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Men’s Round Table

Men’s Round Table

June 25, 2022

This week, on A Different Perspective, Dr. Flynn talks about glandular supplements and hosts a men’s panel. Organ meats deliver nutrients that you simply cannot get from plants. There are massive benefits to grass-fed organ meats, but if you won’t eat organ meats (like liver), you’ll need to supplement with them. That’s where glandular supplements come in! Then join Dr. Flynn, Ross Skorzewski, Brandon Flynn, and Travis Frisque in a riveting conversation about men’s health and how guys think!


Dr. Flynn begins by talking about how The Wellness Way perspective differs from others out there and takes more of an aerial view of health and wellness. He also mentions the upcoming film he will be interviewed for about fertility. Fertility really is an issue now, and part of that is the testosterone decline. Men are being demasculated today. That brings him to a viewer email that he received that asks about glandulars and advice from men.

A Viewer Email

The email is as follows:

Dr. Flynn,

I found you on Instagram and love your information. It’s truly life changing. Then I went to your YouTube (which I don’t even have an account) and there is even more great content because you explain things in longer lectures which really gives me a different perspective. My question is: I see you speak a lot about organ meats and the glandulars but do not see a lot of videos on them, so can you explain the difference plus my husband was listening to one of your videos next to me, which was a surprise ‘cause he doesn’t usually do that and he said, it’s nice to listen to a man that’s not afraid to be a man, so can you give him a shout out? His name is Greg and share more of your advice as a man that a lot of women need and want to hear. Thank you for what you do and I pray for all the haters out there that their minds open up to a Different Perspective.


Chloe and Greg

Doc hears this a lot—where women are tuning in to ADP, and their man is watching over their shoulder. Chloe was asking about glandulars, so Doc gives an overview of organ meats and glandular supplements.

Overview of Glandulars

What is a glandular? It’s just organ meat that’s made into a capsule form. That’s all it is. It’s just dried liver concentrated into a pill. Why take glandular supplements? Because a lot of people don’t want to eat organ meats. Organ meats deliver a lot of nutrients that you simply cannot get from plants, like fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K. If you won’t eat them, you’ll need to supplement with them. That’s where the name comes from – the capsules supplement nutrients that are missing from your diet.

Liver is a good example. Imagine taking some liver meat, dicing it up, dehydrating it (so it’s highly concentrated), and putting it into pill form. It’s the same thing for a heart, kidney, adrenal gland, ovary, or testicle. It’s just taking what comes from the butcher and putting it into pill form.

Even though Doc takes glandular supplements daily, he still tries to eat organ meat every day. Every day? Every day. It’s something that if you’re consistent with will give a massive amount of nutrients that you cannot get from plants.

Eat Nutrient-Dense, Bioavailable Foods

It’s not that you don’t eat plants. You also need vegetables properly prepared. Doc recommends steaming most vegetables for better nutrient absorption. Traditional cultures mostly cooked, soaked, or fermented vegetables. Doc would be more likely to eat raw organ meat than raw vegetables! It’s all about eating foods in their most bioavailable state.

There are massive benefits to grass-fed organ meats. They are the most cost-effective, nutrient-dense foods you can get. When you eat organ meats or take glandulars, you’re getting all the building blocks you need to rebuild that organ. Liver meat or a liver glandular has all the building blocks you need for healing the liver.

Want to know what’s in Doc’s top 5 recommended foods? Liver is #1. That’s important for ladies. The liver is extremely important for a women’s hormonal system. The next in the top five would be heart meat, then kidney, and then some cruciferous vegetables with cauliflower being the first.

Allergies trump everything, so if you’re allergic to cauliflower or other cruciferous vegetables, then don’t eat those.

Glandular Supplements

Recognizing the need for quality glandular supplements. Dr. Flynn and The Wellness Way put together a whole line of glandular supplements from grass-fed or pastured animals.

Digestion Glandular

This supplement helps support healthy digestion. There’s one thing men and women have in common when it comes to stress: their stomach (digestion) is destroyed. The Digestion Glandular includes a grass-fed stomach, duodenum (the first part of the small intestine), pancreas, and liver to support healthy digestion.

So, when you take this supplement, it has the constituents necessary for healthy digestion, repair, and regeneration.

While in general, men and women deal with stress very differently, physiologically. But when it comes to digestion, they respond very similarly:

  • stomach acid production goes down
  • small intestine function goes down
  • enzyme production in the pancreas goes down
  • liver function goes down

So, it’s important to support healthy digestion, repair, and regeneration by providing the body with the right building blocks.

Immune Glandular

The Immune Glandular is important right now. It has grass-fed spleen, liver, and thymus. The spleen is one of the major organs that help mature our white blood cells, which are a part of our immune response.

The thymus produces T-cells, another part of the immune response. The liver is in all the supplements because it helps support all the systems, including the immune response.

Female Glandular

The Female Glandular helps support female vitality. It has grass-fed liver and grass-fed ovary organ meat. What many people don’t realize is that the ovary is the major hormone-producing organ in the body. Again, this supplement with its liver and ovary provides the nutrients needed by those organs.

Male Glandular

Yes, there’s a testicle in there! The Male Glandular also has prostate, heart, and liver… four crucial organs for a male. If you look at BPH that is common in men over 50 (80 percent suffer from it), there’s prostate in here. While an estrogen-testosterone hormonal imbalance is usually involved, these nutrients can help support those organs.

Blood Sugar Glandular

The Blood Sugar Glandular is essential for most people because both men and women eat too much sugar. What’s in it? Grass-fed pancreas, kidney, and liver. The kidneys are damaged by too much sugar and need the right constituents to rebuild and repair.

Kidney glandular (and meat) has major factors that help you deal with certain types of allergies and support balanced histamine production.

Thyroid Glandular

Thyroid Glandular is important – Doc ranks it right after the Male and Female Glandulars. This is a supplement Doc has used frequently in practice, due to the number of thyroid problems out there. The thyroid has a lot of metabolic activity. Next to the liver, it’s probably the organ that takes the most beating when it comes to health conditions.

Yes, heart disease is still the #1 killer, and that’s why the heart glandular (as in the Male Glandular) is important, but the thyroid glandular can also support normal metabolic activity.

Liver Glandular

The Liver Glandular contains 2000 mg of bovine grass-fed liver. This is your multivitamin – “The Wellness Way Multivitamin.” There is no multivitamin on the planet that can even compare to raw liver or a capsule of desiccated liver. If you look at all the vitamins, all the macronutrients, all the micronutrients, trace minerals, etc., the supplement that’s going to capture the most of that is a liver glandular.

Most multivitamins are very synthetic and are made of petroleum-based products. Doc wouldn’t encourage anyone to take a multivitamin… ever. Even if you have a whole food-based multivitamin but it doesn’t have organ meat in there, it’s really deficient in a lot of things. There is no plant source that’s going to give you the massive level of vitamins and minerals you need. But liver does!

Adrenal Glandular

One glandular that The Wellness Way uses on a regular basis is the Adrenal Glandular, because of the level of stress out there. This supplement has grass-fed adrenal and liver in it. While Doc loves camu camu, lemons, rosehips, and other high vitamin C foods, adrenal glands are loaded with vitamin C.

The Adrenal Glandular can supply both the constituents necessary for adrenal repair and plenty of bioavailable vitamin C.

Rebuild The Carpenter Way with Glandulars

Instead of having people eat organ meats on a regular basis, we try to get people to supplement with glandulars. That gets people taking in organ meats on a habitual basis, which gives them the building blocks for restoring each organ. We, “the carpenters” at The Wellness Way want you to restore your body with the greatest products on the planet. That’s why we offer organ-based products, which are so vital to your body and to your life.

Men’s Roundtable

Normally, we’d do a recap of an interview. However, you just can’t capture what went on at the roundtable in writing. This is something that absolutely must be watched! Join Dr. Flynn, Ross Skorzewski, Brandon Flynn, and Travis Frisque in this riveting conversation! The guys share raw, unedited opinions. Don’t watch if easily offended!

Wrapping Up with Herbs

While Doc loves organ meats and glandulars, people often ask him what some of the most important herbs are for men and women. Here are two of the top:


One of his favorite herbs for men is Tribulus. Tribulus supports luteinizing hormone (LH) production in the brain. In that way, it supports healthy testosterone production. It also:

  • Enhances sexual function
  • Promotes hormone production and balance
  • Serves as a stress adaptogen
  • Provides cardiovascular support
  • Promotes physical endurance in athletes

Does Doc take it regularly now? No. It’s one of those herbs you can use on occasion if you know you’re going to run your body at an intense level for a while. Wellness Way clinicians also use it to boost testosterone production.

Chaste Tree

Chaste tree is one of Doc’s favorite herbs for women. It helps support healthy levels of the hormone progesterone, which balances levels of estrogen hormones. It also:

  • Encourages healthy menstrual cycling
  • Eases discomfort of PMS
  • Supports normal female reproductive function
  • Promotes healthy balance within the female endocrine system

In doing so, it helps balance out estrogen-dominant conditions, which along with testosterone dominance, are the main causes of hormonal problems in women. Progesterone does a wonderful job of countering both. It’s best taken during the second half of the menstrual cycle.


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