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Health is Un-Condition-al

Health is Un-Condition-al

November 4, 2023

Think you know sugar? On this week’s A Different Perspective, Doc reveals details many may not know about things like glycation, A1C, and collagen. He explains things like:

  • Why available glucose matters more than simply avoiding carbs in general
  • What sugar does to proteins
  • How blood sugar impacts beauty
  • Why “I’m healthy; I just have cancer,” or diabetes, or am overweight, is not only an incorrect statement, but dangerous.

Doc also talks about the upcoming No Sugar Challenge – the lucky entries have been picked for Doc’s coaching, but the challenge and principles are open to everyone!

Get the full sugar story and prepare to transform your health – and watch others transform theirs — on the No Sugar Challenge. With Doc’s teachings, it’s more than achievable. Watch now and be a part of the health revolution!


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