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6 Key Things to Improve Your Health – Digging Deeper

6 Key Things to Improve Your Health – Digging Deeper

July 29, 2023

This week, on A Different Perspective, Doc reviews the six things any woman can do every day to improve her health, and digs deeper into them. Doc also explains that health issues aren’t genetic – that genes load the gun, but how you treat your body and your surroundings are what pull the trigger.

MOVEMENT: when Doc says people need to exercise more, it evokes the idea of getting a gym membership or committing to something like 75 Hard. When Doc says people need to increase their movement, however, a lot of people agree that they do. In order for normal bodily functions to work correctly, you need to move your body.

Doc points out that metabolism is the same for men and women, but hormonal differences change the body’s requirements – which is why a woman’s exercise has to be different every week of her cycle; the body’s hormones change, leading to differences in demands and requirements. Keeping hormonal balance in mind is essential when discussing movement and exercise for women.

PROTEINS: Doc explains that people don’t get enough nutrients – especially when it comes to proteins.

The medical community says that eating too much protein can cause heart disease, but Doc challenges this conventional wisdom. After all, what is the heart but muscle – cardiac muscle? When you want to build a house, you use the materials you want the house made of. So why would providing your heart with the materials it’s made of cause it to become diseased? It doesn’t — instead, it supports cardiovascular health!

Doc points out that there’s a lot of confusion around proteins – specifically which proteins are needed for the body. Doc agrees that amino acids are important, but what comes along with those amino acids is more important than a lot of people give them credit for – what comes along with the amino acids that helps your body use them? Does your body have enough? For example, the body needs amino acids to make thyroid hormone, but it also needs iodine. Are you getting enough iodine for those amino acids to be converted into thyroid hormone?

INCREASING FIBER: Doc talks about why dietary fiber is a great beauty tool. He also points out that a diet high in fiber has been linked to lower overall mortality, and what foods are good sources of fiber. Hint: this is one reason Doc likes sauerkraut so much!

Other topics Doc covers are:

— Do calories matter?

— Why both carnivores and vegans are wrong when it comes to protein

— Inessential vs essential amino acids (as well as complete protein sources vs incomplete)

— Women’s health headlines


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