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PCOS and I Disagree — Having a Successful Relationship

PCOS and I Disagree — Having a Successful Relationship

August 5, 2023

This week, on A Different Perspective, Doc talks about polycystic ovarian syndrome – what is it, why it happens, when it happens, and what are some natural PCOS treatment options?

PCOS is due to androgen dominance. These androgens may be testosterone, DHEA, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), or androstenedione. While it can be easily assumed that the PCOS cause, then, is that the body simply makes too many androgens when what the body needs are estrogens and progesterone, this isn’t necessarily the case. Just because there’s too many hormones, or insufficient hormones, in the body, doesn’t mean you have a production problem – it may be a conversion problem. The fact is that just because a body produces a hormone doesn’t mean it stays there or is flushed out – most of them are converted to another form. What happens when you don’t have enough of the needed enzymes for the body to make that conversion? You end up with far too many of the original hormone.

PCOS symptoms can also be triggered by a disruption to the endocrine system. This may come from 5 alpha-reductase, insulin resistance, or even high stress. Each of these can impact hormonal balance, leading to a result that may not be desired. Yes – PCOS can be caused by stress. Who knew? Doc does! Because Doc knows how the body works, and that the body functions like a Swiss watch.

How do you help improve PCOS, then? It all comes down to hormonal balance. Doc talks about how to manage hormones and go about hormonal support for your body, as well as what he recommends regarding so-called PCOS supplements. Remember, though, just like there’s no one “PCOS diet,” there’s no one “PCOS supplement.” This is why Doc also discusses contraindications and what situations might tell you that you don’t want to take this or that supplement.

Remember – women’s health isn’t a condition. Menopause symptoms, PCOS, autoimmune disorders, and other conditions that cause infertility, pain, and that can impact your cycle aren’t normal. Follow our channel or visit our website to learn more or schedule a consult with a doc!

When it comes to the latest edition of the I Disagree Podcast, Doc, Dana, and Ross discuss whether they agree or disagree with the statement, “Being together for a long time doesn’t represent a successful relationship.” The crew discusses what success looks like to them and that it looks different for everybody, so there can’t be one be-all, end-all sign of a successful relationship.

Dana talks about mutual respect and the ability to adapt to internal and external change.

Ross finds healthy, effective communication, a willingness to dialogue, and asking important questions that establish where the relationship is at and how to improve the relationship signs of success. He points out that, like health, relationships need preventative maintenance.

Doc finds the continual work at keeping things good rather than fixing them when they go bad to be signs of success. After all, when opportunity comes, preparation is too late. The best conflict resolution happens before it’s needed.

Doc, Ross, and Dana also discuss the following topics and statements – both agreeing and disagreeing in turns:

— Wisdom doesn’t always come with age; sometimes, age comes alone. Likewise, experience isn’t the best teacher.

— Marriage counseling doesn’t set people up for success.

— You need other people speaking into your life. Go to people who have been where you are, are where you want to be, and have an objective view for relationship advice, such as finding a spouse.

— When it comes to growth and change, you have to take emotions out of it. Emotions are good; they just can’t drive the bus. Emotional intelligence is key – and it might surprise you who Doc thinks are the most emotional people.

— Change is vital; would you want the person you were five years ago making your decisions today?

Doc, Ross, and Dana dig deep into these topics and more, pointing out that many of them can apply to friendships as well as dating relationships or marriage.


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