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Skincare – Acne and Cellulite: What’s Going On?

Skincare – Acne and Cellulite: What’s Going On?

April 27, 2024

Many women struggle with the frustrations of acne and cellulite. While neither may be particularly dangerous or harmful, it can still be a hit to her confidence. The number of quick fixes for acne out there are numerous, and the cellulite-reducing ‘hacks’ and product recommendations on social media might be even worse: Women often try a variety of different approaches to reduce acne and/or cellulite, but they don’t always work.

If you’ve been around The Wellness Way for a while, you’ll probably know the first question we ask when facing these skin concerns – Why is the body reacting this way? This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Bryce Gallagher, D.C., dives into this question with a look at what acne and cellulite are and provides a few ways to address these concerns.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Suggested Treatments: What solutions are suggested by our current system of healthcare for acne and cellulite concerns? What are some of the concerns our docs and health restoration coaches have about these suggested solutions?
  • Types of Acne: Not every case of acne happens for the same reason. What are some of the signs to look out for that may help determine your specific acne type? How do these signs impact how your acne should be addressed?
  • Cellulite Causes: What is cellulite? What triggers it in the body?
  • Addressing Cellulite: What do cellulite’s triggers tell us about how to restore health and proper function in the body?

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For further information, check out these resources:

Articles and studies cited in this video:

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