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The Secrets of Leptin Hormone & Cold Thermogenesis

The Secrets of Leptin Hormone & Cold Thermogenesis

November 11, 2023

Our docs get multiple messages from people that have tried every diet and program to lose weight, and nothing has worked. This week, on A Different Perspective, Dr. Jason Nobles talks about the hormone Leptin, what it does, and how resistance to it can pose problems in more areas than just weight loss.

Topics include:

  • What is Leptin? The Satiety Hormone does more than you may think!
  • Why and how Leptin is supposed to be at different levels in men and women
  • How Leptin impacts (and is impacted by) obesity, proper function, insulin resistance, and hormone sensitivity
  • How do you help your body utilize Leptin and increase its sensitivity to this hormone?

Many of us want to lose our excess weight fast and keep it off for good. Why doesn’t this work so well, and how can you change that? Reset your body’s “thermostat,” support your brown fat, stimulate your thyroid, and keep your Swiss Watch functioning properly! Watch the video now to hear Dr. Jason break down the science and why ignoring this hormone sets you up to fail.

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