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Sugar – A Question of Glucose Availability & Absorption

Sugar – A Question of Glucose Availability & Absorption

October 21, 2023

Is sugar universally bad or does the story have more nuance? Is fiber as good as people claim it to be? This week, on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn separates fact from fiction to empower smarter dietary choices. Learn the truth about:

  • The different types of sugars and their biological impacts.
  • Why “good vs bad carbs” misses the mark – it’s about glucose availability and absorption.
  • How muscle building, fiber, a fruit’s ripeness, and more affect glucose levels.
  • Which foods to avoid during the “no sugar” challenge, which you can enjoy, and why.
  • Most people claim fructose doesn’t increase blood sugar. Is this reasoning rooted in health?
  • Why stress isn’t kind to your sugar cravings.

Get the full unbiased truth about sugar and health. No more nutritional half-truths. Watch the video now to learn how to make informed choices for yourself and family.


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