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How Modern Life Can Affect Your Gut and Mental Health

How Modern Life Can Affect Your Gut and Mental Health

April 13, 2024

The gut microbiome is a popular topic of conversations about health, and it’s no mystery as to why: There is so much more going on in the gut than most people realize. Simply stated, the gut microbiome impacts quite a bit – including your mental health.

How do histamines, glutamate, hormones, and estrogen dominance impact the gut-brain axis? This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Bryce Gallagher, D.C., answers these questions and more. Discover how simple changes to your diet and environment can support your mental health and hormonal balance.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Histamines: Histamines like cortisol tend to be demonized. In reality, histamines are important for multiple bodily functions like stomach acid: When they are out of balance, they can cause concerns.
  • Glutamate: What does this neurotransmitter do, and how could it affect your mental health and hormone balance?
  • Real-Life Application: What do these things look like when applied to real life? Dr. Bryce Gallagher, D.C., walks us through some real-life applications and things to look for.
  • Next Steps: Most people’s gut microbiome could be affected by modern-day life in some way. Dr. Bryce Gallagher D.C. covers a few questions to ask yourself as you continue your journey to health restoration.

Dr. Bryce Gallagher, D.C. also talks about the supplements Chamomile and Magnesium Citrate: He explains how these supplements can support the body in more ways than just for relaxation-supporting purposes. Remember to consult a Wellness Way doctor or health restoration coach to get yourself tested and learn how to support your body’s specific needs. One size doesn’t fit all!

See the science-backed research, learn new facts about restoring health, and put yourself on the path to a better life. Watch now for all these details and set up a call with a health restoration coach here:

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For further information, check out these resources:

Articles and studies cited in this video:

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