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Reversing Metabolic Syndrome – Calories and Stress

Reversing Metabolic Syndrome – Calories and Stress

December 23, 2023

This week, on A Different Perspective, Doc dives, once again, into the topic of metabolic syndrome. He points out that metabolic syndrome will exacerbate any health condition you have, even if it’s not what caused it in the first place, which is why most people in this situation are looking for a method of weight loss that actually works. Doc builds on last week’s show as he explains how to reverse this syndrome. After reviewing last week’s advice on ways to reduce your calories, he adds a few more, including:

  • Keeping your stress down (including 11 ways on how to do just that!)
  • Ashwagandha
  • Gymnema

How do Ashwagandha and Gymnema help and what else do these herbs do within your body? Are they similar to medications like Ozempic, which can have unwanted effects? (Learn more about that here – The Real Causes of Heart Disease – Beyond Cholesterol ) The answer is no, but why?

To find the answer, as well as the other ways to keep your stress down, watch now!


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