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Rethink Breast Cancer: Causes, Myths, and “Prevention”

Rethink Breast Cancer: Causes, Myths, and “Prevention”

September 2, 2023

This week, on A Different Perspective, Doc flips the script on conventional breast cancer wisdom in this eye-opening talk. Going beyond what people “know” to be true and common breast cancer prevention techniques, he reveals lesser-known facts like cardiovascular disease killing more women annually than breast cancer, and skin cancer affecting more people than breast cancer. Yes, you read that right – breast cancer is bad, but is only as well-known as it is due to good marketing tactics. Doc also talks about why things that are normally seen as prevention aren’t helping prevent breast cancer, at all.

Doc explains issues with using 5-year survival rate statistics, as they don’t account for deaths after 5 years and one day. He also unpacks how abnormal hormonal balance and estrogen dominance contribute to breast cancer risk. Doc points out that you don’t have breast cancer because you have estrogens, but because they’re elevated for a long time. Proper testing of all your estrogens, not just the commonly checked ones, provides a more accurate picture.

Additional topics covered include:

  • The interaction of genetics and lifestyle/environmental factors. Genetics alone don’t seal your fate.
    Ways to support your body’s normal function, which is to kill cancer cells. These include Reishi and natural breast cancer prevention, (which actually is prevention, and is proven in human, animal, and in vitro studies.)
  • 7 steps you can take to help your body’s proper function: get tested, reduce sugar, eat broccoli sprouts and cruciferous veggies, add mushrooms, lose weight, get moving, and balance hormones.
  • It’s time to change the perspective and conversation around breast cancer. Understanding the real contributing factors is key for prevention. Watch now to learn more from Doc’s refreshing take on this important women’s health issue.

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Who Should Control Your Family’s Health?
This week, on A Different Perspective, Doc tackles the controversial idea that government should in no way be involved with healthcare? He argues passionately that healthcare choices should be made for your family by you — not “experts” and bureaucrats.

Key topics covered in this fiery talk include:

  • Many modern diseases originate from nutritional deficiencies, not pharmaceutical ones. Yet the government promotes drugs over diet.
  • The importance of nutrients like potassium for things like fatigue. That 4700mg are needed, not the low RDAs.
  • When the government funds healthcare and promotes drugs, they have an incentive for people to be unwell.
  • Doc encourages his listeners to stay healthy and stay free – that doesn’t come without a fight. Are you ready?

Watch this video now to hear the full passionate argument and engage in the important discussion. Should the government control your health, or should you?


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