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Estrogens, Breast Cancer, and What Conventional Medicine is Missing

Estrogens, Breast Cancer, and What Conventional Medicine is Missing

February 17, 2024

We all know about the dangers of breast cancer – the medical field has done very good work with that marketing campaign. Most of us know what causes breast cancer – estrogen, right? Well, not exactly. Much like when it comes to hormone testing and the idea of weight loss, the medical field is missing some very key components about estrogens and how they work. Yes – they. The medical field often misses the fact that there’s more than one estrogen.

This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn is back and diving in with some controversial takes on estrogens and breast cancer. As always, Doc’s information is backed with studies and science!

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Why “estrogens” aren’t the only contributing factors for developing breast cancer: You need estrogens, but there’s more to the story
  • Estrogens and weight gain
  • Similarly, estrogens and weight loss
  • Estrogens and calories
  • Why the medical field has chosen to demonize ALL estrogens
  • Aromatase-inhibiting foods: Here are a few “natural alternatives” to aromatase-inhibiting medications
  • Doc also discusses the supplement echinacea. He breaks down how echinacea supports the body and why it can help so much more than just the immune system and immune response. As always, remember to consult a Wellness Way doctor or certified health restoration coach to get yourself tested and learn how to support your specific needs. One size doesn’t fit all!

Get the full explanation and advice on how to succeed in true prevention: Not just early detection. Watch now for the full scoop!

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