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The Hidden Dangers of Sugar on Bodily Function

The Hidden Dangers of Sugar on Bodily Function

January 13, 2024

What are some benefits to reducing sugar intake, and some natural supports for sugar overconsumption? This week, on A Different Perspective, Dr. Bryce Gallagher breaks down sugar’s health risks and its impact on five areas of the body. These include:

  • Effects of sugar on the liver
  • Kidney health and sugar
  • Sugar’s impact on the nervous system
  • Nutritional deficiencies associated with sugar – what’s the impact it has on your vitamins and minerals?
  • Sugar and weight

Sugar affects the whole body. What is the normal function of each of these five, and how does sugar impact it? Is there some day-to-day evidence that you may be eating too much sugar? What are some benefits to reducing sugar intake? Dr. Bryce lines them up, side-by-side, to make it clear why there is such a thing as too much sugar – and why it’s bad news for your body.

Dr. Bryce also covers a few ways to counteract too much sugar. The one surefire way to diminish the effects of too much sugar is to stop eating sugar. What are a few other ways of managing sugar in your diet? Dr. Bryce goes into:

  • Coleus
  • Ashwagandha
  • Reducing stress

While it may sound easier to just take the liquid herbs, it doesn’t solve the long-term problem. That takes more work. Get the full explanation and start your body back on the path to wellness – watch now. And join us on Saturdays at 8 AM Central on our website ( to engage with some of our docs and get your health questions answered!

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