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The Truth About Weight Loss — Diets vs. Proper Function

The Truth About Weight Loss — Diets vs. Proper Function

December 9, 2023

How does the body handle dieting? What’s up with the food pyramid? What are a few reasons you may be struggling to lose weight? This week, on A Different Perspective, Dr. Jason Nobles tells his weight loss story and reveals a few key areas that impact how, when, and what weight you lose.

Topics include:

  • Why the food pyramid and diets ARE NOT the answer to health
  • Metabolic hormones like insulin
  • Your liver function and thyroid health
  • Stress
  • Estrogens and aromatase inhibitors

Join us as we listen to Dr. Jason break down some more keys to weight loss. We’re also starting our $50K Christmas giveaway, this week. Watch now!


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