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Protein Power: Collagen vs Animal Meat – Nutrition Comparison

Protein Power: Collagen vs Animal Meat – Nutrition Comparison

May 11, 2024

Doc frequently reminds us about the importance of getting enough protein in your diet: But what’s the best way to get that protein? This week on A Different Perspective, Doc breaks down some of the pros and cons of collagen powder, animal protein, and plant-based protein. Which protein source gives you the greatest amount of protein? Which protein source provides more of your essential amino acids? Doc answers the burning questions!

Some topics covered are:

  • Collagen’s popularity: What brought collagen into the public eye, and why?
  • Beef proteins and essential amino acids: How many of those essential amino acids does beef provide for you? How does beef measure up against the amount provided in collagen or protein powder? Which has a better nutritional value?
  • Real-life results: Women share their real-life experiences and challenges from optimizing the protein intake in their diets. How much protein have they been eating? How has it impacted their nutrition and lifestyle habits?
  • You are what you eat?: Doc challenges this old adage with a new one: You are what you absorb. How do you make sure your body absorbs what it needs while also absorbing the amount you need? How do you properly optimize protein for health?

In his Last 10%, Doc also discusses the upcoming challenges and Leadership and Longevity seminar. He points out that this is an educational opportunity to take advantage of, especially if you are eager to learn more about the topics discussed on ADP. He’s going to be one of the seminar speakers, along with some other incredibly inspirational speakers as well. Tickets are selling out soon – don’t delay getting yours!

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