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Interview With Dr. Peter McCullough

Interview With Dr. Peter McCullough

July 9, 2022

On this week’s A Different Perspective, Dr. Flynn conducts two interviews: one with Dr. Peter McCullough and one with Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch. They discuss censorship and freedom when it comes to making our own healthcare decisions. Doc also goes over a couple of viewer emails he received from distressed parents seeking A Different Perspective on their kids’ health. He briefly touches on our Male and Female Glandulars.


Dr. Flynn starts out the show sharing his gratitude to his team and the viewers that tune in and subscribe from all over the world. He also introduces a couple of our chiropractic interns that we have at our Green Bay clinic. From there, he gives a brief overview of our website and the many social media platforms where you can find Dr. Flynn and The Wellness Way. You can ask him questions via his new “Answer it Live” experience, or email him at [email protected].

Doc then shares an email from a father that reached out to him early this morning. He tells Doc about his 30-year-old daughter who has been sick for her whole life. He and his wife spent years looking for answers for chronic lung issues with low oxygen levels. Doc and other Wellness Way doctors receive letters like this daily. There are so many sick and suffering people that reach out to us looking for A Different Perspective.

People will ask whether Doc thinks he could make a difference for this person. The answer? Absolutely. Why is he so confident? Because if you reduce inflammation in anybody, no matter what health issues they are dealing with, they will have a better life. You can’t move a person to a less inflammatory and more regenerative state without having their life improve in some way.

Doc will be reaching out to this father and hopefully, get his daughter under the care of one of our Wellness Way doctors very soon.

Perspective with Dr. Peter McCullough

For the “Perspective” section of the show, Doc introduces cardiologist, internist, researcher, and professor, Dr. Peter McCullough. Dr. McCullough begins by introducing himself and sharing his background and expertise in reviewing the scientific literature and evaluating what’s going on with the recent viral scare and the “novel mandated genetic products.” He then goes into a few updates on the current situation.

World Council of Health Recalls Novel Products

On June 11, 2022, the World Council of Health (representing about 70 non-governmental organizations across the world), based out of the UK, issued a global recall of all COVID-19 vaccines. They are calling for complete recall of these following their survey of 39 safety systems, including the CDC’s VAERS system.

Overall, these safety systems revealed over 40,000 deaths that have occurred, typically within a few days of taking these shots. Responsible pharmaceutical companies would have pulled any medication that had so many negative side effects.

In the United States, we have agencies operating outside their usual regulatory walls. The FDA should be the safety watchdog and the CDC should be an outbreak investigation unit. Instead, the FDA and CDC have been told to lead the program. So, the FDA has completely left any safety policing of products.

These Genetic Products Have Been Proven Dangerous

Under court order, Pfizer had to release their dossier. The lawyer for the FDA did not want America to see the documents for 55 years. So, the FDA was working to block information to America.

They were complicit with Pfizer in preventing the release of data showing 1,223 deaths that occurred shortly after taking their product. That confirms what we knew about the VAERS database; by January 22, 2021, we already had 182 deaths that occurred following the shot.

The Regulatory Agencies Haven’t Been Responsible

The CDC was supposed to be doing safety reports once a month. Neither the FDA nor the CDC has produced a safety report that has been released to the American public on what’s going on with these medical products. We don’t know how many people got them, what the reactions were, what happened…

They have completely abrogated any of their safety responsibilities. Regulatory official after regulatory official has concluded that the FDA and CDC are no longer trustworthy. The states will have to take measures into their own hands to protect the population.

Dr. McCullough’s Clinical Experience

Dr. Flynn asks about how variants have changed and how immunity has changed since the beginning of the pandemic. Dr. McCullough has seen in his clinical practice as different waves that went through. First, it was the wild type, then the alpha wave, then the delta wave (which seemed the worst –most infectious), and then an immediate switch to omicron, which had the most mutations. That led to subvariants.

The biggest wave (where the most people got sick simultaneously) was the omicron wave that went through December 2021 and January 2022. That peak was about 5 to 10 times as large of those infected as the delta and alpha waves. The CDC told us that 79% of those infected with omicron had been fully compliant in taking the COVID vaccine products. It was those who thought they were protected that were getting sick with omicron: BA1 and BA2 subvariants.

Now, we’re on a secondary shockwave with BA4 and BA5 subvariants. It is now a very mild syndrome that is indistinguishable from the common cold.

The McCullough Protocol Is Working Very Well

Dr. McCullough has found that over-the-counter solutions, like in his recommended protocol, have been working very well, including:

  • Viricidal nasal washes, including diluted hydrogen peroxide or iodine
  • Gargling for 30 seconds with diluted iodine or hydrogen peroxide
  • OTC bundle: Zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, quercetin
  • Famotidine (OTC antihistamine drug) at about 80 mg per day combined with aspirin reduced the progression of illness and need for oxygenation by about 45%.

Most patients can just be managed with OTC solutions now, but in severe cases they can advance to monoclonal antibodies. There are also oral antivirals, including hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and now Paxlovid and Molnupiravir.

The CDC just put out a Health Advisory on Paxlovid because patients were having a rebound after finishing the first round of it. They have an increased viral load and get sicker after the second round.

That occurs exclusively in those who have received three or four of the COVID vaccines. It hasn’t happened in people who have natural immunity.

There are several other products Dr. McCullough will use in his practice, including corticosteroids, aspirin, and anticoagulants. Depending on other symptoms, he will also use antibiotics, antihistamines, or other products when necessary.

Dr. McCullough’s Testimony Under Oath

Dr. McCullough testified under oath for Ron Johnson’s “COVID-19: A Second Opinion” update for the U.S. Senate on January 24th, 2022. There, he estimated that 95 percent of all hospitalizations and deaths now (with modern treatments he described) are completely avoidable.

Looking back, two-thirds of the hospitalizations and deaths were avoidable. As a general number, we had about a million deaths and 10X that number were hospitalized. Two-thirds of both those numbers were completely avoidable.

The Current Medical Products and Health Issues

We have no idea whether these current gene transfer technologies (vaccines) are safe –all the safety periods were skipped in the rush to get them out. They needed at least five years of observation to determine safety. A new paper out of Harvard shows that the spike protein that’s generated from the genetic code circulates in the bloodstream for up to a month; on average, 15 days.

Dr. McCullough shares a couple more studies showing that these genetic materials stay in circulation for up to 60 days. This is far too long of exposure of the bloodstream to this genetic material. There’s also evidence that these products can contribute to cancer, inhibiting tumor suppressors of certain genes. In his own practice, Dr. McCullough has seen an acceleration in kidney cancer.

All these products have also been shown to cause heart issues, including myocarditis and blood clotting. They can also cause hemorrhaging in the brain. Another category of effects is within the immune response, particularly something called “multisystem inflammatory syndrome.” It, unfortunately, happens in children as well as adults.

Yet another category is blood diseases, including vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT). This causes skin rashes, bruising, bleeding from the gums and nose, with clotting and bleeding at the same time.

We’ve never seen a wave of destruction like this before. Life insurance companies are reporting record claims among working-age people.

Dr. McCullough’s New Book

Dr. McCullough’s new book is called The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex. He wrote it in cooperation with bestselling author, criminal investigator, and forensic reporter, John Leake. John concluded that two crimes have been committed: fraud (misrepresentation to the public) and mass negligent homicide.

The book is a non-fiction narrative (a story) about the discoveries and developments that Dr. McCullough was involved with in learning how to treat the illness and save lives. People have called it a “gateway book” – a great book to share with friends and family who are under mass formation psychosis or haven’t been critically thinking for themselves.

Board Investigation and Censorship

Because of his position on the mandated genetic products and deviation from the popular narrative and standard of treatment, Dr. McCullough has been investigated by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He has also been widely censored and lost many of his prestigious positions, including:

  • Two professorships of medicine
  • Two editorships
  • NIH and big pharma committee positions
  • Writing group positions

All without discussion, courtesy phone call, or any form of due process. This all even though he is the most published person in the world, in his field, in history. He has also testified before the FDA congressional oversight panel, Academy of Sciences, European Medicine Agency. He’s even one of the most published people about the viral pandemic.

But on May 26th, the American Board of Internal Medicine chose several of his statements made under oath and claim that his statements may have dissuaded some people from taking the COVID vaccine. They are calling a credentials meeting at which he may be decertified by the medical board. Yet, he is the most published amongst the entire board reviewing him.

They are now joining with the American Medical Association and are going up against other heavy hitters in this field, including Dr. Paul Marik, who is also one of the most published in his field of pulmonary medicine.

Meanwhile, in California…

In California, they are moving along with legislation preventing doctors from having scientific discourse. This censorship is right out of the textbook of propaganda from Nazi Germany: controlling information in order to force something on the population.

In this case, it’s an injection every six months that people don’t want, that doesn’t work, and that’s not safe. However, those pushing these injections may be held accountable later.

You can follow Dr. Peter McCullough and find the McCullough Protocol on his website:

Product Knowledge: Educate Your Community

(Begins at 53:37)

Doc then goes into the product knowledge section, focusing on the Male and Female Glandulars. Most people don’t eat organ meats on a regular basis. Doc would rather see people eat organ meat than muscle meat. Glandulars have the constituents needed for that organ to heal. We need regeneration.

Male Glandular

The Male Glandular contains testes, prostate, heart, and liver. All the organ meats come directly from grass-fed animals. Doc works directly with a manufacturer out of New Zealand to get good quality meats. Even though he eats organ meats regularly, he still takes the Male Glandular daily.

Female Glandular

The Female Glandular contains liver and ovary to help support female vitality. Ideally, you’d eat the organ meats. However, some people don’t want to eat certain organs, so then they supplement with them. New Zealand has strict regulations for farming, ensuring the organ meats are the highest quality from free-range, grass-fed animals.

The Wellness Way has eight different glandulars to help support the different organs and systems of the body. All our Wellness Way practitioners across the country use organ glandulars on a regular basis to provide those constituents for healing.

Hot Topics: Standing For Freedom with Rebecca Kleefisch

(Begins at 57:00)

The topic today continues around “medical freedom”, which Doc hates saying because freedom is freedom. He is politically active for the purpose of one thing: preserving freedom. There is no direct benefit that The Wellness Way derives from getting one candidate in over another. Doc and The Wellness Way just want to defend the right of “We the People” to choose our own doctors and make our own medical decisions. The government should not be involved in health care.

Doc then moves into his interview with gubernatorial candidate for Wisconsin, Rebecca Kleefisch. He is a supporter of Rebecca for Governor because she takes a strong stand for freedom.

Rebecca Kleefisch Introduces Herself

Rebecca Kleefisch is running for Governor of Wisconsin. Yes, it’s because she lives in Wisconsin, but she also wants to fight for great quality of life for all Wisconsin families the same way she fights for her own. She is the only conservative proven fighter in this race for governor, as she was previously Lieutenant Governor under Scott Walker.

Through the COVID pandemic, we saw how the government grew into a steamroller that trampled over our individual rights and liberties. She is running for governor to take back control on behalf of the people of Wisconsin.

We need to get back to school, back to work, back the badge, and give the government back to the people.

Proven Results

Rebecca has done this before. She has a proven record of making things happen:

  • 4-time statewide winner, ensuring Wisconsin stayed a free state
  • Put in place concealed carry and castle doctrine
  • Implemented photo ID voting
  • Expanded school choice across Wisconsin
  • Made robust our programs in Milwaukee, Kenosha, and Racine
  • Defunded Planned Parenthood of all state funding and ended tele-abortions
  • Closed five Planned Parenthood clinics
  • Condensed and dropped tax rates
  • Passed prevailing wage reform and right to work
  • Passed the 2011 Wisconsin Act 10, which has saved the taxpayers of Wisconsin 15 billion dollars

Rebecca’s policies for Wisconsin apply around the world. It’s all about standing for freedom.

What Are Wisconsin People Looking For?

Wisconsinites are looking for affordability. “Bidenflation” is a tragedy. People on fixed incomes can’t afford to buy gas and groceries on the same day. That’s not even remotely okay.

Middle-class families can’t afford gas prices the way they are right now. We need to make long-term reform for energy affordability in this country, and that’s going to take replacing our President, but here in Wisconsin, the current Governor, Democrat Tony Evers, has been making horrible choices around energy.

What Sets Rebecca Apart from Tim Michels?

Rebecca’s opponent in the Republican primary, Tim Michels, has the same position on the gas tax as Tony Evers: he wants to make gas tax indexing, which would mean that gas taxes track along with inflation. It would be 36 percent more than what we’re paying right now –nobody can afford that.

Rebecca also lives in Wisconsin – 365 days a year. Tim Michels admitted on the radio that he only lives in Wisconsin 183 days a year. The rest of the time he lives out East in Connecticut.

While Tony Evers was advocating for forced masking of Wisconsin kids, and now trying to push COVID-19 vaccines on 6-month-old babies. Rebecca’s kids, who attend public school, are being contact-quarantined constantly.

Tony Evers kept kids from going to school altogether in 2020, but Tim Michels wasn’t here to fight those battles. His kids don’t even attend Wisconsin schools. Rebecca has been fighting for freedom the whole time.

Putting The Right People in Place

Not only has Rebecca been fighting herself, but she has also been recruiting candidates to run for positions across Wisconsin – for school boards, county boards, town councils, and judges. Not only has she been recruiting them, but she has also been helping to fund their campaigns, knocking on doors for them, and doing the hard grassroots work to take back the state for the people of Wisconsin.

She will continue to put the right people in administrative positions while serving as governor of Wisconsin. She loves connecting fellow freedom fighters and putting them in positions of opportunity to fight the good fight.

Political Action Committee to Act on The Local Level

Rebecca also put together a political action committee to help fund change agents on a local level. Doc has donated to Rebecca’s PAC himself. It is designed for the “little guy” –those running for school council, town council, county board, and judgeships. These are the spring races we vote for in April. The statewide elections happen this coming August. November is when we cast our votes for the general election.

In April, Rebecca played in 116 races and won 85 of them. Rebecca was so passionate about some of these races that she was out knocking on doors for school board candidates and handing out literature. There is nothing so rewarding as attending a victory party for school board candidates where you know you made a difference!

This upcoming election will also make a difference for kids.

Wins as Lieutenant Governor

Doc did a lot of research when looking into candidates to support. He is very critical and very particular about civil liberties and civil rights. He studied Rebecca when she was Lieutenant Governor and watched what she did in that position. Here are some of her past successes:

  • Supported right-to-work laws (her opponent, Tim Michels, opposed it)
  • Started with a 3.6-billion-dollar hole in the budget passed to her by Governor Jim Doyle and fixed it so that they could pass a balanced budget
  • Passed Act 10
  • Supported small business owners
  • Attracted other businesses from other states
  • Improved the town of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin (close to the Illinois border) with policies

Everything Rebecca has done and plans to do makes Wisconsin a great place to work and live. When a state is business-friendly, it creates well-paying jobs and a better quality of life for Wisconsinites.

Plans to Improve Wisconsin as Governor

Not only does Rebecca have a solid record of past wins, but she also has plans to further improve the quality of life for Wisconsinites as Governor:

  • Eliminating the lawless Wisconsin Elections Commission
  • Making work pay –getting people off government programs and back into the workforce
  • Lowering income tax –gunning toward a zero percent tax rate like Florida and Texas
  • No longer taxing retirement income
  • Addressing violent crime, which has risen 9 percent in Wisconsin year over year –twice the national average over the last couple of years
  • Firing the Milwaukee County District Attorney (who released the Waukesha Parade perpetrator on low bail) on Day 1
  • Supporting other candidates

The best indication of what you will do in the future is what you have done in the past. In general, Rebecca is determined to give the government back to the citizens of the state and make a better and safe Wisconsin. Vote for Rebecca in the Wisconsin primary election on August 9th, 2022.

This Election Isn’t Just About Wisconsin

Even if you don’t live in Wisconsin, consider that this election isn’t just about Wisconsin. Rebecca stands for civil rights and civil liberties for We the People. Rebecca fixed a broken government before, and together, with the support of the people, we can do it again.

Doc’s Last 10% — Final Thoughts

(Begins at 1:42:21)

Doc’s final thoughts pertain to why The Wellness Way exists. He talks about how The Wellness Way has such A Different Perspective when it comes to illness. He goes back to the email he received from the distressed father and how he sadly receives so many like it.

He then shares an email from a mother whose daughter has been suffering horribly from thyroid and other hormone issues. The mother includes a letter that she had sent to the girl’s pediatrician. The mother mentions the family history of thyroid disease and outlines the different thyroid tests her daughter has done. She points out that one was out of range, indicating something is malfunctioning. However, the doctor told her it was nothing and that she was wrong.

When you educate and empower yourself with this information and the doctor tells you it’s okay, it isn’t. Just because they give an opinion does not mean they are right. Get people’s opinions; but remember that everything your doctor tells you, no matter what the topic, is just an opinion. You can always get a second opinion or a third opinion. That means the first information they gave you was also an opinion.

As he goes through the letter, he highlights some things the mother mentions that indicate that she is very well informed. Doc also points out where clearly the doctor doesn’t know what he is talking about –particularly about hormones and parasites.

Allergies vs. Sensitivities

People often talk about allergies versus sensitivities when it comes to food. Doctors will often say there are IgE allergies and sensitivities. That’s not true! That makes no immunological sense. If you see a Functional Medicine practitioner, integrative practitioner, or medical doctor and they tell you there are allergies and sensitivities, then they don’t understand allergies, the human body, or the immune response.

There is no classification of sensitivities; only hypersensitivities, types 1, 2, 3, and 4, and it deals with different parts of the immune response. If they say there are sensitivities, Doc doesn’t know what they mean by that. It’s just a made-up term to fit into a medical paradigm that they are trying to get us to accept.

False Information

If a doctor doesn’t know, they should admit it. The medical doctor says you can’t have parasites if you don’t have diarrhea every day. They say that you can’t get parasites unless you live in a third-world country. That is simply not true. That’s why this woman reached out to Doc. She needed A Different Perspective and she found it.

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