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Cancer & Weight Loss: Adipose Tissue & Estrogen Metabolism

Cancer & Weight Loss: Adipose Tissue & Estrogen Metabolism

February 24, 2024

Most things in life come down to a question of perspective. If you’ve been around The Wellness Way for a while, you understand that ours is generally different than that of the medical field. This is no different when it comes to breast cancer and weight loss. What most people think they know is neither the full story, nor is it the only perspective out there.

This week, on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn digs back into estrogens. This time, he explains the effect of estrogens on breast cancer risks and weight loss — and the connection between cancer and weight loss. Doc brings several supportive studies and an understanding of anatomy as he walks us through his perspective on the “why, when, and how” for these important topics.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Why “health foods” aren’t necessarily the answer: Your body needs to be able to burn its fuel well, and some people can’t digest even the most basic healthy food — lettuce!
  • Estrogens cause neither weight gain nor breast cancer: Estrogens tend to stir up trouble in the body when you are exposed to estrogens excessively and hormone levels become abnormal — similar to sugar!
  • Adipose tissue and estrogens: Why is adipose tissue considered an endocrine gland, and how does it impact the amount of estrogens your body has at its disposal?
  • Cancer and different demographics: Your ethnicity and where you live could impact your risk for certain health concerns. How can you use these factors to benefit your health?
  • Cruciferous vegetables and breast cancer growth: What do your eating habits have to do with weight loss and cancer? Doc goes into it!
  • CEA Test: What does this lab tell you and what if you have abnormal results?

Get all the science, learn something about your body, and put yourself on the path to health restoration. Watch now for all the details, and set up a call with one of our docs here:

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