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Why Hair Loss Happens and What You Can do About it

Why Hair Loss Happens and What You Can do About it

June 1, 2024

Hair loss can be a distressing experience for women. Discover the contributing factors and promising solutions in this week’s episode of A Different Perspective!

A lot of women take pride in their hair, even if it frustrates them sometimes. Therefore, hair loss for women – or simply thinning hair – can be more embarrassing than hair loss is for men. Whether it comes out in your brush, between your fingers in the shower, or if you happen to find more around the house than usual, this can be an emotional scenario. What might be causing this? How does hair loss happen?

This week on A Different Perspective, Doc discusses just that! He breaks down what may be going on beneath the surface of the body to result in hair thinning or hair loss. What could be out of balance and why is the body responding this way? How do you address hair loss, and can it be reversed? What can you do to support healthy hair growth? Doc gives us all the hairy details this week!

Some topics covered are:

  • Androgens and hair loss: There are some correlations between higher androgen levels and the impact on hair loss or hair thinning for women. Doc describes the science behind hormone levels and hair health!
  • Hair loss and melatonin: While most people see melatonin as a “sleep hormone,” it actually does a great deal more than that. What impact might melatonin be having on your hair? Tune in to find out!
  • Protein/collagen and biotin: One of the ways you can support your hair’s growth and overall health is by increasing your protein intake. Doc explains why biotin is just one of the reasons behind protein intake and hair health: What is it, what does it do, and what are some good sources of biotin?
  • In the every-day: Doc breaks down some practical steps for supporting hair growth. Check it out!

In his Last 10%, Doc also discusses how easy it can be to get wrong information and fall for lies if you don’t do your own diligent research. Is fatherhood bad for your heart? Did the Wisconsin Immunization Law change? How can you start thinking critically about the claims thrown at you every day? What questions do you ask, and who do you seek these answers from? Doc recommends a few helpful places to start!

See the science-backed research, learn new facts about restoring health, and put yourself on the path to a better life. Watch now for all the details and set up a call with one of our doctors or health restoration coaches here:

Join us on Saturdays at 8:00am Central through our website (, Instagram, Facebook, or X to engage with some of our docs and get your health questions answered!

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