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Protein Question: How Much is Too Much?

Can You Eat Too Much Protein?

Protein Question: How Much is Too Much?

May 18, 2024

Doc frequently reminds us about the importance of getting enough protein, but can you eat too much protein? After all, a bowl of broccoli is beneficial for most people, but your body will likely reject ten bowls of broccoli all at once: Where’s that line with protein?

This week on A Different Perspective, Doc discusses just that! He breaks down some of the studies that postulate where “healthy” turns into “too much of a good thing.” How are these conclusions determined? Is there a source that’s better for protein than whole foods? What’s the difference in recommended intake between whole sources of proteins and supplemental sources? Doc breaks it down this week!

Some topics covered are:

  • How much protein your body needs each day: The RDAs are what you need to eat to prevent nutrient deficiency. How much should you eat if you want to keep your body healthy and functioning well?
  • Quantity and quality change the game: If you’re getting either an inefficient quantity or a less-than-ideal quality of protein, both may impact your health in different ways. How differently? Doc breaks down a few studies and examples to illustrate the differences.
  • “Trust the science; you can have too much protein”: What does the science say, and how were these scientific studies organized? Doc digs deeper!
  • Cancer application: There have been multiple studies regarding the impact of carbohydrates and protein on cancerous cell growth. What do these studies teach us? How might this impact your daily life?

In his Last 10%, Doc also discusses upcoming challenges and the Leadership and Longevity seminar: In-person tickets have sold out, but virtual tickets are still available. Doc also announces this will be his final year for speaking engagements, so if you want to see one of his talks, now’s the time to do so! This is one of the few times he’s allowing his presentation to be recorded – you don’t want to miss out!

See the science-backed research, learn new facts about restoring health, and put yourself on the path to a better life. Watch now for all the details and set up a call with one of our doctors or health restoration coaches here:

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For further information, check out these resources:

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