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“Why Can’t I Lose Weight?” Insulin, Cortisol, & Menopause

“Why Can’t I Lose Weight?” Insulin, Cortisol, & Menopause

November 25, 2023

Struggling to lose weight no matter what you try? There may be an underlying issue you haven’t addressed. This week, Nicole Saleske discusses the factors you may not have considered as to why post-menopause weight loss is harder and gives you A Different Perspective to those stubborn pounds.

In this video, discover the why weight loss is affected by:

  • Insulin excess
  • Cortisol response
  • Liver clearance

Nicole also shares actionable steps to address each of these, including:

  • Decrease physical, mental, and chemical stressors (the 3 T’s!)
  • Supporting your liver’s normal function and addressing hormonal imbalances
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Time-restricted eating
  • The 3 S’s
  • Get tested

Shedding the belly fat after menopause is a different game, but it is still possible – your body WANTS to be healthy! Watch now and learn to take control of your health.

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