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Metabolic Syndrome and Weight Loss – an Easy Answer?

Metabolic Syndrome and Weight Loss – an Easy Answer?

September 16, 2023

This week, on A Different Perspective, Doc discusses what metabolic syndrome is and isn’t. Contrary to what most understand, metabolic syndrome isn’t a disease but a clustering of health markers. Proper metabolic function depends on multiple factors. Doc focuses on the desire to lose weight that many with metabolic syndrome have and how healthy organs and systems collectively determine metabolism and well-being. Both calories themselves and the sources of those calories matter.

Topics covered include:

  • Sugar is sugar; even if the sugar you’re taking in is non-toxic and unprocessed, it’s still sugar, and cutting it from your diet will help you lose weight.
  • Doc covers how nutrition is vital to maintaining health and proper function.
  • We know many things we should do for health, but when the answers are well-known, they’re easy to dismiss and discount.
  • Lifestyle remedies like specific food additions, stress reduction, and tailored testing.

In his “Last 10%,” Doc goes over where the healthcare system has failed America. The United States is paying far more for healthcare than any other country, and what do we have to show for it? Doc points out that healthcare has become more of a business than caring for patients. That needs to change – Doc challenges his viewers to hold the medical system responsible and return to doctors who genuinely care about leading their patients to health – not about selling bad and harmful products for the sake of money.

Get Doc’s informed perspective on truly optimizing metabolic function from lifestyle triggers and solutions. A deeper understanding empowers you to take control of your health – your health is your responsibility! Watch now!


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