’s Moment

(begins at 01:04:55)

Jamie Barke and Natasha VandenBush, two local moms and wellness advocates, share what they are currently doing inside of their school district to fight for the rights of their children. The two met through Natasha’s Facebook group, which has now grown to include over 600 people in their school district. The group exists to give a voice to people who don’t feel like they have a voice.

Jamie and Natasha share their experience speaking up at school board meetings and exposing the district for their lies and flaws. It has been a process filled with resistance on the part of school leaders. They also share their experience with peaceful protesting, requesting open records, and digging through public records to find out what’s really going on beneath the surface.

Ultimately, they state, parents should make the healthcare decisions for their families, not the school districts. It is crucial that parents get involved, speak up, and show their district that they are willing to fight for the medical freedoms of their families.

Foreign Material Found in Vaccines

(begins at 01:31:00)

Dr. Flynn closes the show by citing studies that show that magnetic materials have been found in some vaccines. Stainless steel contaminants found in Moderna doses have caused Japan to issue a recall on some doses. Sharing this information on Facebook led Dr. Flynn to get shut down for a week, as—once again—the media seeks to silence any skepticism that threatens the conventional narrative.

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